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Chapter 405 - I Should Study More

7-9 minutes 11.11.2022

Based on what her senses told her, Alice knew that Fugallo had crashed straight into her Burning Star, which confused her greatly.

It should be known that Burning Star was a powerful taboo.

Even a complete Enochian Prism would shatter under the might of a complete Burning Star.

Yet, Fugallo had not only chosen to avoid it, but he had even flown straight into it.

Thinking up to this point, Alice immediately entered high alert.

She wasn't so ignorant to think that Fugallo was trying to commit suicide.

The Demon King most likely had some means to resist her Burning Star.

A moment later, Alice noticed a small shadow in her Burning Star, the shadow rapidly growing in size under her gaze.

When Alice got a better look at the shadow, she realized what she was looking at wasn't a shadow at all.

Instead, it was Fugallo flying at her at great speeds.

Alice's expression instantly grew serious when she made this discovery.

At this moment, Fugallo appeared to be covered in some mercury-like substance.

At first glance, this mercury-like substance was soft and didn't look like it had any defensive properties.

However, when Burning Star's flames came into contact with this mercury-like substance, the flames would vanish.

Upon closer inspection, Alice found that this mercury-like substance wasn't blocking or extinguishing Burning Star's Flames.

Instead, it was decomposing the mana around it.


No matter how powerful a taboo Burning Star was, it was still a spell made of mana.

Although the mercury-like substance was incapable of resisting Burning Star's flames, it could decompose the taboo's mana once it got close.

To make matters worse, the concentration of the taboo's mana wasn't very dense due to the Burning Star's large size.

Hence, the mercury-like substance could decompose Burning Star's mana easily.

This should be the first time Fugallo had seen the taboo known as Burning Star.

Yet, he had immediately noticed the Burning Star's mana was somewhat sparsely concentrated and could be decomposed easily.

He had also devised a solution to capitalize on this property and pass through Alice's Burning Star unscathed.

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As expected of a Demon King."

Alice clicked her tongue.

After fighting against Miriya and now Fugallo, Alice couldn't help but feel fortunate that she managed to defeat Andusia so quickly and easily.

Out of all the Demon Kings she had fought thus far, Andusia was the closest to achieving resurrection.

If not for Andusia's Living Wood body having a glaring weakness, she would have never been a match for Andusia.

Regardless, although Alice didn't know what kind of magic Fugallo had just used, seeing as the other party was rapidly closing in on her, she promptly gathered her mana for an Enochian Prism.

To Alice's surprise, Fugallo didn't try to attack her when she was in the midst of erecting her Enochian Prism.

Instead, he hovered before her without doing anything.

Alice was initially surprised by Fugallo's behavior.

However, she quickly learned what the Demon King was aiming to do.

Although Fugallo had carved a path out of the Burning Star with the help of that mercury-like substance enveloping him, the mana he decomposed was only a small portion of Burning Star's mana.

Hence, the Burning Star continued traveling downward and crashed into the nearby forest with almost all of its power intact.

Immediately afterward, a massive explosion occurred, the explosion so powerful it raised a mushroom cloud in the middle of the forest.

Those ignorant of the situation would probably think someone had detonated a small taboo bomb in the forest if they saw this mushroom cloud.

Meanwhile, along with the explosion, a large amount of residual mana spread out from the point of explosion, forming a powerful mana blast that reached all the way to Alice's and Fugallo's positions.

Fugallo remained unfazed when he saw the rapidly approaching mana blast, behaving as if he had long since expected this to happen.

With how loosely packed the mana in Alice's Burning Star was, it was only natural there'd be a severe spread of residual mana once the taboo exploded.

However, the mana blast formed of residual mana was of no threat to him.

The moment the mana blast reached him, the mercury-like substance covering him instantly decomposed all of the mana that threatened to crash into him.

As for Alice, her situation was not at all good compared to Fugallo's.

She might be the Burning Star's caster, but due to how infrequently she used the taboo, she didn't have much understanding of its effects in a real-world situation.

Hence, she didn't anticipate such a severe mana blast, which led to the activation of her Enochian Prism getting disrupted.

Although the prism barrier did not break apart on the spot, its glow had darkened significantly.


Alice panicked.

She finally understood why Fugallo let her construct her Enochian Prism without interrupting her.

He must have been waiting for the mana blast resulting from Burning Star's explosion to do his job for him.

Meanwhile, sure enough, the mana blast had disrupted the activation of her Enochian Prism, weakening it by a large margin.

Although this weakening effect would last for only a moment and wouldn't matter most of the time in battle, Fugallo was hovering right in front of Alice right now.

At such a close distance, it would take Fugallo only an instant to capitalize on this weakness.

Once more, Alice came to realize she still had a long way to go before she could match a full-fledged Demon King's combat experience and judgment.

The difference was so huge that Fugallo seemed to know more about the spells Alice used than Alice herself did.

The next moment, taking advantage of the weakened Enochian Prism, Fugallo willed the mercury-like substance protecting him to separate from his body and splash onto Alice.

If the Enochian Prism was in a perfect state, the mercury-like substance would have had a tough time decomposing the barrier made of concentrated mana.

However, with the current state of Alice's Enochian Prism, the mercury-like substance took only an instant to eat through the barrier and continue on its way to Alce.

Alice's eyes widened at this scene.

Immediately, she spread the psychic power she created using Psychokinesis Transcendence out of her body to repel the mercury-like substance.

Since the mercury-like substance was designed to decompose mana, she decided she might as well use something other than mana to defend against it.

However, Alice quickly realized she had miscalculated.

What Psychokinesis Transcendence created was indeed psychic power.

However, because of how pure this psychic power was, there were hardly any differences between it and actual mana.

Hence, when Alice tried to block the mercury-like substance with her psychic power, she found that the mercury-like substance could even decompose her psychic power.

The corners of Alice's eyes twitched when she saw this.

Then, she suddenly remembered that she had previously used psychic power to send Fugallo flying out of the mansion.

In other words, Fugallo knew that she could use psychic power, and her psychic power's purity was so high it was no different than actual mana.

This also meant that he had most likely attacked her with the expectation that Alice would defend herself using psychic power…


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