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And this “Dragon Slaying Warrior” was the big boss behind Hong Tongfei, her sugar daddy!

Jiang Tong sent a private message to Dragon Slaying Warrior: “Friend, I have something urgent to do.

I wont be playing anymore today.

I have to go offline.”

Dragon Slaying Warrior: “F*ck, dont go.

Whats so urgent Cant we finish the game Were you hired by the game to trick me into spending tens of millions of dollars And now you say you wont play anymore”

Jiang Tong typed back: “If I were one, I would continue to scam you for money.

I really have something to do and I need to go offline.”

Dragon Slaying Warrior: “Oh, thats true…”

He only thought that Jiang Tong was conning him of his money because he was too anxious.

If he thought about it carefully, she couldnt be one because the hired player would not behave so radically.

A real hired player would always keep him hanging, play games with him for several days and make him spend a lot of money, making him feel great while doing so.

However, Jiang Tong did not do this.

Jiang Tong made him very unhappy!

If he thought about it carefully, he would know that he had probably met a rich person who had the same hobby as him.

Even an ordinary rich person would not be able to do what he did.

He would spend millions and tens of millions just playing on the private server.

This was something that an ordinary rich man could not afford.

Dragon Slaying Warrior sent a message to Jiang Tong again: “Dont go.

After you finish fighting with me, as long as you finish fighting with me today, I will reimburse you for the amount you topped up into this game.

Just treat it as making a friend today.”

He was really suffering! Ever since Jiang Tong appeared with a group of people, he had never felt good! Of course, Dragon Slaying Warrior did not always top up so much money every time he played the game.

It also depended on the level of the opponent.

Normally, he would only spend tens of thousands or hundreds of thousands of dollars in a few days.

It was very rare for him to spend millions of dollars.

And he had only started playing this game a few days ago.

He did not spend more than 300,000 dollars.

However, Jiang Tong had directly topped up a million dollars in her account.

From the start, she had been pressurizing him to fight!

When the Dragon Slaying Warrior discovered the situation, he was initially excited because a worthy opponent had arrived.

He decisively topped 1 million dollars! Then, Jiang Tong also topped up money into the game, and the Dragon Slaying Warrior did the same! The Dragon Slaying Gang led by Dragon Slaying Warrior had been suppressed until the end, when Jiang Tong started the siege war between the two sides.

It was no longer a competition of who had more money.

Jiang Tong was definitely no match for the Dragon Slaying Warrior.

However, there was a limit to the number of players in a gang.

There were only several people in total.

In the end, both sides were competing on the number of players online.

It was a competition of whether the players would listen to orders or not.

Dragon Slaying Warrior knew that he might lose the siege war today, but it was not like he did not have a chance to turn the tables.

He wanted to win.

This way, he would feel better if he won! However, Jiang Tong suddenly said that she was not playing anymore.

She even asked her players to take off their equipment and surrender… Dragon Slaying Warrior won, but he wanted to vomit blood! He felt aggrieved!

“Why are you in such a hurry No matter how anxious you are to log off, you can still play for a while, right” Dragon Slaying Warrior sent a message to Jiang Tong.

“How can I play if you dont want to play anymore Who do I play with, then We have quite a lot of money.

We have put more than 20 million dollars into the game.

Do you feel comfortable if we dont decide the winner Isnt this sum of money obtained by the game creators too easily Hurry up and get into the game.

No matter what, we have to determine a winner today.

Even if my gang loses to you, Ill admit my loss! You cant leave!”


The Dragon Slaying Warriors eagerness could be felt through the text.

He always sent long messages to her.

Jiang Tong looked at it and typed with a smile, “I really have something to do.

I have to go to Huanyu Building in Z City.

I cant play anymore.”

“Eh Youre also in City Z Youre from City Z” The Dragon Slaying Warrior replied, sounding very surprised.

“ Youre also from City Z” Jiang Tongs tone of reply was even more surprised than the Dragon Slaying Warrior.

The Dragon Slaying Warrior said, “Yeah, this is too much of a coincidence!”

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Jiang Tong said, “Its quite a coincidence, but I really have something urgent.

Lets not talk about it now.

Well talk next time.”

“No, no, no.” Dragon Slaying Warrior quickly stopped her.

“What kind of trouble are you in Tell me, Ill settle it for you.

Its not that Im bragging, but theres nothing in City Z that I cant settle!”

“Right, right, right.

Youre the best.” Jiang Tongs reply was very perfunctory.

It was obvious that she did not believe Dragon Slaying Warriors words.

Dragon Slaying Warrior was indeed anxious.

“Do you not believe me Let me tell you, play the game with me today.

I can settle any matter for you!”

“Youre so powerful” Jiang Tong continued to reply, “Actually, its not that I have something to do.

Something cropped up in my boyfriends company.

The product spokesperson was hit by a car, and the contract was automatically terminated.

I need to find a new spokesperson, but I cant find a suitable one in such a short period.

Im in a hurry, so I need to quickly go over to help him brainstorm on this matter.”


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