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Inside the Deep Sea Cave House.

An endless fire, refining the Taiqing Divine Iron in the furnace day and night.

Fang Xian looked at this scene with a solemn look, and finally started the last step of sword refining.

Xiong xiong!

Along with a magic trick, the flame at the bottom of the furnace grew more.

Inside the furnace, Taiqing Shentie had already turned into a mass of translucent solution and was elongated into a sword shape.

The sword was translucent, wrapped in flames, and suddenly became more formed and more tangible.

The flames turned and then became without form and intangible, and so on, nine times in a row.

In fact, if the previous sword refining time is counted, this transformation of shape and quality has already been carried out tens of millions of times, and all the materials have been sacrificed to become the purest of the purest.

That’s why Fang Xian did not hinder the last nine times, all at once.

In the next moment.

He recited the Great Spell of Heavenly Demons, and more Heavenly Demons appeared in the furnace than before when he made a pill that was rank one.

“The real devil in the beginning, swallow it for me!”

Fang Xian’s face was filled with a sinister smile, then he performed a demonic art.

A whirlpool suddenly appeared in the furnace, and countless tentacles protruded from it, pulling the demon to smash.

It was a tragedy.

A large amount of pure vitality emerged and was swallowed by the sword embryo.

“This opportunity is rare, so let’s do our best.”

Fang Xian recited the Heavenly Demon Mantra again, attracting many strange Heavenly Demons, and sacrificed all of them in one go.


Even though this furnace is also a rare treasure, at this time it seems to be overwhelmed, a lot of pure vitality emerged everywhere, and there are cracks on the body of the tripod.

“Kunlun Devil Palace, I’m afraid that the way to control the devil is to use the devil, to suppress the rest of the demons and the demons with the life of the gods… So can we maintain clarity”

“In terms of demonic nature, my “Secret Records of the Mysterious Caverns” seems to be even more terrifying than that sect’s teaching books… It’s a pity that there is no cultivation method, only techniques… Otherwise, I would have directly cultivated the way of demons in this life.


Fang Xian felt a lot of enlightenment in his heart in an instant.

As many demons are constantly emerging, they are immediately swallowed into the vortex.

After doing this nine times in a row, no more demons fell, and a warning sign suddenly appeared in his heart, knowing that if he continued, he might provoke a demon that he couldn’t deal with, so he gave up.

“Not good……”

When looking at the fire again, Fang Xian was shocked: “Not good… It seems that I have done too much.

That invisible sword won’t fail in being forged because of me, will it”


He hurriedly put away the flame and opened the cauldron.

After a long time, a wailing echoed in the cave: “Where’s my sword Where’s my flying sword I put it in the furnace, where is the big flying sword Where did it go”

On the praying mat.

Fang Xian sat cross-legged, staring at his palm with a depressed expression on his face.

In the center of the palm, a thin translucent needle appeared, very sharp, as if it would disappear in the next instant.

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“The invisible sword is already sinister enough, but I overdid it and made a shapeless flying needle instead… Wouldn’t that make the insidious more insidious, something poisonous even more poisonous How will he socialize in the future The sword art can be slightly modified to control the flying needle instead, but won’t I become that person from the East”

Although he was complaining, Fang Xian had no intention of ​​losing the shapeless needle.

After all, it is the life-long effort of that senior, and it can hurt the primordial essence of life, and even people that are at the level of Daojun should be afraid of it.

In terms of value, it is definitely not inferior to the flying sword sent by the three branches of Shushan, ‘Refining Demons’, ‘Suppressing Demons’ and ‘Slaying Immortals’.

It can be said that with this needle in hand, if he calls back the incarnation that is currently outside his body, Fang Xian will dare to fight a Dharma Zhenjun.

Even if it doesn’t work, he can use it to protect himself and escape.

And once he is promoted to the Dharma Zhenjun, then he is even ready to provoke a  master of the original spirit realm.

“With this needle in hand, I have the world… Could it be that I’ll have multiple nicknames in the future, and one of them will be ‘Undefeated in the East Earth’”

Fang Xian looked tangled and put the invisible needle into the body for sacrifice and refining, and at the same time properly collected the ‘fire of life and creation’.

He has a hunch that if he inherits this opportunity this time, then the following other opportunities will be for this flame too.

Shushan, Jiange Peak.

The head teacher of the Shushan Sword Sect, called ‘Baimei‘, was also a part of a generation of heroes in the world.

When he wasn’t still part of the Taoist sect, his swordsmanship was superior, he had a strong sense of justice, supported the strong, and helped the weak, and he had a really good reputation in the social circles.

Later, he was enlightened by an elder of the Shushan Sword Sect.

The elder pretended to be a mortal warrior and competed with him in swordsmanship.

As a result, White Eyebrows lost all ten battles, which made him decide to study under this elder.

He is now in the Dharma cultivation level, his other nickname is “Baimei Zhenjun”!

Baimei Zhenjun is meditating in the hall, next to a Shushan elder in white fluttering clothes.

At this moment, a flying sword fell from the sky with a post.

“Sanxiao’s flying sword is here to pass news, it seems that the ** affair has been decided…”

The elder of Shushan next to him laughed.

Baimei Zhenjun glanced at him, raised his eyebrows, and handed the letter to the elder of Shushan next to him.

This elder is only in the golden elixir realm, but his qi-cultivating skills are far superior than others.

He was shocked: “Fang Xian has already formed a golden elixir What does this mean Could it be that the general trend of fates has changed Otherwise, why would there be a wrong prediction about the head of the three immortals”

“This matter is quite mysterious, but that Fang Xian is indeed the head of the three immortals!”

Baimei Zhenjun is still very confident about his innate divine arithmetic, and he has also asked other experts to make calculations.

“The secrets of the sky are flowing, like the Yangtze River, vast but continuous, once the front part becomes off track, the mistakes and omissions will become bigger and bigger, and eventually it will overflow and become out of control…”

The forehead of the Shushan elder was full of cold sweat: “Headmaster Zhenjun… How do we deal with this matter, may I please ask for instructions”

“Our Shushan shoulders the luck of righteousness and great prosperity.

I helped Fuze Zhenjun before and sold a favor to Xuanguang Zhengzong.

I have never made a mistake.

This general trend has been established.

How can it be changed so easily As for the head of the three immortals… even the moon waxes and wanes, how can I allow my Shushan to use up all its energy”

Baimei Zhenjun smiled bitterly, the more he reached his cultivation level, the more he knew the unpredictable will of heaven and feared the way of heaven.

“But the head of the three immortals is not comparable to the other four small… You can see that in just a few years, he has entered the golden elixir realm … a first-grade elixir at that.

What monstrous luck…”

Elder of the Shushan felt distressed as if his flesh had been gouged out.

For him, even if Zhu Yingzi, Han Yingzhu, or even Gu Daoxian all went wrong at the same time, it would not be as bad as if Fang Xian had a problem.

At this moment, Baimei Zhenjun moved his long eyebrows, and the five fingers of his left hand quickly calculated: “No… I vaguely figured out that the second great opportunity of the head of the three immortals has opened!”

“But that chance is in Beihai, Fang Xian is clearly in **, and he is still with Sanxiao and others… This is… a thief came first Can you figure out who it is”

Elder Shushan couldn’t sit still and shouted.

“The secret of heaven is chaotic, I can’t figure it out…” True Monarch Baimei said with a serious expression: “The luck of the head of the three immortals is not complete.

Could it be that there are still variables in this great catastrophe of the immortals” 


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