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Chapter 291 - No Demon King Is Reliable

"Puhahaha— So this is what the blade looks like!"

Andusia had originally been worried that if this dagger had a normal appearance, it might cause her "This Is Wrong" to look even worse.

However, after seeing that "It's So Short" had an even more laughable appearance, she happily laughed at it in ridicule.

Of course, Andusia wasn't ridiculing Alice, but It's So Short's creator instead.

Although she didn't know which Demon King made this joke of a dagger, the weapon served to prove that the dildo she made wasn't the worst.

At the very least, This Is Wrong and It's So Short were tied when it came to appearances.

"Stop laughing.

Your laughter is making my head hurt," Alice said as she sat on her bed and looked at the "dagger" shaped like a butt plug.

It was no wonder the weapon was named "It's So Short." Whoever made this weapon had probably started making it from the hilt without realizing they didn't have enough material to work with.

As a result, they ended up with an incredibly short blade.

Moreover, they must have also messed up when shaping the blade, causing it to turn into this unusual shape.


Alice, Luna, Little Death, and Andusia were currently in a hotel room they rented to research the weapon they had just acquired.

Although Alice didn't want to waste money, the dagger simply wasn't suitable to be shown in public.

The weapon's "Chaos General" ability was also unsuitable to use outside.

So, to avoid causing unnecessary misunderstandings, Alice had no choice but to rent a hotel room.

"But it's true that this weapon's shape makes it unsuitable to be shown to others," Little Death said as she looked at the butt-plug-dagger in Alice's hand.

She didn't have the pleasure sensors of a normal person as an undead, so she had never tried toys like butt plugs before.

However, she was an old monster that had lived for thousands of years, so she could still recognize a butt plug when she saw one.

As for Luna, she didn't show any superfluous expressions right now.

However, judging from the subtle change in her expression when she first saw the dagger in the alleyway, she must know what a butt plug was.

It made sense since they were in the internet era.

People of this era could learn about all sorts of knowledge by browsing the internet.

"There is no way I will ever use this thing in public.

But the ability that comes with it is quite useful, so I'm going to give it a test," Alice said, nodding.

With how the dagger looked, there was no way she could bring herself to take it out in front of others.

Fortunately, the active skill that came with it didn't require her to use it in active combat.

Whenever she needed additional hands, she could simply use the Chaos General ability in a place void of people.


In comparison, Andusia's dildo-club was in a relatively awkward situation.

Its active skill "Earthshaking Strike" could be used to start a devastating earthquake, so it was an offensive taboo that was considerably useful in battle.

However, its strange shape made it so Alice would never dare to use it in front of others, so the skill was essentially useless.

"By the way, do any of you know who made this weapon" Alice asked before testing the dagger's ability.

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"I have no idea.

The Demon Kings before me might have talked about stealing a portion of the Demon King's Power's essence in their notes, but none of them have mentioned what the weapons they made looked like specifically," Andusia said, shrugging.

Alice's question was already touching on an area outside of her knowledge.

"Didn't you gather the notes in Grant's secret room Some of those notes are records of major events written by past Demon Kings, and almost every Demon King has mentioned stealing the Demon King's Power's essence to make weapons."


The more Alice listened to Andusia, the more she felt something was wrong.

If the average person were to create an incredibly powerful weapon, shouldn't they try their best to show it off

Take the high-end players in online games, for example.

After they've worked hard to create a godly item that others couldn't replicate, it stood to reason that they would use this weapon to fight and let the world know of the weapon's name.

Yet, none of the past Demon Kings had done so.

Alice knew Andusia didn't dare to do so because This Is Wrong simply wasn't something that could be shown to others.

Whether it was the club's name or shape, Andusia's reputation would be ruined if either got out.

So, it was only natural that Andusia would try to hide her weapon's existence.

But what about the other Demon Kings

Alice involuntarily shuddered when she thought up to this point.

Then, while looking at the butt-plug-dagger in her hand, a bold idea suddenly came to her mind—Could there be something wrong with all the weapons made by these Demon Kings

In reality, this wasn't a far-fetched idea.

Most, if not all, Demon Kings were not professional blacksmiths.

However, it was also obvious that they couldn't get others to smith a weapon for them using the Demon King's Power's essence.

So, even with poor technique, the Demon Kings had no choice but to take on the task of forging a weapon for themselves.


Perhaps some Demon Kings have thought of training their blacksmithing skills before smithing their weapons.

However, a Demon King's growth period was usually packed with taboo studies.

Moreover, by the time they reached full maturity and could steal a portion of the Demon King's Power's essence, they would have already been engulfed in an endless war.

So, they didn't have time to learn blacksmithing at all.

Combined with the half-baked blacksmithing technology available in the past, it was understandable that the past Demon Kings had ended up with unusual finished products.

"Don't look at me.

There's no way I'd know about such things," Little Death hurriedly said and waved her hands when she saw Alice turning to look at her.

Then, she explained, "None of those Demon Kings have treated me like a real person, so there's no way they would tell me what they were normally up to.

Moreover, even if they did share their actions with me, there's no way they would tell me that they've made something as embarrassing as a butt plug."

This made sense.

Thinking about it from another perspective, if Alice were to craft a weapon like this dagger, she wouldn't tell it to even her closest friends or family.

Not to mention, most, if not all, of the past Demon Kings had only ever treated Little Death as a tool.

Alice was probably the only one to treat the undead as a person and a friend.

Though, it was questionable whether she could really be considered a Demon King.


"Nevermind, then.

It's not particularly important even if we don't know who made it," Alice said, scratching her head.

"Anyway, there should still be some mana sealed inside this weapon.

Let me see what kind of Dark Guard can be summoned with this mana."


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