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Chapter 320 - Speaking of Thieves…

It was highly unlikely that Alice and Mador could come up with an appropriate answer if they merely held a verbal discussion among themselves.

After all, neither had a particularly good understanding of the Rhine Kingdom's princes and princess.

Hence, after roughly discussing their following plans, they parted ways.

For the time being, Mador's task was to return and retrieve the "love letters" she received from Alice.

However, as those letters contained sensitive information, she had kept them in a hidden location that couldn't be accessed easily.

So, she would need a few days before she could bring those letters to Alice.

Of course, Alice doubted that Mador needed a few days to retrieve a bunch of letters.

The demoness was probably using this as an excuse to give herself time to seek verification from Frosette and the Four Heavenly Kings regarding her identity as the Demon King.

However, Alice wasn't concerned about this point.

Honestly, she found it a relief that Mador behaved so cautiously.

At the very least, Mador's behavior didn't seem like she was a traitor.


As for Alice's next step of action, it was simple—investigate the circumstances surrounding the several princes and the princess.

Although it looked like most of the work had fallen onto Alice's shoulders, it couldn't be helped.

Mador had already established her interpersonal relationship in the Royal Magic Tower.

If she wanted to maintain the identity she had built for herself, she couldn't act rashly.

Not to mention, since the person trying to instigate the demons into meddling in the Rhine Kingdom's succession rights had sent letters to Mador, it meant that someone apart from the royal family already knew about Mador's identity as a demon spy.

Although the letter's sender didn't seem interested in telling others about Mador, so long as Mador began investigating this matter, her actions would most likely reach the sender's ears in no time.

Meanwhile, as long as the sender realized their plan had failed, nobody could say for certain what they would do.

At that time, exposing Mador's identity would be the least radical form of retaliation.

If the sender was desperate, they might even strike at Mador directly to try and intensify the hatred between humans and demons.

So, the responsibility of investigating the royal family members could only be left to Alice.

After all, although Alice had successfully acquired a fake student ID for the Royal Magic Tower by relying on Lilith, hardly anybody in the tower knew her.

As a "transparent person," she wouldn't have to worry about drawing unnecessary attention when acting.


"Lilith, huh…"

Alice sighed.

After seeing Mador leave the dark classroom, Alice couldn't help but recall the girl who went by the name of Blonde Twintails online and had brought her into the Royal Magic Tower today.

Despite her reluctance to suspect Lilith, Alice felt that the Rhine Princess was the most suspicious out of the three suspects.

Lilith was a very obvious otaku.

The girl was willing to forge a fake ID for Alice just to acquire a rare figurine, so one could see her obsession with the anime culture.

However, Alice still noticed Lilith revealing many suspicious points during their short interaction.

On the one hand, Lilith had complained about not receiving any importance from her father during their conversation.

She also mentioned that she learned about governance and politics when she was a child.

Based on these two points, it would seem that she had, at one point in the past, prepared herself to compete for and inherit the throne.

Unfortunately, King Haydn, Lilith's father, had long since decided to remove her from the line of succession.

After receiving such treatment, it would be entirely normal for Lilith to feel resentment.

Meanwhile, anything could become possible if such resentment was allowed to fester.

Alice wouldn't dismiss her suspicion of Lilith just because the other party was a pretty girl.

If Alice judged people solely based on appearances, she wouldn't have killed the short-sighted Demon King.


On the other hand, as a princess who the king didn't value, Lilith might be wealthy, but she would most certainly be limited when it came to authority.

Although Lilith could use her identity as the princess to prepare a Royal Magic Tower student ID for someone, her actions would definitely reach the ears of King Haydn and the other princes.

In that case, how did she prepare a student ID for me without Haydn's and the princes' notice

Alice recalled Lilith saying she had a thief friend who was highly skilled at making fake IDs.

This thief was skilled to the point that they managed to input false information into the Royal Magic Tower's database.

This clearly wasn't a feat the average thief could accomplish.

Alice doubted even Rosa had a connection with such a skilled thief.

So, other than the Rhine Princess, Lilith must have her own special network and forces that were helping her in the shadows.


The more I think about it, the more suspicious she becomes.

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Alice couldn't help but shake her head.

Although she couldn't designate Lilith as the culprit yet based on these points alone, Lilith's potential motives and hidden forces were already enough for Alice to label her as suspicious.


Coincidentally, Lilith had promised to show Alice around during tomorrow's comic convention.

Alice felt she could use this opportunity to see what kind of person Lilith was.

She could also have Mador contact her "admirer" via the contact method mentioned in the "love letters" and observe Lilith's reaction.

If Lilith showed a reaction, Alice's suspicion of the girl would definitely increase.

I really don't want to plot against people like this… Alice sighed. Aside from observing Lilith, I should also try to learn more about her secret forces.

If I'm not mistaken, her secret forces should be related to thieves.

And when speaking of thieves…


When speaking of thieves, Alice involuntarily thought of her panties supp…Rosa.

Alice thought of Rosa.

In the past, whenever Alice needed information that was related to thieves one way or another, she would always find Rosa for help.

Rosa might have retired as a thief already, but she had an unexpectedly wide network of contacts during her time working as a thief.

So far, it didn't seem like there wasn't anything that Rosa couldn't do.

She managed to secure even undisclosed technology such as power armor for Alice.

It was as if Rosa was Doraemon.

Although Alice subconsciously felt that even Rosa would have difficulty getting in touch with the thieves as skilled as the one working for Lilith, it wouldn't hurt to ask.


Of course, I can't forget about the Eldest Prince and Third Prince… I also have to find a way to investigate them.

While pondering her next step of action, Alice left the dark room.


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