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Duan Wang Fei heard the news of Gu Zezhi’s return to the capital early in the morning.

She also knew that he had just gone to the palace, so she waited for her son to return to their manor.

Looking at her son, whom she hadn’t seen for months, Duan Wang Fei beamed with delight, so much that wrinkles appeared in the corner of her eyes as she called him out.

“Zezhi, come and sit down!”

Duan Wang Fei got this only son in her early thirties, so she has always loved her son unconditionally.

“Father, mother.”

Gu Zezhi respectfully bowed to Duan Wang Ye and Duan Wang Fei sitting on the kang shang* before sitting down.

(*kind of bed made of adobe or brick that has a hole at the bottom which can be heated by fire)

Duan Wang Fei saw that Gu Zezhi was holding an octagonal hand stove and smiled.

“You child, why are you still holding a hand stove!”

Her son was aware and so was Duan Wang Fei, he has practiced martial arts since he was a child, and he was good at controlling his internal heat so wearing a single clothe in this cold weather was nothing to him.

Gu Zezhi sat down and replied, “This is from Young Miss Qin.”

Duan Wang Fei was stunned, her smile deepened, and her brows filled with love.

Sure enough, the emperor was right, her son likes the marriage, that’s good!

Duan Wang Ye was also very happy to see Gu Zezhi.

He said casually.

“Zezhi, is your errand at Linpu Town going well”

Duan Wang Ye also heard about the snowstorm in the area of Linpu town and Nanyuan Hunting Palace so he only asked this question.

“Thank you for father’s concern.

Everything is going well.” Gu Zezhi replied with a smile, and his words were brief and concise.

Duan Wang Ye didn’t intend to ask more questions, stroking his beard, he said.

“Zezhi, I heard that the emperor also put you in charge of the peace talks with Beiyan, this task is important, you must do well!”

“In the future, earning a title based on your ability will also be the glory of the Gu’s younger generation.”

“Good men aspire to be broad-minded, don’t limit yourself to one place ……”

Gu Zezhi just smiled and listened to Duan Wang Ye’s teaching.

Duan Wang Fei’s expression suddenly changed, and her smile disappeared.

“Duan Wang” on the surface was teaching his son but in fact, it clearly means something else, he was reminding Gu Zezhi not to covet the heir’s title.

“What does the wang ye mean Are you trying to say that Zezhi is going to snatch the title from your son!”

Duan Wang Fei did not show mercy to Duan Wang Ye at all and demanded in a sharp voice.

Duan Wang Ye: “!!!”

Duan Wang Ye frowned tightly, his face suddenly turned ugly, and said:

“What my son, he is also your son, wang fei, the heir is also your son, and he has always called you mother since childhood!”

Duan Wang Fei gave a cold grunt and just said that she doesn’t deserve it.

The atmosphere inside the room condensed, the momos and servants next to them didn’t even dare to take a breath seeing wang ye and wang fei were in each other’s throats.

Duan Wang Ye: “…”

Duan Wang Ye felt a dull pain on his forehead.

On the 29th of last month, the emperor gave Gu Zezhi the gift of marriage and told Duan Wang Ye to stay.

At that time, the emperor asked about the heir.

Although the emperor’s verbal order was to let the heir come to the capital with him, Duan Wang Ye thought that the trip was for Gu Zezhi’s marriage, which had nothing to do with the heir.

Moreover, the Heli tribe near the border was eager to attack the surrounding villages several times.

Since it wasn’t ideal to leave the fief, he left the heir to preside over military affairs.

Later, the emperor asked him what had happened to the two men who had been caught in Qingyun County last time.

Thinking about it, Duan Wang Ye meaningfully glances at Gu Zezhi but there was no trace of worry.

The emperor was busy with government affairs, and he had no time to pay attention to such trivial matters.

It must have been Zezhi who talked too much in front of the emperor, which caused the emperor to misunderstand the heir.


Duan Wang Ye sighed secretly, but wang fei protects his shortcomings and always helps Zezhi.

And because of this, Zezhi has been rotten spoiled by wang fei.

And now it even reached the emperor, he was really acting like a willful child.

He only hopes that after Zezhi had his own family, his temperament could be calmer like the heir.

Duan Wang Ye didn’t bother with what Duan Wang Fei was saying and just earnestly taught Gu Zezhi.

“Zezhi, you are also a person who wants to start a family.

You should learn magnanimity, be open-minded, and learn more about life from your elder brother.”

“I have already asked about Qingyun County.

Those two men were sent by the heir to protect you.”

“You are coming to the capital all alone.

The heir was worried and afraid that you would not like it, so he secretly sent someone to protect you.”

“You see, your elder brother is so kind to you.

You should think about your elder brother’s kindness.

Don’t be paranoid, the heir is your elder brother.

An elder brother is like a father, how could he harm you”

Duan Wang Ye chattered on and on.

After holding back and enduring his blabber, Duan Wang Fei could not stand it any longer and stood up from the kang shang and interrupted Duan Wang Ye.

“That’s enough.”

“Since wang ye does not treat Zezhi well, we, mother and son, will not be in wang ye’s way.”

Duan Wang Fei looked even colder and said to Gu Zezhi, “Zezhi, let’s go!”

When words get sour, adding words was useless.

Duan Wang Fei was too lazy to talk nonsense with him again, so she just called Gu Zezhi and left the east room.

Duan Wang Ye’s mouth opened and closed, wanting to call out Duan Wang Fei, but in the end, said nothing, only muttered in his heart: Only women and villains are difficult to raise!

Duan Wang Fei took Gu Zezhi away without any hesitation, and the mother and son went to the west room to sit down.

“Zezhi, you have lost weight!”

Duan Wang Fei looked at her son’s worn-out appearance and was very distressed.

She didn’t mention Duan wang ye anymore.

Anyway, Duan wang ye’s partiality was not something that happened in a day or two.

In the eyes of Duan Wang ye, his son was good at everything.

Gu Zezhi always held a smile on his lips and said along the way to his mother.

“Mother, then you have to make up for me.”

Seeing how he pointed at her, Duan Wang Fei was amused and the previous sullen mood caused by Duan wang ye had been swept away.

She didn’t want to think about those messy things anymore.

Now the most important thing was her son’s marriage.

Everything else should stand aside.


Duan Wang Fei looked at her son lovingly and asked, “What kind of person is Third Young Miss Qin”



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