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“What is it” Jiang Tong deliberately looked at Zhou Jingyun with a puzzled look.

Zhou Jingyun knew that he couldnt get anything out of her by beating around the bush, so he simply asked her directly, “What did you say to Qian Mang” He couldnt deny his curiosity.

He was really too curious about what Jiang Tong said to Qian Mang to make Qian Mang have that kind of reaction!

“Do you really want to know”Jiang Tong picked up her phone with a faint smile.

Not long after, Zhou Jingyuns phone rang.

He picked up the phone and frowned slightly.

Was there a need to send a text message when they were right in front of each other However, when he opened the content of the text message, his expression suddenly changed.

The content of the text message was: “Qian Mangs son is not his biological son.

Ill tell you the details when we get back.”

Jiang Tong dared to tell Zhou Jingyun about this because Qian Mang had tacitly agreed to it when they were outside the restaurant.

Zhou Jingyun raised his head to look at Jiang Tong and quickly clicked on the screen to delete the text message.

Qian Mangs son was not Qian Mangs biological son.

If this news was spread, it would be a piece of sensational news.

It would even directly affect the stock price of Iron Power Corporation.

Zhou Jingyun knew that this matter must not be leaked, at least, it must not be leaked out from him.

He also understood why Jiang Tong wanted to send a message.

There were too many people in the restaurant.

It would be bad if someone heard something.

“No wonder Qian Mang was so ruthless just now,” Zhou Jingyun muttered softly.

Then, he turned his gaze back to Jiang Tong.

“Is there anything in this world that you dont know”

“Yes, of course, there is.” Jiang Tong supported her chin with both hands, she said leisurely, “But I know quite a lot too.

Everyone has secrets.

Im in the intelligence business.

This is my job.

I need to know everyones secrets, including some shameful things.

Of course… I wont know the secrets of worthless people, but as long as they are valuable, I will investigate them.”

“What about me Do you know my secret” Zhou Jingyuns eyes were dark.

He felt that this woman, Jiang Tong, was too terrifying.

“Uh-huh, of course, I know,” Jiang Tong nodded with a smile.

Zhou Jingyun asked, “You know… all my secrets”

Jiang Tong nodded affirmatively and replied, “Yes.”

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“Then tell me, do I have any secret that I cant reveal” Zhou Jingyun asked again.

He wanted to see how strong Jiang Tongs intelligence ability was, and whether she really knew everything… according to what she said, she knew everyones secrets… how was that possible

“Do you really want me to answer” Jiang Tong smiled wickedly

Zhou Jingyun nodded.

He wanted to see what secrets Jiang Tong knew about him.

He didnt remember that he had any dirty secrets.

“Then that would be about ten years ago…” Jiang Tong played with the wine glass and lazily looked up at Zhou Jingyun.

“Do you still remember the summer when you were seventeen, and the boy in the white shirt”

Zhou Jingyun was stunned, and then his expression changed drastically.

If Jiang Tong didnt mention it, he would have forgotten about it.

“Its only been ten years.

I believe you didnt forget about it, right” Jiang Tong smiled and said, “That boy is called Qin Yu, seventeen years old.

What a beautiful age, innocent and romantic, the beginning of love…”

“Okay, you can shut up now,” Zhou Jingyun interrupted Jiang Tong.


“Dont you want me to continue” Jiang Tong asked with a smile.

Zhou Jingyun remained silent and then asked, “How did you find out”

Jiang Tong waved her finger mysteriously.

“Trade secret.” She would never tell Zhou Jingyun that this was something that Zhou Jingyun told her himself! In the past 500 years, Jiang Tong had approached Zhou Jingyun countless times.

Although the method to deal with Zhou Jingyun was almost the same each time, and the conversation in each cycle was different, as long as Jiang Tong asked a different question, she could guide Zhou Jingyun to give a different answer.

The matter about Qin Yu was said by Zhou Jingyun himself.

At that time, Jiang Tong and Zhou Jingyun had just finished their business, and their bodies and minds were in a relaxed state.

Jiang Tong joked with Zhou Jingyun, saying that with his personality, he probably slept with both men and women.

With just one sentence, Zhou Jingyuns old memories were immediately awakened.

He said that there was indeed a boy who liked him.

When he was seventeen years old, there was a boy named Qin Yu.

Zhou Jingyun was as cold and hard to get along with as he was now, but he was very righteous.

At that time, because Qin Yu was small and thin, he was often bullied by his classmates.

Zhou Jingyun did not like it, so he helped Qin Yu a few times.

Qin Yus personality was soft and cuddly.

Although he was a boy, his appearance was delicate and fair.

He had a completely different style from Zhou Jingyuns younger brother, Zhou Mingfei.

If Zhou Mingfei was said to be the little tyrant who fought and caused trouble, then Qin Yu was a little angel.

He followed behind Zhou Jingyun every day and called himBrother Yun.

Qin Yu fulfilled all of Zhou Jingyuns dreams about what his younger brother should have been like.


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