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Jiang Tongs back view became more and more mysterious in Guan Sandaos eyes.

“You guys go online first and stay in the newbie zone,” she commanded the others that were playing the game.

Jiang Tong didnt know what Guan Sandao was guessing at this moment.

“Miss Jiang, there are still some brothers who havent arrived yet, but they will arrive soon.

There are still 30 to 40 people who should be coming soon.” Guan Sandao suddenly took a step forward and bent down to whisper into Jiang Tongs ear.

Jiang Tong nodded and looked at Guan Sandao again.

“You dont have to stay here the whole time.

You can go and do your own thing.”

“Okay,” Guan Sandao answered.

He stood up and glanced at the internet cafe.

Then, he shouted, “Everyone, listen well to Miss Jiang.

Whoever performs well today, I will reward you with 100,000 dollars in cash!”

“Dont worry, Big Brother!”

“Thank you, Big Brother!” The group of people promised enthusiastically.

After Guan Sandao left, Jiang Tong once again focused on the game.

She immediately topped up her game account with 1 million dollars.

Then, she set up a gang and many other things, pulling in all the people in the internet cafe.

After everything was done, Jiang Tong called Zhou Jingyun again.

She asked, “What are you doing”

“Meeting.” Zhou Jingyun was stingy with his words, as though they were as precious as gold.

“Give me ten million dollars.” Jiang Tong did not beat about the bush.

She directly requested, “I need to pay for the activities.”

“…Okay.” Zhou Jingyun paused for a moment and then agreed.

He did not even ask Jiang Tong what she wanted to do with so much money.

The relationship between the two of them was very delicate.

They did not seem to be that close, but they were very close at the same time.

Moreover, Zhou Jingyun had an inexplicable trust in Jiang Tong.

At least, he was never stingy when it came to spending money.

He was not afraid that Jiang Tong would cheat him of his money.

After all, Jiang Tong had helped Zhou Mingfei so much yesterday.

It would not be excessive for him to directly give Jiang Tong 100 million dollars.


Four hours later, Jiang Tong had already topped up more than eight million dollars in the game.

The gang that she had formed had also become the number one gang in the game.

It had crushed the previous number one gang — the Dragon Slaying Gang! The head of the Dragon Slaying Gang was also a tough nut to crack.

He did not let go of Jiang Tongs gang and fought with all his might.

Both sides topped up more than a million dollars into the game in order to fight.

The two big gangs were in a heated fight.

At this moment, Jiang Tong suddenly shouted, “Everyone, get ready.

Log off the game!”

The people in the internet cafe were all stunned.

Although they didnt know what was the reason behind her order, they still did as they were told.

This time, it was the people from the Dragon Slaying Gang who were stunned.

They were in the middle of a decisive battle, so why did they stop fighting This feeling of losing an opponent made them feel frustrated and lost.

Jiang Tongs private message box suddenly flashed.

Someone had sent her a message.

“F*ck, friend, what are you doing Dont go, we havent decided on the winner yet! Ive already topped up more than ten million dollars in the game, and youve already spent eight to nine million, right Its not easy to have a worthy opponent in the game, why did you stop playing”

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Jiang Tong looked at this persons game ID and revealed a faint smile.

This persons game name was “Dragon Slaying Warrior”, and he was the leader of the Dragon Slaying Gang.

In reality, he was a very sloppy and greasy middle-aged man, he was also a super rich second generation.

Of course, he also had another identity, and that was the big boss behind the popular actress Hong Tongfei!

For female celebrities, other than the very few who relied on their experience and talent to stand out and become important shareholders of the management company, or those who had a big background before they entered the industry, other celebrities were nothing in front of the real big shots.

However, it was not easy to disturb celebrities that were currently popular.

They were the money tree of the company! The entertainment industry was very complex.

Those large-scale management companies and entertainment companies had very strong connections.

Some entertainment companies were even created by the children of some big families.

They would try their best to protect their own popular celebrities, and they would protect thesemoney trees of theirs and keep them out of trouble.

Therefore, most of the stars might not look that powerful, but they usually had very strong connections behind them.

And other than this situation, there was another situation where the big boss kept female celebrities as his mistress in exchange for the female celebrity gaining resources! This was the case for Hong Tongfei.

Because Hong Tongfei was good-looking, she had been a mistress for rich people when she was in high school.

After she went to film school, she started to enter the entertainment industry.

The big boss who kept her started to spend money to support her.

Although Hong Tongfei had starred in a few movies, she had never been completely popular.

She had been on the B-list and C-list rankings until last year when she relied on one movie to soar to the sky.

Of course, this was also due to the big shots behind her.

This included the fact that she had obtained more than 20 awards for Best Actress in one go.

Some of them were obtained by relying on her strength, while others were the result of capital operations.


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