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Chapter 270 - Are You Moving House

Andusia and the others, who were in the castle's main hall, naturally didn't know that Alice had disposed of a Demon King's soul in the secret room.

In reality, only a few minutes had passed from when the blonde Demon King, whose name Alice did not know, had abducted Alice into her Spiritual Realm until Alice had incinerated the Soul Mark Scroll together with the Demon King's soul.

Moreover, most of that time was spent with the blonde Demon King rambling to the Milu Rabbit inside the Spiritual Realm.

The time Alice had spent actually fighting the blonde Demon King was only around a minute.

The mana fluctuations resulting from the fight had appeared and disappeared so quickly that even if Andusia had noticed them, she would probably assume that Alice was only messing around with a new taboo she learned.

Alice crouched down as she watched the Milu Rabbit nibble away at the Soul Mark Scroll ashes bit by bit.

It didn't take a genius to figure out that these ashes wouldn't taste good.

Yet, the Milu Rabbit's instincts still told it to eat them.

Alice guessed this was most likely caused by a hidden complication caused by the blonde Demon King's failed attempt at occupying the Milu Rabbit's body.

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"You really ate everything…"

Alice sighed when she saw that no ash was left on the floor.

Then, she picked up the Milu Rabbit and inspected its weapon information again with her right hand.

She wanted to see if any changes had occurred after the Milu Rabbit had consumed all those Soul Mark Scroll ashes.

[Weapon: Slumbering Milu Rabbit]

[Quality: Not Bad]

[Effect: Strength 3, Speed 3, Spirit 3]

[Additional Effect:

Penetration (Passive Skill.

The head's destructive power against obstacles is greatly improved);

Spirit Awakening (Passive Skill.

Greatly increases spiritual talent and sensitivity.)]

Aside from a new passive skill, it doesn't seem like there are any significant changes, Alice thought, caressing the Milu Rabbit's fur while trying to sense the changes in her own spirit.

Because her right hand was in contact with the Milu Rabbit, she, too, got to enjoy the benefits of the Milu Rabbit's new passive skill.

So, she could sense that her spirit had become much better than before.

Even manipulating her psychokinetic power had become easier.

Unfortunately, this change was of no use to Alice.

After all, the Milu Rabbit's evaluation remained at "Not Bad," which was only one grade higher than "Garbage." Her right hand wasn't even recognizing the Milu Rabbit as "Fine." So, it was obvious that Spirit Awakening's effects would be very limited.

In fact, she might achieve better results if she just drank a big cup of coffee.

After letting out a helpless chuckle, Alice tied the unconscious Milu Rabbit back to her waist.

Originally, she had been wondering where she should put the Milu Rabbit now that it was no longer ramming itself unconscious as soon as it saw her.

However, it would seem that she wouldn't have to concern herself with this problem for the time being now that the Milu Rabbit had fallen asleep after consuming the Soul Mark Scroll ashes.

Alice wasn't worried that the Milu Rabbit might encounter any problems after consuming the Soul Mark Scroll ashes that carried remnants of a Demon King's soul.

If there was a problem, it should have been stated in the Milu Rabbit's weapon information in the form of suffixes such as "Mana Depleted" or "Spiritually Sluggish." Since the Milu Rabbit's current suffix was "Slumbering," it shouldn't be plagued by any concerning problems.

"Well, then… I better verify that there are no problems with the other taboo books."

After tying the Milu Rabbit's ears to her waist, Alice returned her focus to the taboo books on the experiment tables.

However, she was no longer in the mood to study after the incident with the blonde Demon King.

So, she decided to pack everything up and read them at a later time.

However, before taking these books away, Alice felt that she should first check whether these books had any more surprises in store for her.

Since the blonde demon King could house her soul inside nothing more than a piece of paper, there was no saying whether any other Demon Kings had done the same.

Subsequently, Alice took a seat in front of the table and began checking every individual page of these taboo books with her right hand.

Although it was a tedious process, it was necessary to prevent another incident like the one with the blonde Demon King from happening.

However, it would seem that the blonde Demon King was the only one to have had the idea of hiding her soul inside the page of a book.

Even after Alice spent quite some time inspecting every page of the two dozen or so taboo books, she failed to find anything similar to the Soul Mark Scroll hidden within these books.

The only thing Alice found was a coin that was caught between the pages of a taboo book called Void Matter Mimicry.

However, she didn't get any useful information even when she held the coin with her right hand.

[Weapon: Torres Royal Coin]

[Quality: Garbage]

[Effect: Mana 1]

[Additional Effect: None]

It looked like this coin was the currency used by a certain royal family.

However, Alice had never heard of any royal family going by the surname of Torres.

Considering that this coin was left behind by one of the past Demon Kings, the Torres Royal Family must have existed long ago and had, at some point, disappeared into the tides of time.

As to why the coin was caught inside the Void Matter Mimicry book, Alice guessed that whoever owned the coin must have dropped it in by accident.

Either that or the owner was using the coin as a bookmark.

So, Alice didn't put too much thought into the matter and returned the coin to its original position.

The Torres Royal Coin was similar to the small tree branch that Alice previously found in Grant's spatial pocket.

Her right hand had evaluated both items as "Garbage." But since both of them had come out of the spatial pocket, she decided to bring them with her.

However, she honestly didn't think either of these items was special.

"That should be everything," Alice said to herself as she stacked the last book she could find on top of a large piece of cloth she found in the room.

Since Grant, the owner of this room, was dead already, Alice naturally didn't plan to leave anything behind, taking even the confusing research notes she could not understand.

Not to mention, Grant had unexpectedly dabbled his hands in alchemy.

Some of his notes might be of help to Lacey, so there was no reason why Alice would leave them behind.

Some magic stones were also scattered on the corner of the experiment table.

When Alice inspected them with her right hand, she found that most of them were used by Grant to store special spells.

Although none were taboos, most of these spells had practical functions such as teleportation and mana replenishment.

So, Alice had naturally laid claim to them as well.

"Alice, we're done with our discussion.

Have you finished—"

Andusia had finally shared some of Alice's information with Kamia and Gel, such as Alice's goal in coming here and her identity as the Demon King.

Of course, she made sure to omit information related to Alice's identity as the Hero.

Then, she returned to the secret room to check on Alice once she was done with that.

However, as soon as Andusia entered the secret room, she was greeted by the sight of Alice looting everything she could in the room.

Aside from large items such as the cabinets and research table, the secret room no longer had any small objects.


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