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She said that sewing the quilt was very tiring.

Lin Lan could see that Han Qingsong was so tired that the tip of his nose was sweating.


The key point was that she didn’t want to learn to write with Han Qingsong.

Her handwriting was much better than his, so what if he had low self-esteem


Besides, if he was too sensitive and suspected her, she didn’t want to give herself a chance to screw things up.


She only needed to learn to read from him and she would be able to write in the future, something she can claim that she learnt from the children.






Old Lady Han was crowded into the small courtyard by Yu Wuzi and others.


“Old Three, Old Three!” Old Lady Han shouted loudly.


Han Qingsong hurriedly got off the kang to welcome her and Lin Lan also hurried out, saying casually, “I think you should hurry up and bring the fourth child back, or the old lady won’t stop this.”


Han Qingsong reached the yard, looked at a group of people and frowned, “Mother, who are these people”


“Old Three, you’re already in charge of the government Why didn’t you tell your mother I would have set up a few tables to celebrate this,” Old Lady Han’s tone was gloomy and she didn’t seem to be celebrating at all.


Han Qingsong, “Mother, it is honourable to serve the people regardless of position.

Being a Director is nothing worth celebrating to this extent.”


Liu Chunfang looked at Han Qingsong with admiration, “Of course the Director is amazing! The Revolutionary Committee had said that the security of the entire commune belongs to the Director.”


Lin Lan didn’t expect Han Qingsong to be the leader, so she was secretly happy.

Seeing Liu Chunfang’s eyes, Lin lan was not really happy, “Even if it is amazing, it has nothing to do with you!”


Liu Chunfang was stunned for a moment and then said angrily, “The director belongs to our village, so of course it has something to do with me.”


Han Qingsong said, “My Director position is being the Director of Security.”


Old Lady Han immediately said, “Then how can it be the same Either way, you are a commune cadre.

Qingsong, hurry up and bring your brother back.

You are the Director, so it should be settled with just one word from you.”


Han Qingsong, “Mother, I cannot bend the law for personal gain if I am to serve the people.”


He was already serious, but he was even more serious when he said this.


Old Lady Han was so choked that she paused her head and looked at her son, “Old Three, mother didn’t ask you to do that.

Your brother is just ignorant, so just bring him back and we will educate him ourselves.”


Yu Wuzi also shouted, “That’s right, our Chunhe too.

The children are young and ignorant, so we should just bring them back and give them a good education.


She complained to the old lady Han again, “Sister-in-law, you see, the boy has never suffered that kind of punishment before.

He’s just a good boy that has been misled, I don’t even know if he was given anything to eat after being hungry all night—”


The more Yu Yuzi said, the more resentful she became.


In the middle of the night last night, once she knew that her son was arrested, she wanted to come and snatch him back.

Instead, she was scolded by the Secretary Head, saying that Han Qingsong had just come back to sleep in the middle of the night.

She was very angry, but she had to swallow that rage if she wanted her son to get out of this predicament unscathed.


She finally endured until dawn and waited for Han Qingsong to send them to the Brigade.


Looking at her son’s half-dead appearance at that time, she cursed Han Qingsong’s whole family and their next generations.


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