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Chapter 329 - This Is My Escape Route

"Is it over, Kurse"

While Alice was making her way to the loli Dark Guard's eye camera, Lilith stood in an underground car park near the Franken Convention Center with a frightened look.

Meanwhile, standing before her and protecting her was a male warrior covered in wounds.

The male warrior's name was Kurse, and he was one of Lilith's most important guards.

Although his gender made it inconvenient for him to be next to her at all times, he would always ensure her safety from a nearby location.

As for his combat power, while he might not be comparable to the Rhine Kingdom's royal guard captain, he wasn't that far behind, either.

Yet, despite having such extraordinary strength, Kurse still sustained many visible injuries in his fight this time.

This situation surprised and frightened Lilith since it meant the enemy was considerably powerful.

Moreover, while Lilith might still be a student, she wasn't an ignorant amateur when it came to combat.

Although she didn't know why, she noticed the little girl, who had fought Kurse previously, wasn't actually fighting with the intention to kill.

The little girl deliberately ignored many opportunities she could have used to strike a severe blow to Kurse.


In other words, Kurse had sustained such serious injuries whilst fighting an opponent that didn't have any intentions to kill.

Had the other party gotten serious, setting aside whether the little girl could kill Kurse, Kurse definitely wouldn't be able to ensure Lilith's safety while he fought.

Meanwhile, so long as the other party used an attack that could cause widespread destruction, Lilith might not be able to walk out of this underground car park with her life.

"It should be done, Your Highness," Kurse answered after gasping for air a few times.

When he looked at the petite corpse before him, a flash of anxiety appeared in his eyes.

The enemy's strength had completely exceeded his expectations.

He even felt a kind of pressure from the little girl that he had only ever felt from the kingdom's royal guard captain.

If not for the other party having no intentions to kill and focusing only on escaping, Kurse doubted he could have defeated her.

However, it was precisely because Kurse understood that his strength was inferior to the other party that he dared not hold back during the fight, going as far as to inflict a fatal blow on the little girl as soon as he found an opportunity to do so.

"I can't believe such a small child possesses such extraordinary strength.

It really makes you wonder whether she is even human."


After Kurse verified that the enemy was dead, Lilith finally found the courage to walk up and observe the little girl on the ground.

Then, she crouched down to inspect the other party's appearance and wounds.

The other party was a considerably cute little girl.

The girl's skin was black as a whole, and the clothes she wore were dyed in a layer of black.

The girl's unnaturally pitch-black appearance made Lilith uncomfortable, and she instinctively felt that this black color was a result of some force majeure left on this little girl's body.

There was a deep wound on the little girl's chest that started from the shoulder and ended at the abdomen.

This was the fatal wound Kurse had inflicted previously using "Lucas," a famous longsword in the Rhine Kingdom.

Once injected with mana, it could cut through steel like a hot knife through butter, so it was unsurprising that the little girl's body had failed to resist it.

However, the strange thing was that the little girl did not bleed a drop of blood despite having such a large wound.

It was as if she was a magical construct.

—Yet, this couldn't be possible.

At the very least, it was impossible, in Lilith's opinion.

The only humanoid magical constructs Lilith could think of were puppets.

Meanwhile, the puppets of puppeteers could, at most, execute instinctive responses.

For a puppet to execute precision movements, the puppeteer themself would have to be in control of the puppet.

However, Lilith could see nobody else but herself, Kurse, and the little girl in the car park.

Not to mention, the intelligence the little girl had shown during the battle wasn't something that could be found on a puppet.


"Could she be a kamikaze fighter sent by someone" Kurse offered his opinion as he stood by Lilith.

Although Lilith had withdrawn from the Rhine Kingdom's line of succession already, she was still an eyesore to some people.

So, perhaps some of these people had tried to get rid of the princess

"If this little girl was here for my life, she wouldn't have fought like that just now," Lilith said, shaking her head.

Had the little girl fought intending to kill her, Kurse could have never protected her.

"Rather than who sent her, what I'm more curious about is her goal.

She clearly doesn't have any intentions of fighting, yet she still engaged you in battle.

Moreover, even though she has shown intentions of escaping, she did not try to escape with all her strength."

—This was the limitation of the Dark Guards' intelligence; they were only capable of simple thoughts and required specific instructions.

Because of Alice's lack of attention to detail, after the loli stalking Lilith got discovered, she fell into the dilemma of fight or flight.

Ultimately, the loli failed to make a decision, and what ended up happening was the strange scene Lilith saw.

Despite clearly having no intentions of fighting, the loli chose to fight Kurse halfheartedly instead of trying to escape with all of her strength.


"Have you seen her before, Kurse"

After scrutinizing the Dark Guard's face, Lilith frowned and turned to Kurse for help.

As far as she could remember, she had never seen this little girl before.

The little girl's cute appearance and charred skin tone stood out very much.

So, if she had seen the little girl in the past, there was no way she could have forgotten.

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I have never seen such a strong little girl before," Kurse said, shaking his head.

He would have definitely remembered it if he had seen a little girl with such striking appearance and strength.

After all, this little girl looked around the same age as his daughter, but his daughter was nowhere near as strong as this little girl.

"But her strength is truly terrifying.

She even used some kind of magic that instantly enhanced her physical strength by several times partway through the battle… Honestly, I think that I only won because of luck this time.

If she had a heavy weapon on her…"

Kurse couldn't help but shudder when talking about the little girl's frightening strength.

The little girl's strengthening magic activated instantly without showing any visible signs.

Because of this, he got caught off guard and nearly suffered internal injuries when the little girl struck his chest with her enhanced strength.

Had the little girl been carrying a heavy weapon such as a sledgehammer at the time, she could have easily turned him into meat paste.


"Let's have the thieves investigate her, then.

I'll take a picture of this girl and send it to Nia," Lilith said as she pulled out her phone and stood up.

Then, while taking a picture of the little girl's face.

"Nia and the others should be able to uncover some—huh"

As soon as Lilith was done photographic the little girl, she suddenly noticed something strange.

Like dry ice, the little girl's solid body began to evaporate out of existence under the surprised gazes of Lilith and Kurse.

In only seconds, the little girl's body thoroughly disappeared from the car park.


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