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Jiang Tong tilted her head and glanced at Ji Lanzhou.

She looked at him with a teasing gaze in her phoenix-like eyes.

So Young Master Ji had times when he was afraid Ji Lanzhou snorted and turned his head away from her.

After a few bounces, the distance between them and the ground got closer and closer.

Jiang Tong decisively released the rope and landed with a bang with Ji Lanzhou on her back.

The commotion on their side was quite loud.

Soon, someone discovered their whereabouts.

“Hey, what are those two people doing over there” A hooligan shouted at them with a baseball bat.

Jiang Tong put down Ji Lanzhou, turned around, and grabbed his wrist.

She asked, “Can you run”

Ji Lanzhou glared at her and replied, “Im not that weak.”

“Tsk.” Jiang Tong licked her lips and continued, “Then lets start running.”

After saying that, Jiang Tong grabbed Ji Lanzhous wrist and ran forward frantically.

The hooligans who were coming over sensed that something was wrong.

They shouted at their companions, “Over here! Theyre here!”

The wind whistled past her ears.

The wheels were turning in Jiang Tongs head as she thought of the groups location when she jumped down from the building.

She pulled Ji Lanzhou to hide in different places.

Relying on her familiarity with the terrain and her knowledge of the positions of the hooligans, they arrived at the place the Lamborghini was parked without any obstruction.

She opened the car door and got into the car.

She waved at the hooligans who were still trying to catch up and hollered, “See you next time!”

The hooligans were so angry that they threw the baseball bats in their hands.

Jiang Tong laughed.

She started the car and drove off.

Ji Lanzhou sat in the passenger seat.

He was wearing a shirt that did not fit him and a pair of gaudy beach pants.

His chest was rising and falling, and his breathing was rapid.

Jiang Tong heard his loud breathing and turned to look at him.

She saw that his delicate face was dyed with a layer of pink.

His face was like a peach blossom, and he was prettier than a flower.

Jiang Tong could not help but whistle.

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Ji Lanzhou took a long time to calm his breathing.

He took off his cap, and his slender fingers caressed his crushed hair.

He asked, “Where do you plan to go”

Jiang Tong pointed at the steering wheel and replied, “Lets get rid of this thing first.” She did not know if Liu Laoer had told Guan Sandao about her identity last night.

If he did, there would not be any trouble for the time being.

Guan Sandao wouldnt dare to touch her, he would only try to find her first.

If Liu Laoer didnt tell him about her identity, then Guan Sandao would probably get someone to deal with her.

After all, Guan Sandao loved his car to death.

If someone dared to touch his car in City Z, then they would be seeking death.

Guan Sandaos real name was Guan Changhai.

Fifteen years ago, he was a good student with good character and excellent grades.

However, because his parents didnt pay the hooligans protection fees for their business, their legs were broken by a hooligan.

Guan Changhai stabbed them in anger, so he was imprisoned for three years.

After he was released from prison, he began to work in the underworld.

He relied on his strong body and agile mind to make a name for himself.

The current Guan Changhai was a well-known figure in the underworld of City Z.

He was very powerful.

Jiang Tong had a lot of information on Guan Changhai, but she couldnt use it now.

Guan Changhais side was a trivial problem.

The big problem was that she borrowed Young Master Zhous name yesterday to scare people.

If this matter was leaked, it would be a big problem.

She reckoned that she would be hunted down by the entire underworld in City Z.


Ji Lanzhou glanced at the rearview mirror and reminded her with a faint smile, “You should get rid of the pursuers behind you first.”

Jiang Tong followed Ji Lanzhous line of sight and saw that there were a few off-road vehicles behind them.

The one leading the cars was a BMW.

The license plate of the cars obviously belonged to Guan Sandaos men.

“Theyre quite fast,” Jiang Tong muttered.

Her phoenix-like eyes were filled with arrogance and wildness.

She stepped on the accelerator and laughed loudly as she reminded Ji Lanzhou, “Babe, sit tight!”


She changed gears, stepped on the accelerator, and switched modes in one go.

The red Lamborghini shot out like a hurricane, speeding wildly on the main road.

Seven or eight oclock was the morning rush hour, and the road was full of cars.

Jiang Tong controlled the car and shuttled through the traffic.

A large number of curses could be heard behind her, “F*ck! Are you crazy! Youre driving so fast!”

Ji Lanzhou picked up the cap that he had thrown aside and put it back on his head.

He lowered the brim of the cap to cover most of his face, not wanting to be humiliated along with Jiang Tong.

Jiang Tong saw his action and snorted.

She looked at the rear-view mirror and whistled proudly.

She said, “Dont make a sound.

Im going to make a call.”

After saying that, Jiang Tong took out her phone and dialed a number.

The call was answered very quickly.

“Who is this” An extremely cold male voice came from the phone.

There were only a few phone numbers saved in Jiang Tongs contact list.

The repeating time cycle made her not have the habit of saving phone numbers because she couldnt keep them even if she saved them.


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