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322 Self-Proclaimed Number One In The World

The hunting knife didnt fly out immediately after it left his hand.

Instead, it spun in the air like a boomerang!

This effect was related to the position of the hunting knife that had been hit.

Although the spinning could only be maintained for a short time, this short time was enough for Jiang Tong to fire a second shot! Jiang Tongs next shot hit the hunting knife! The hunting knife bounced in the air and spun even faster!

It was only after the last shot that the hunting knife was sent flying! It was nailed to the wall on the other side of the room with a bang! All of this might sound complicated, but it actually happened in just a few seconds.

The bearded man was so scared that he squatted down after the hunting knife left his hand.

Before he could react, he was stunned.

Everyone, including him, was so shocked that their bodies went numb!

What was that What just happened Were they shooting a movie This is too exaggerated! To be able to hit the same object one shot after another and make the object stay in the air without falling was a common way of showing a sharpshooters marksmanship in movies, but would such a method exist in real life Did it really exist What they couldnt understand was that Jiang Tong didnt even look back! She did not even look at the hunting knife behind her! She didnt even look at it, but her gunshots had such an effect! This was impossible, it was like a dream!

After the continuous gunshots ended, Jiang Tong took the gun back.

Everyone in the room, except her, stood in place with a dazed expression, unable to come back to their senses.

All of this was a little surreal! However, this was Jiang Tongs true marksmanship! In terms of marksmanship, Jiang Tong dared to claim to be the best in the world in terms of pistols! Whether it was the champion of the competition or the special forces, Jiang Tong didnt think that anyone could be better than her at shooting! This had something to do with Jiang Tongs training, which was repeated without caring about the consequences.

It also had something to do with her memory, concentration, and learning ability getting better and better in the cycle.

Mao Songping quivered, and his face was no longer calm.

He stuttered, “My friend, I dont know who sent you to kill me.

Ill give you 20 million.

No, Ill give you 50 million if you let me go!”

Mao Songping was really panicking.

He thought that Jiang Tong was an assassin sent by an enemy and the kind of international top assassin who had been hired with an astronomical amount of money.

Just like in many movies, he suspected that Jiang Tong was from a world-class assassin organization! Mao Songpings imagination could be said to be very exaggerated, but what happened earlier could not be explained without exaggeration.

It could not explain the terrifying ability that Jiang Tong had displayed.

Jiang Tongs marksmanship was not only at an exaggerated level, but it also exceeded peoples understanding!

Not only was Mao Songping stunned by Jiang Tong, but his bodyguards were also stunned! Jiang Tong knew that this would happen because she knew that her marksmanship had already surpassed the level of any human on earth! Ever since Jiang Tong found that her memory was getting better in the loop, she found that her learning ability and concentration in certain aspects had been greatly improved, and the improvement was constantly increasing! In terms of marksmanship, Jiang Tong had an advantage that no one else had.

She could shoot a lot of bullets every day! If she wanted to practice her marksmanship, she had to shoot every day!

The guns would recoil when shot.

Ordinary people would not fire 24 hours a day, and one shot would twist their wrists.

Even if they were professionally trained, it would be a miracle if they could shoot 100 or 200 bullets a day.

if they fired more than that, their wrists would be red and swollen the next day, and their hands would be temporarily disabled.

However, Jiang Tong was different.

When she practiced shooting, she would shoot thousands of bullets a day, and her hands would be covered in blood.

but she would still have to bandage them to continue training.

She had even suffered from fractures and sprains during the training.

To Jiang Tong, the consequences of this high-intensity training did not matter, because it would be reset every day.

The pain caused by practicing shooting would disappear the next day.

The number of bullets that Jiang Tong had fired in a few hundred days of crazy shooting practice was more than what a top sharpshooter could shoot in his entire life! The most important thing was that Jiang Tongs memories and feelings would not disappear.

Not only would they not disappear, but they would remain with her forever.

Therefore, Jiang Tong was confident that she was the best in the world in terms of pistol shooting! And it was the kind of number one that was one level higher than the number two in the world! The top gunners in the other worlds were on the same level, but Jiang Tong was on a higher level than them.

She was the only one on this level!

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