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Jiang Tong was stunned.

Why was Ji Lanzhou still in her room It had been 500 years, 182,500 days and nights.

No matter how crazy she had been the night before, her pillow was empty when she woke up.

She had long gotten used to waking up alone, but now…

Jiang Tong patted her head and scrambled to the bathroom to look for her phone.

Ji Lanzhou looked at her series of actions as if she was an id*ot.

After a while.., Jiang Tongs maniacal laughter came from the bathroom.

“Its April 5th… hahaha, its April 5th!” She looked at the time and date displayed on her phone, smiled, and shed tears.

It had been 500 years.

Time had finally begun to pass!

Jiang Tong cried and laughed in the bathroom.

Ji Lanzhou lifted the blanket and got off the bed.

He stepped barefoot on the floor.

He could no longer wear the clothes he had worn yesterday.

He casually opened the closet next to him.

He picked out a shirt that was relatively large and put it on.

It covered the scratches and hickeys on his back.

He walked into the bathroom and knocked on the door frame.

“Whats wrong with you this early in the morning”

Ji Lanzhou had never believed in the cycle that Jiang Tong had described.

Last night at the bar, he had initially thought that Jiang Tong was mentally ill.

Later, he thought that Jiang Tong was a liar, a very interesting liar.

In addition, he had felt that they had hit it off very well last night, so he did not mind giving his first time to this liar.


When Jiang Tong saw Ji Lanzhou, she jumped into his arms.

She held his face and pecked all over it.

She exclaimed, “Babe, youre really my lucky star!”

Ji Lanzhous body was not in good condition to begin with, and after doing bedroom activities for the whole night, how could he withstand a bump from Jiang Tong He held the door frame with one hand and held Jiang Tongs waist with the other.

He said in a hoarse voice, “Is that so Youre torturing your lucky star to death.”

Jiang Tong chuckled and got down from Ji Lanzhous arms.

She was about to say something when she suddenly heard some movement downstairs.

She returned to her bedroom and looked out the window.

She saw many unfamiliar young people searching around in the alley, Jiang Tong cursed inwardly.

It was Guan Sandaos men who had found her.

Jiang Tong quickly took out black sportswear and put it on.

She also threw Ji Lanzhou a pair of beach pants that she had bought last time.

“Babe, there have been some unexpected development.

I have to run for my life first.”


Ji Lanzhou sluggishly leaned against the window as if he had no bones.

His peach blossom eyes swept across the people downstairs.

He raised his eyebrows and said, “Are you… acting as though nothing happened between us last night and so now youre running away from me” His gaze fell on Jiang Tong as he watched her skillfully take out a cap.

She casually tucked her wavy long hair into the cap and pinned the cap on her head.

The brim of the cap was lowered, revealing only a small section of her fair chin.

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“Of course not.” Time was of the essence, and Jiang Tong did not have time to explain too much.

She had never considered the consequences of her actions before.

Killing people was not a problem because time would reset.

But this time, time continued to move forward.

Yesterday, she had blinded a person, slit a persons throat, and even used the name of a certain big shot to show off.

Before she left, she had stolen Guan Sandaos sports car.

It could be said that she had caused a lot of trouble.

If this thing was not handled properly, Jiang Tong would either be beaten to death by the gangsters, or she would be caught by the police and sent to prison for a few years for intentional assault.

Tsk, she was thrown such a big challenge right after the cycle ended.

This was what life was like!

Jiang Tong took out her harness and tied it to her waist.

Then, she hung a grappling hook on the windowsill and pulled it.

After confirming that it was stable, she threw the rope out of the window.

She beckoned to Ji Lanzhou and said, “Come on, Ill show you what extreme escape means.”

Ji Lanzhou looked at her series of actions and thought for a while.

Then, he raised his eyebrows and said, “Dont tell me youre going to jump down from here.”

Jiang Tong snapped her fingers and looked at him with a smile.

She replied, “Congratulations, you got it right.”

Ji Lanzhou chuckled, “Arent you pretty good at fighting Why dont you just fight”

“The situation is different now.” Jiang Tong tightened her harness and stopped wasting time with Ji Lanzhou.

She grabbed his wrists and wrapped them around her body.

Then, she grabbed the cap next to her and put it on Ji Lanzhous head.

After making sure that she did not miss anything, she lowered her body and carried him out of the window.

The weather at seven oclock in the morning was still cool.

Jiang Tong carried Ji Lanzhou on her back and pulled the rope with both hands.

Her feet bounced nimbly on the wall.

The wind whistled in her ears.

She was so excited that she beamed.

If it were not for the fact that she had to be quiet in this situation, she really wanted to shout, “This is so f*cking awesome!”


This was the first time Ji Lanzhou was carried by a woman.

It was also the first time he was carried by a woman and jumped off a building.

His well-defined thin lips were tightly pursed.

His hands subconsciously wrapped around Jiang Tongs fair neck tightly, and his slender legs were firmly wrapped around her slender waist.



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