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Qin Xin gracefully took a sip of hot tea, and felt much relieved, she then said with slight sarcasm.

“If my third sister had willingly got into the arranged marriage with Yelu Luan, this might have turned out better.

She could at least be part of the imperial family, a princess, or any title of a princess when she married off to Beiyan in the future, she’ll become the prince’s dignified concubine.”

“It’s a pity, she’s an insatiable person.”

“I wonder when grandmother will mention it to third sister.”

Just thinking about it, Qin Xin couldn’t wait so after thinking about it for a while, she went to Matriarch.

Qin Xin quickly finished writing the letter and asked Shu Xiang to bring it out while she herself went to Ronghe Hall.

When it was dusk, Qin Jiu said goodbye to the empress and left with the Matriarch Qin along with Madam Hou and Madam Su.

Matriarch Qin described the family situation of the Chengs with a smile.

“He is six years older than you, although older, he only delayed his marriage for the sake of the imperial examination.”

“Your second aunt took a lot of trouble to pick such a suitable candidate, I think our family pick a day, you go and meet him, if you think it’s good, let’s book the marriage early.”

“What do you say, Jiu’er”

Qin Jiu: “”

What kind of weird thing are you talking about!

The corners of Qin Jiu’s eyes twitched and he pursed her lips as she smiled.

“Grandmother, there is no need to rush my marriage.”

“How can you not be in a hurry” Matriarch Qin said patiently.

“Jiu’er, you are already fourteen years old and for a noble family like ours, it will take more than a year to learn three books and six rites.

By then, you’re old enough to be ready to get married, you don’t have to drag it on until you are seventeen or eighteen, right”

It doesn’t really matter if she waited until 17 or 18! Qin Jiu was anxious or in a hurry at all.

Moreover, even if she had to follow the local customs, she would never accept this blind marriage!

Besides, what kind of person this scholar Cheng was Even if they talk good things about him as long as he has any relationship with the Su family, they were definitely not a good candidate for husband-in-law.

When Matriarch Qin saw Qin’s unconcerned look, she became more anxious and continued to persuade her.

“Jiu’er, you grew up in the countryside, so if you marry someone from an upper-class family, you will be disliked by your in-laws.”

“The Empress is doting on you, but no matter how much she dotes on you, she doesn’t have any control over the affairs that happens in your room, much less your mother-in-law who wants you to follow the rules.”

“The Cheng family looks a little poor now, but you have the support of the marquis house, and the dowry, so you won’t suffer, wait until Scholar Cheng passes the imperial exam and becomes a government official, and you will have a good life with your chin held up high as a wife of a high ranking official.”

“And since you are a young couple, once he gets rich in the future, he will remember your goodness.”

Qin Jiu got tired of hearing this and refused.

“Grandmother, an elder brother is like a father, although the eldest family’s branch has no father or mother, but there is still an elder brother.”

She was close to saying that there was no need for Madam Tai and Madam Hou to concern themselves with her and just “mind their own business”.

Qin Jiu then directly pushed her own marriage to Qin Zining, and then got up calmly after thanking them and telling them she would now resign for the night.

The curtain leading to the hall was lifted high and gently dropped, Madam Su was furious and said through clenched teeth.

“Mother, look at her, is she still following our customs and is well-behaved

Matriarch Qin looked at the swaying curtain and sighed, saying.

“Since she is not willing to ……”

Madam Su’s shrill voice interrupted Matriarch Qin.

“Mother, this is a guardian’s responsibility, there are also the matchmaker’s words, not to mention that the uncle and sister-in-law have been gone for many years.

Even if they are still alive, it is only natural that you take care of her marriage as her direct grandmother.

It’s not up to the little girl whether she wants to or not!”

“But Jiu’er is a person who has her own decision.” Matriarch Qin said hesitantly.

Although Qin Jiu has only been back in the capital for two months, Matriarch Qin already knows quite a bit about this granddaughter.

This granddaughter of hers was a person who can turn over the table at the first sign of displeasure, and if she has said she does not want to, how could she force her

In case she leaves home again at the drop of a hat and goes to live in Fengluan Palace and doesn’t come back, then what should she do

Madam Su’s eyes flashed slightly, she was not willing to return home with such a defeat.

She added.

“Mother, according to my daughter-in-law, Jiu’er still wants to marry into a noble’s family.”

“But how can she have that idea, no one in the capital doesn’t know that she grew up outside and doesn’t know anything about instruments, chess, calligraphy, and painting…ai plus the matter about Xin’er just happened.”

“Mother, Xin’er has become the second prince’s concubine, how much is this reputation… which noble house is willing to marry a concubine’s sister as the legal wife.” Madam Su said justifiably.

Hearing this, Matriarch Qin also thinks it makes sense, but there was still some hesitation.

“But Jiu’er she….”

Madam Su came up with an idea: “Mother, why don’t we invite Scholar Cheng here first and let them have a ‘chance meeting’, maybe after Jiu’er meets him, she will change her mind.”

“That Scholar Cheng I won’t say anything other than he is really good-looking.”

“Mother, if we miss this time, it will be difficult to find another family that is a good match for Jiu’er, and with her age, we cannot afford to delay ……”

Matriarch Qin: “….”

Matriarch Qin slowly twirled the string of Buddhist beads in her hand, think it through, and finally responded.

“Okay, let’s do what you want.”

Anyway, it was only for the two children to meet first, if after meeting the person if Qin Jiu was still unwilling, they could discuss it later.


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