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Chapter 115 - Everyone I Interact With Is a Spy

The cubicle behind the bookshelf was neither too large nor too small.

At the very least, it had no trouble accommodating two people sitting face to face.

The cubicle also had a small table and two chairs, so it would seem that the cubicle was specially prepared for people who wished to read in an enclosed space.

"So, is there a reason why you wanted to meet with me alone"

After taking a seat on one of the chairs, Alice looked at the blonde girl with a ponytail sitting across her.

She wasn't particularly worried about anything happening to her.

Whether in terms of identity or strength, she was certain she had an absolute advantage over the other party.

Before the Demon King's Power chose its new Demon King candidate, Alice was confident that the two pairs of panties tied on her head could cope with the vast majority of problems that required strength.

"It's nothing important.

However, before we get into business, let me introduce myself a little first," the blonde girl with crimson pupils said, smiling as she looked at Alice.

She looked like she had a lively personality.

As the inside of the cubicle was an enclosed space, there was no need to worry that their voices would leak out of the room.

So, the two of them spoke to each other at normal volumes.

"My name is Frosette Shax.

I am also the March Academy's Academy Know-It-All, the person you are searching for," Frosette said.

Then, she retracted her smile, stood up from her seat, and gently bowed to Alice, her actions causing Alice to blush a little.

After doing all that, Frosette said, "Lord Demon King."

At this point, Alice started growing a little unnerved.

Under normal circumstances, she wouldn't have reacted so anxiously if someone were to call her "Lord Demon King" in this enclosed space.

However, the problem now was that Alice was carrying Kristine's soul on her.

The other party was a bona fide Hero.

If Kristine heard Frosette's greeting, Alice would have to think of a way to explain why Frosette would refer to her as the Demon King.

"If you are worried about the soul you carry, you can rest assured, Lord Demon King." Noticing the flustered expression on Alice's face, Frosette quickly explained, "I have set up a sealing barrier in this room that seals all magic tools.

So, the soul inside the magic tool you carry cannot hear our conversation."

"...You can sense that I am carrying a tool that houses a soul"

Alice calmed down a little after hearing Frosette's explanation and sensing no malice from the other party.

However, she also couldn't help but be surprised by the other party's abilities.

Frosette's perception must be amazing if she could discover Kristine's soul inside the Soul Gathering Tablet.

"It is part of the barrier's characteristics.

I have spent a lot of time and energy creating this barrier, and it can seal the abilities of most magic tools below the Artifact rank.

Hence, the instant you came in, I immediately sensed the barrier activating and sealing the perception of a soul," Frosette explained with a lively smile.

"But that soul sure is powerful.

Even though it doesn't have even an ounce of mana, my barrier still nearly failed to contain it.

If I am to give the soul a rank, it should be at the Artifact rank at the very least."

(TL/N: Soul Gathering Tablet is Legendary rank)

No, the Hero is a Law-grade weapon.

Although Alice had a strong urge to refute Frosette's words, she eventually held it back.

At the same time, Alice also felt fortunate that Frosette's barrier could only seal magic tools under the Artifact rank.

It meant that she could still make use of her panties.

Though, it made sense after she thought about it.

Her panties were Artifacts capable of unleashing taboo-level attacks.

If Frosette's barrier had already reached the level of sealing taboos, she could already become a Heavenly King in the demon realm.

"Then, what exactly is your identity"

Since Frosette knew of her identity as the Demon King, Alice could more or less guess the other party's identity.

However, she couldn't help but be curious why Frosette would enter the March Royal School of Magic and make herself known as Academy Know-It-All.

"I'm sure you already have an idea, Lord Demon King," Frosette said, softly chuckling as a long tail slowly raised from behind her.

Evidently, this was a special organ unique to the demon race.

It was an integral organ that allowed demons to live in the demon realm's polluted environment.

"I am a spy working inside the March Royal School of Magic, and my job is to gather intelligence here."

"So you really were a demon." Alice sighed.

She honestly didn't expect a demon spy inside the March Academy.

"But why are you working as a spy in the March Academy There doesn't seem to be any significant meaning."

"Of course there is meaning in it, Lord Demon King." Frosette understood that Alice lacked understanding over national affairs, so she wagged her finger and explained, "There are five human countries in the human realm, and each has its own top-tier magic academy.

Meanwhile, if we are to talk about where most of each country's taboos are stored, it would undoubtedly be in the libraries of these top-tier magic academies."

"Books on taboos" After hearing Frosette's explanation, Alice more or less knew what the other party was going to say next, so she said, "I see.

If the Hero has appeared, he will most likely be sent to the place with the most taboos to study them, and these top-tier magic academies are the most likely locations where the Hero will be sent."

"That's right.

The Gryffin Kingdom's March Royal School of Magic, the Ymir Kingdom's Kilub Magic Academy, the Vulcan Kingdom's Maple Royal Academy, the Milt Kingdom's Tir Military Academy, and the Rhine Kingdom's Royal Magic Tower, all five magic academies have spies from the demon realm operating in them," Frosette said, hiding no information from the "Demon King" before her.

"Moreover, every one of these spies has thorough knowledge over their respective academies, and they are on a constant lookout for the Hero."

Alice's mouth twitched when she heard Frosette's words.

She didn't think that the demon realm's spies would've infiltrated the top-tier magic academies of all human kingdoms.

It would seem that she had given the demons far less credit than they deserved and that the human realm wasn't the only one to have sent spies.

"Lady Alice is the hope of the demon race.

Moreover, judging by the comments of the Four Heavenly Kings, it would seem everyone believes that the demon race has a high chance of occupying the human realm under Lady Alice's leadership," Frosette continued speaking after seeing Alice remaining silent.

"So, for the sake of your growth, please feel free to contact me should you need any help in this academy, Lady Alice.

I have already gathered most of the available information in this academy during my year and a half here.

I will become your perfect information source."

"Did you say you heard comments about me from the Four Heavenly Kings" Alice was stunned when she heard the minor detail in Frosette's words.

"Have the Four Heavenly Kings already announced my information to the public"

"Out of all the spies in the human realm, I am probably the only one who knows of your identity," Frosette said, shaking her head.

Then, revealing a sly smile, she said, "It is because I am the daughter of Ellu Shax, the Heavenly King of Water.

My mother has shared some of your information with me, so I was able to recognize you quickly, Lady Alice."

At this time, Alice finally realized why Frosette's surname sounded a little familiar.

It turned out that Frosette shared the same surname as the Heavenly King of Water.


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