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Probably because being God was a very boring job, but whenever Alice visited the Loli Goddess's room using Word of God, she would always find the Loli Goddess snoring on the ground.

Moreover, the Loli Goddess's sleeping posture was bold and unrestrained, her petite body sprawled across the ground.

This time was no exception.

When Alice felt her consciousness switching locations, she opened her eyes and immediately found the familiar white-haired loli sprawled across the ground.

The only difference was that the Loli Goddess had fallen asleep with an NS game console in her hand this time.

It would seem that she had fallen asleep while playing a game.

However, Alice wasn't interested in chatting with the Loli Goddess right now.

There was still a Demon King outside waiting for her to kill.

So, without wasting any time on words, Alice promptly pounced onto the Loli Goddess, her left hand spreading the Loli Goddess's legs while her right hand reached into the Loli Goddess's skirt and grabbed the panties underneath.

"...What! Wait! What are you doing!!"

Alice's rough actions naturally alerted the Loli Goddess.

Immediately, the Loli Goddess opened her eyes.

Then, when she saw her left leg being lifted and felt her panties being pulled down by someone, she naturally started to panic.

"It's me! I need your panties right now! It's urgent! I'll give you an explanation later!"

The Loli Goddess was probably still in a partially unconscious state because her resistance wasn't particularly fierce.

Thanks to this situation, Alice successfully commandeered the Loli Goddess's panties.

Then, sure enough, a dazzling holy light instantly flooded the entire room, the light's brightness being much more intense than what Alice was typically used to.

[Weapon: Soft White Underwear Blessed by God]

[Quality: Law]

[Effect: Strength 10000, Constitution 10000, Speed 10000, Mind 10000, Control 10000, Mana 10000]

[Additional Effect:

Mental Abnormality (Passive Skill.

You will not be affected by mind magic and law magic);

Absolute Defense (Passive Skill.

You will not be hurt by physical attacks and law-type attacks);

Holy Blade (Active Skill.

Upon use, releases a blade of light that erases the target's soul)]

Similar to panties tainted by the Black Lace Underwear Tainted by the Demon King’s Power, the Soft White Underwear Blessed by God was also recognized as a Law-grade weapon.

With this weapon, Alice should have no trouble finishing off Luna.

"What are you doing suddenly barging into my room and stripping off my underwear!"

Just as Alice was about to leave to finish Luna, the Loli Goddess's embarrassed and angry voice entered her ears.

Then, Alice found that the dazzling holy light that filled the room had suddenly disappeared, allowing her to see things properly again.

"Isn't your ability a little too strange! How can you turn underwear into artifacts!"

"Ahem, I want to know that as well." Alice awkwardly coughed.

Holding back her embarrassment, she quickly explained, "I've already met the new Demon King and severely injured her, but I don't have any ways of finishing her off.

So, I had no choice but to come and borrow a weapon from you."

"...A Demon King getting killed by underwear.

I can't think of a more tragic death than that," the Loli Goddess said, a resigned look appearing on her face.

However, she finally understood why Alice was in such a hurry.

She was well aware of the Demon King's Power's abilities.

If Alice didn't finish off the Demon King as soon as possible, the Demon King's Power would probably heal the Demon King back to full health in no time.

"Since you're dealing with the Demon King, I'll let today's matter slide.

But you do remember what I told you before, right You can't solve the root of the problem if you kill only the Demon King."

Alice nodded.

She naturally remembered what the Loli Goddess told her before.

Once the Demon King died, the Demon King's Power would abandon its host and find a new potential host to attach itself to.

So, killing Luna didn't mean that she would instantly resolve the root of all evil known as the Demon King's Power.

However, while that might be the case, Alice couldn't possibly leave the Demon King alive.

After all, the Demon King bore endless resentment toward humans.

If she kept Luna alive, the silver-haired maid would become a huge danger to this world's stability.

"Since you are in such a hurry, move along, then." Seeing the anxious look on Alice's face, the Loli Goddess decided to stop wasting Alice's time.

Though, before Alice left, the Loli Goddess sighed and said, "But make sure to visit my room tonight.

I have matters to tell you."

The Loli Goddess's words sounded a little subtle.

After taking a long look at the Loli Goddess, Alice nodded.

However, before she left, she suddenly thought of something as she asked, "By the way, I've met you several times already, but I still don't know how I should address you.

Do you have a name"

After all was said and done, the Loli Goddess was the God of this world.

Alice couldn't help but feel bad for constantly referring to God as "Loli Goddess" in her mind.

"Gods do not have names.

Moreover, only Heroes of past generations and a few devout believers had conversed with me before.

These people would typically only refer to me as God, so I do not have a name," the Loli Goddess said, shaking her head.

"Of course, I know you otherworlders don't hold much belief for this world's God, so it might be awkward for you to refer to me as God...

But it is a fact that I don't have a name you can use."

Speaking up to this point, the Loli Goddess seemingly thought of something as she looked at the NS console in her left hand.

Then, a flash of inspiration hit her as she said, "Oh, right.

My ID in Super Mario Maker 2 is Ero Mangaka.

If you must call me by a name..."

"...I think I'll just call you God."

Alice wiped the cold sweat on her forehead.

She felt that this visit to God's room had further solidified her opinion that the Loli Goddess was an unreliable God.

However, this visit also allowed her to understand one thing—If she was in urgent need of panties in the future, so long as the Hero's Sword was around, she could come and strip a pair off of the Loli Goddess.

This was undoubtedly a great convenience.

At the same time as Alice came to such a conclusion, the Loli Goddess involuntarily shuddered, feeling as if she was being stared at by something dirty.

However, before she could find the source, Alice had already disappeared out of her perception.

When Alice opened her eyes again, a pair of white panties had also appeared in her hand.

Moreover, without God's help in eliminating the holy light, as soon as Alice's consciousness returned to her body, a burst of white light exploded from her right hand, brightly illuminating the surrounding area.

With God's panties in her right hand, Alice looked down at the silver-haired maid before her, subconsciously letting out a rueful sigh.

It would've been great if you were simply a normal maid.

Just as Alice was about to activate the white panties' active skill, Luna's lips moved slightly before her eyes slowly opened.

In the end, Luna had still regained consciousness before Alice could deal the final blow.

Unfortunately for Luna, even though she had regained consciousness, her injuries prevented her from moving her body.

So, the only thing she could do now was to stare at Alice, who wielded holy light in her right hand, and the Hero's Sword inserted in her chest.

At this time, the dust covering the Hero's Sword had already been blown away by the shockwave from before, so its true appearance was available for all to see.


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