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“No, I dont mind the trouble.

If I lose, Ill gladly accept my defeat!” Zhou Jingyun immediately said.

The bet was set.

The two of them went out together.

When they walked out of the office, Zhou Jingyun had a faint smile on his face and Jiang Tong held his arm.

Anyone would think that the two of them were a couple in love.

Twenty minutes later, Jiang Tong and Zhou Jingyun arrived at the restaurant.

Jiang Tong had come to this Italian restaurant before.

Although this restaurant had only been open for half a month, Jiang Tong had been to it countless times in the five hundred years time loop.

This restaurant that Zhou Jingyun thought was quite new, Jiang Tong couldnt be more familiar with it.

The restaurants food was indeed not bad.

The two of them arrived at the restaurant.

The front of the restaurant was not big, but the space inside was very large.

There was space outside the door, and there were a few tables under the parasol.

Coupled with the exotic style of the decoration, it gave people the feeling that they were on a vacation abroad.

The weather today was not bad, so Jiang Tong and Zhou Jingyun directly chose a table outside the door.

It was quite comfortable to sit under the parasol and enjoy the breeze.

After ordering their dinner, the two of them chatted casually.

In fact, Jiang Tong and Zhou Jingyun did not need to eat together every day.

They were just acting as a couple.

If both of them had time, then they would eat together.

They had to go to a public place to eat so that their relationship would look more realistic.

However, they didnt want to run into any rich boss in the past two days to spread the news of their relationship.

They just wanted to have lunch, so they randomly chose a restaurant.

It was hard to meet those top-tier rich businessmen in this restaurant.

It was not because this restaurant was not high-class, but because the super-rich people in City Z were all over 40 or 50 years old and were not used to eating western food.

Moreover, western restaurants were not suitable for entertaining customers.

Customers might not like what they liked to eat, so it was not a safe choice of restaurant.

No one here knew Zhou Jingyun, and no one came to disturb him, so Zhou Jingyun was very relaxed.

He looked at Jiang Tong and said, “I really have to thank you a lot this time.

The endorsement contract was signed very smoothly, and the endorsement fee was also very low.

Oh right…” as he spoke, Zhou Jingyun took out his phone and quickly tapped the screen a couple of times.

After a while, Jiang Tongs phone rang.

A text message showed that her bank card had received 20 million dollars.

“Thank you, Boss Zhou.” Jiang Tong looked at her phone and said with a smile.

The two of them had reached this stage, yet Jiang Tong still called Zhou JingyunBoss Zhou.

It made Zhou Jingyun not quite used to it.

He looked around and said, “Can you not callBoss Zhou orMr.

Zhou We can be considered acquaintances, right Moreover, there are too many people and too many mouths here.

If someone accidentally hears it, the truth will be exposed.”

“Okay, then I will call you Zhou Jingyun or Jingyun directly,” Jiang Tong said with a smile.

It was just a name, so she didnt care.

Not long after, the waiter came to deliver the drinks.

Zhou Jingyun didnt order any alcohol.

He only ordered two glasses of fruit juice of which one was a glass of mango juice and the other was a glass of orange juice.

Jiang Tong picked up a cup casually and took a sip through the straw.

Then, she frowned.

“Whats wrong” Zhou Jingyun noticed Jiang Tongs expression and asked.

“Its too sour.” Jiang Tong pushed the orange juice aside and didnt want to drink anymore.

Zhou Jingyun saw this and pushed his untouched mango juice over.

“Then you drink mine.” After saying that, he took the orange juice that Jiang Tong had taken a sip of and drank it.

He didnt have any expression on his face.

He probably didnt mind that the orange juice was sour.

Jiang Tong raised her eyebrows and said, “Ive used this straw before.”

“Were a couple.

Ill drink whatever you dont want to drink.

Is there a problem” Zhou Jingyun glanced at Jiang Tong and then looked at the crowd on the street.

He was a little embarrassed because he had not thought through what he had done just now as he did it casually.

He did not want Jiang Tong to continue asking this question so he said, “Oh right, Shao Ying will investigate you sooner or later.

She might even capture your family and threaten you.

So Ill send people to protect them secretly.

First of all, they wont disturb your parents lives.

Besides, Shao Ying doesnt have many connections in City Z.

if she sends people after your family, Ill definitely know in advance.

Zhou Mingfei will inform me.

There wont be any danger.”

Jiang Tong was a little surprised.

She didnt expect Zhou Jingyun to have arranged everything.

Jiang Tong had thought about protecting her family from harm, but she wasnt in a hurry because Shao Ying wouldnt act so quickly.

She wanted to have more connections and then arrange for people to protect her family.

She might not have troubled Zhou Jingyun to do so, but Zhou Jingyun had already arranged it, and it was good that he even took the initiative to do this.


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