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1500 Contending For A Spot At Five Ways Mountain, Chu Kuangren Arrives

Gu Tiandao was one of the newer generations of Prodigies from the ancient clan, Immortal Saber Gu clan.

His amazing strength allowed him to roam rampantly in the Immortal World with almost no rival.

He laid his right hand on his saber with a solemn look and said to Yuan Zhan, “Gu Tiandao, I came at your invitation.”

“Very well.

You are the first to answer my invitation.” Yuan Zhan nodded.

Then, several other energy presences exploded from the void.

Each carrying their respective uniqueness and power, and they were all Gilded Immortals.

Clouds rumbled in the sky as a stream of dazzling light swirled from the void.

A woman with a voluptuous body came riding on an Immortal deer.

“Thats the daughter of the Ji clan, Ji Feiyu!”

Someone cried in shock upon seeing the woman.

The woman rode the Immortal deer while carrying a guqin.

She was surrounded by Immortal Sparks, which granted her a prestigious and distant feeling.

The Ji clan had the support of the two major Immortal Halls, which granted them rich resources.

Other than the well-known Xuanyuans successor, Ji Wu, Ji De, and Ji Feiyu were among the popular ones.

Ji De died in Chu Kuangrens hands and his Heavens Son Sword was taken away.

The only one among the younger generation who was slightly reputable was Ji Feiyu.

It was said that she was proficient in Guqin Dao and possessed strength that could rival a Fifth grade Gilded Immortal.

She was ranked twenty-one on the Immortal Ranking.

“A courageous woman indeed.”

Yuan Zhan cackled with laughter before he looked in the other direction.

Five distinctive dragon roars echoed throughout the horizon as five dragons of different elements emerged from the clouds, carrying domineering dragon qi.

Amidst the endless Immortal Sparks came a man in dragon robes surrounded by five dragon qi.

His unrivaled presence deterred many of the sky-prides.

“The only son of the Qin clan, Qin Tianya!”

Qin Tianya was of the Qin clan from Holy Violet Emperor Planet.

Twenty years ago, the planet fell into Chu Kuangrens control and he passed the control to Jue Wushen with the assignment of reorganizing the factions of the planet.

The Qin clan refused to comply.

In order to carry out his assignment, Ju Wushen attacked the Qin clan with absolute power.

Although the Qin clan has Arch Gilded Immortals with them, under the influence of the Holy Violet Crown, they were unable to defy Jue Wushen.

Half of the clansmen were dead, and the only one who escaped the planet was the one who acquired the will of the Immortal World and ascended to Heavenly Champion status, Qin Tianya.

Due to that clan massacre, Qin Tianya listed Jue Wushen as his arch-enemy.

He ought to fight the man dead if he had the chance or see him on any battlefield.

However, after Qin Tianya arrived at the Immortal World, he acquired quite a sizable opportunity, which boosted his strength, allowing him to rank twenty-four on the Immortal Ranking.

After Qin Tianya came several other sky-prides and Prodigies.

They were yokai from the Chimera Tribe, the Phoenix Tribe, and some humans that originated from ancient forces.


Thunder rumbled at the horizon.

Tens of thousands of lightning bolts gathered and formed a massive lightning ball.

The lightning ball was as massive as a planet, and it contained unrivaled rampant energy within.

It burned and scorched the land as soon as it appeared.

Inside the lightning ball, a figure slowly emerged.

“This energy… Could it be Lei Yangzi, the thirteenth on the Immortal Ranking” someone cried in shock.

Even Ji Yufei, Gu Tiandao, Qin Tianya, and Prodigies who ranked in the top thirty were deterred by Lei Yangzis arrival.

The twentieth spot on the Immortal Ranking was a threshold line that divided the Prodigies into different groups.

Those ranked Prodigies might share a similar cultivation base, but the strengths they display were completely different.

It was the difference between common Prodigies and top-notch Peerless Prodigies!


An indifferent voice sounded, and the massive lightning ball crashed onto Five Ways Mountain, enveloping it whole.

The sheer strength of the lightning bolts almost tore the mountains apart.

“This is the sealed place of the Ape Forefather, not a place that you can destroy at will!” Yuan Zhan shouted.

Then, he plunged his golden battle staff into the ground and then beat his chest furiously.

Terrifying ferocious qi exploded and filled the realm.

A loud roar later, Yuan Zhans Yokai qi surged as he grew in size.

In just the blink of an eye, he grew into a million meters.

Each of his fur was as robust as stone pillars, his muscles were as big as mountain ridges and they contained unimaginable power.


Yuan Zhan breathed heavily, his eyes bloodshot.

As he clenched his fist in the air and threw a punch upward, the void was crushed.

The fist energy clashed with the lightning ball, causing a terrifying shockwave that scattered clouds of a million kilometers.

The void crashed as if the apocalypse had arrived.

Mountains outside Five Ways Mountain were leveled to the ground.

Shocking fist energy wreaked havoc inside the lightning ball.

A while later, the lightning ball exploded and burst into endless arcs of lighting, scattering across the sky.

The entire Five Ways Mountain was turned into a sea of lightning.

Though the arcs of lightning were no longer strong enough to damage the Five Ways Mountain.


Tenth of the Immortal World, I see you are indeed powerful.”

A flat voice came from the void.

At the end of the rumbling lightning bolts stood a figure in white and with messy hair.

“Its really him.

Lei Yangzi of the Eastern King School”

The Eastern King School was another ancient force, second only to the Immortal Hall, and they also produced a number of Prodigies.

One of them was the late Zhuo Donglai, who had made a name for himself decades ago.

He even cultivated the Honorable Supreme Immortal Physique, Duality Rites Immortal Physique, but ultimately died in Chu Kuangrens hands.

Lei Yangzi was the successor that the Eastern King School devoted to raising.

The man possessed one of the top Immortal Physiques, Lightning Flare Immortal Physique, and cultivated pure solar energy and another top cultivation technique, Thunderbolt Cultivation Technique.

With the effect of Lightning Flare Immortal Physique, the two cultivation techniques were combined together, creating the Lightning Flare Fusion Dao.

He was able to stand out from the rest of the younger generation with this.

“Now that the guests have almost arrived, why arent you fighting back Yuan Zhan, you invited us here to spar, what are you waiting for” Lei Yangzi said.

It was also the reason why attacked upon arriving.

As soon as his voice subsided, the other Prodigies narrowed their eyes cautiously.

They were prepared to engage in a fierce fight.

“I disagree with the Immortal Ranking.

My strength is far higher than just the twenty-seventh spot!” Gu Tiandao raised the saber from his back, releasing solemn saber intent into the realm.

“You are right.

I wanted to meet the top twenty Prodigies and see why theyre ranked higher than me,” Qin Tianya said powerfully as he enveloped himself with Five Ways Dragon qi.

Just before the fight broke out, a sudden energy presence filled the realm.

It was not particularly strong, but it possessed a natural transcendental intent, catching everyones attention as it expanded.

Everyone turned to the source of the energy presence.

At the mountain foot, two figures came walking side by side.

The leading figure was a man in white robes and handsome looks.

He had an ancient sword and some scrolls hanging around his waist.

His energy presence was not particularly powerful, but it somehow became the center of the realm.

Everyone gulped nervously as their eyes widened at the sight of him.

They finally had a clear look and realized who the man was.

“The madman who overpowers the universe!”

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