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Ji Lanzhou looked stunning, but under the cover of the night, he wasnt very eye-catching.

Furthermore, Guan Sandao was in a hurry to go to the bar to check on the situation, so he didnt care about Ji Lanzhou and Jiang Tong.

The moment both sides passed each other.., Jiang Tongs hand moved slightly, but it did not attract much attention.

The two of them walked down the stairs.

Jiang Tong stopped and looked behind her.

Seeing that Guan Sandao had brought people in, she slowly took out the key from her pocket and pressed it.

The red Lamborghinis car flashed.

“You…” Ji Lanzhou was stunned.

“I just pickpocket it from him earlier.” Jiang Tong patted the hood of the car and smiled.

“A beautiful car with a beautiful man.

Beautiful man, will you come home with me”

Ji Lanzhou looked at the car with disdain, but he still walked over.

After he got into the car, Jiang Tong started the car and took him away.

Jiang Tong often stole cars since time reset every day, so it didnt matter.

She dared to kill people because of this.

However, although she had done a lot of bad things, she had never killed innocent people.

She had been trapped in the same day for five hundred years.

She had been desperate and also went crazy, but no matter what she did, she would always wake up at seven oclock in the morning on the fourth of April.

She couldnt die.

In the end, Jiang Tong got her act together.

She changed her appearance to make her life more fulfilling and set all kinds of challenges for herself.

Ji Lanzhou was also one of her challenges.

She wanted to make her endless life more interesting and colorful.

Half an hour later, the Lamborghini stopped at the East District of City Z.

The alley where Jiang Tong lived was narrow, so she couldnt drive into it.

She parked the car by the roadside and walked in with Ji Lanzhou.

“Tsk, if I knew I could bring you home today, I would have gotten a better house.” Jiang Tong put her hands behind her head and walked forward unsteadily.

Ji Lanzhou followed by her side.

His slender figure was elongated by the dim streetlights.

His long black trench coat was over his knees, and he wore a white shirt and casual pants underneath.

He wore couture leather shoes.

He looked very noble and did not match this run-down alley.

Hearing this, Ji Lanzhou tugged at the collar of his shirt, revealing his slender neck.

He said, “Then Ill go back Come back next time”

“That wont do.” Jiang Tong grabbed his arm and pulled him forward.

“Ive finally gotten you but if youre just going to disappear on me like that, Id be livid!”

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Ji Lanzhou instinctively wanted to push her hand away, but he thought of something and held himself back.

As he walked, he casually asked, “Didnt you say that those big shots didnt know you So how did you settle those hooligans with just a phone call”

“This is called making use of ambiguous information.” Jiang Tong secretly touched Ji Lanzhous arm.

This man looked thin and weak, but the muscles on his arm were smooth and felt good.

She caressed it reluctantly a few times before explaining, “I can learn all kinds of information without considering the consequences since the day keeps repeating for me.

For example, the March meeting that I mentioned earlier, and young master Zhou… things happened so suddenly that they didnt have time to verify my words.

They also saw that I knew some secrets that outsiders shouldnt know, so they naturally treated me as an honored guest and didnt dare to offend me.”

“So… you were just trying to scare them”Ji Lanzhou stopped in his tracks.

“Sort of.” Jiang Tong shrugged and looked up at him.

“What Do you regret it now that you realize that Im not that powerful Dont you want to go home with me”

“No.” Ji Lanzhou took the opportunity to put his arm around Jiang Tongs waist and pulled her closer to him.

“I found that Im more interested in you.”

This woman was bold and careful.

She seemed to be acting recklessly, but in reality, she was taking every step carefully.

Her level of scheming was enough to make people look at her in a new light.

Ji Lanzhous beautiful peach blossom eyes drooped slightly.

His usually lazy and indifferent eyes locked onto Jiang Tong without moving, revealing a gaze that looked like he was looking at his prey.

Jiang Tong licked her lips and said, “Babe, if you dont mind, how about speeding up your pace I cant wait any longer.”

Although Jiang Tong lived in the older part of the city and her house was also very old but it was very spacious.

Her place had three bedrooms and one living room.

The moment the door lock was unlocked, Jiang Tong couldnt wait to bring Ji Lanzhou into the room and press him against the wall.

Her heavily made-up lips were about to touch his lips when…

“Stop.” Ji Lanzhou held her head with one hand and looked at her heavily made-up face with disdain.

He continued, “Wash your face.

I dont want to sleep with someone whose face cant be seen clearly.”

Jiang Tong: “…”

Fine, she will wash her face now!

Not long after, the sound of water came from the bathroom.

Ji Lanzhou took off his coat and hung it on a clothes hanger.

His gaze swept across the room, but he didnt find any traces of other men living in this house.

It seemed that Jiang Tong was living alone.

Ten minutes later, the sound of water stopped in the bathroom.

Ji Lanzhou had just put down the magazine that he had casually flipped through.

Before he could even turn his head around, he was hugged from behind.

Her small hands pulled on the hem of his shirt and nimbly climbed up.


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