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Chapter 897 I Want You Dead


The attack talisman exploded, rocking the entire place.

Void's space domain shattered instantly and he was also sent flying from the impact of the attack.

Grey on the other hand was also sent flying, in the direction of the portal.

The moment the attack was released, the realm reacted accordingly and quickly rushed to snuff it out.

Nevertheless, the impact had been released and Grey and Void were nowhere close to Nathan any longer.

Since he was the user, he wasn't affected by the attack.

The young man who was standing guard by the portal looked in the direction when he heard the explosion, he sucked in a cold breath when he saw the reaction from the world.

He knew one of the duo had used an attack exceeding the Sage Plane, and since Grey was the one with the advantage, Nathan was the only one who would resort to such methods.

"Hmm, disgraceful." He shook his head.

He saw a figure shooting through the air at an unprecedented pace, banging into the ground. The figure slid on the ground before hitting a large rock and breaking through it. Only after hitting two trees did the figure stop.

This figure was Grey, Void flew in another direction.

Thinking of the fact that Nathan would most likely report him to the Faction for leaving them alone, he wanted to involve himself, but he stopped. The outcome of the battle had nothing to do with him.

If Nathan came and wanted to pass through the portal, he would let him pass.

Nathan was standing in the same location, looking at the result of his attack. He couldn't say he wasn't impressed by it.

"Haha, cocky fool. I want to see how you can survive that." Nathan laughed in exhilaration.

He didn't even bother to leave the Lutra realm as he flew over to where Grey crashed. To him, even if Grey survived the attack, he would be brutally injured, there was no way he would be able to sustain his special technique.

Once that happens, he would kill Grey with his hands.

When he got to the place Grey crashed, he saw Grey's figure, motionless.

"Hehe, repeat your last words." Nathan mocked.

Grey opened his eyes, blood dripping from the side of his mouth. He was still covered by the dust in the area, so he couldn't get a good view of Nathan, nor did Nathan have a good view of him.

Nathan walked closer, and seeing Grey's condition, his pupils shrank.



His figure was sent flying, even before he could finish his statement.

While mid-air, he forcefully stabilized his body and shot straight for the portal. There was no time to think, he had to leave the Lutra realm immediately.

Grey's figure appeared in front of the portal and he released his gravitational force field. Both his domains were utilized as well.

He would not let Nathan leave this place, as long as Nathan left, the Elder outside would save him, Grey didn't want that.

"Are you mad!" Nathan screamed when he saw Grey blocking his path.

This was unacceptable to him.

Grey on the other hand smiled and shot at him. Before he could react, Grey was standing in front of him and he punched him to the ground. The power behind Grey's blows was far superior to Nathan's physique. He felt a few of his ribs break when the blow connected.

His body bounced off the ground, and he was met with Grey's attack once again. Sending him crashing in another direction.

'Void, are you alright' Grey asked telepathically after sending Nathan flying.

'I'm good. I retreated quickly, but was still impacted by the attack.' Void replied, he added after some time, 'A meal will fix me.'


Grey didn't argue with him, as long as he was fine, he could eat all he wanted. It wasn't like Grey gets tired of cooking. He still cooked frequently for his Teacher.

Void was elated when he heard this and felt it was worth it. Although he was hurting all over, he would be fine soon. His healing capabilities were in no way inferior to Grey's.

When Grey arrived, Nathan was already on both feet, staring at Grey with hateful eyes.

He spat out a mouthful of blood before yelling at the top of his lungs. His essence started to increase, and before long, his cultivation shot from the Eighth stage of the Sage Plane to the Peak of the Sage Plane.

He was ready to risk it all. Using this technique would cause him harm, hence he had been refraining from using it, but now, he had no choice, either he uses it, or he dies.

All that mattered to him right now was surviving, nothing else.

"Getting serious I thought you'd accept death easily." Grey raised a brow when he saw this, but he still didn't think too much of it. He would still overpower Nathan.

As long as Nathan was not an Elemental Venerable, he would defeat him.

"I want you dead." Nathan replied with a low growl.

"Same here." Grey said and attacked.

Nathan rushed at him as well.

The duo exchanged multiple blows in a matter of seconds.

The young man who was standing guard at the portal looked at them, stunned by their strength. Of course he was powerful in his own right, but these two were quite something, especially Grey.

Against the current Nathan, he had confidence in coming out victorious, but against Grey, he wasn't so sure. What was more shocking about Grey was that he actually survived that attack.

From the impact alone, the young man already knew he wouldn't be able to survive it, yet Grey not only survived, but he was still fighting with such intensity.

He wasn't on anyone's side, whoever won had nothing to do with him. He sat down and decided to enjoy the battle, after all, it's not every day he got to witness a battle of such caliber, and from young geniuses like himself as well.-

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