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Zhou Mingfei, who was chatting with Zheng Jun, was also stunned when he noticed the situation here.

What was going on Did his new sister-in-law also know how to gamble Are all the women nowadays so awesome He looked at Zhou Jingyun, wanting to get an answer, but Zhou Jingyun didnt know either.


“Oh, another person has come to take his place.

Why did you replace him with such a young lady” Zheng Jun looked at Jiang Tong with narrowed eyes after seeing her.

He grinned and said, “Young Master Zhou, are you trying to use a honeytrap because the casinos gamblers cant beat me”

“You!” Zhou Mingfei glared and was about to say something when he heard Jiang Tong chuckle.

Her laughter was pleasant and very seductive.

She said, “Boss Zheng, are you looking down on us women Women can do well in the casino too.”

Zheng Jun smiled as though he did not think much of Jiang Tong.

The real gambling experts were not young people or old people.

They were usually middle-aged people.

Although the older people were experienced, their bodies could not keep up with the games.

They could not sit at the gambling table for hours.

Their concentration was also not good, and it was easy for their opponents to see through their flaws.

Young people would not have experience.

In the casino, ones experience was more important than talent.

Only through continuous training could one remain unchanging at the gambling table in the face of danger.

Young people did not have too much experience at the gambling table.

They did not know how to read the opponents mind, which was a very fatal weakness.

Under these conditions, Jiang Tong was dressed luxuriously and her face was gorgeous.

She was like a proud canary that was raised in captivity.

How could such a person know gambling skills

As soon as Jiang Tong entered the door, she confronted Zheng Jun.

This was something that Zhou Mingfei and Zhou Jingyun did not expect.

Zhou Mingfei kept looking at Zhou Jingyun with a questioning gaze, wanting to ask if his sister-in-law could be relied on in this situation.

Unfortunately, Zhou Jingyun did not know Jiang Tong well either, so he could not give Zhou Mingfei any answers.

At this time, if Zhou Mingfei stepped out and asked Jiang Tong to leave the gambling table, Jiang Tong would be humiliated… There was no other way.

Zhou Mingfei could only anxiously watch the development of the situation.

“Deal the cards.” Jiang Tong raised her hand to signal.

The dealer was on Zhou Mingfeis side and was also a gambling expert.

However, he would not cheat.

The purpose of his existence was to prevent customers from cheating.

When the dealer dealt the cards, Zhou Jingyun took advantage of the fact that no one was paying attention and slowly walked behind Jiang Tong.

He asked her in a low voice, “Can you do it”

“How can a woman say she cant do it” Jiang Tong tilted her head and smiled confidently.

She pointed at the chips on the table.

“If youre really worried, its on me if I lose this round.”

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Zhou Jingyun was not worried about the money.

Zhou Mingfeis side was already embarrassed enough.

He was afraid that losing this round would add to Zheng Juns arrogance.

As they spoke, the cards were already dealt.

When the cards were dealt, they were a little curled and were slightly crooked.

Jiang Tong could not stand the sight of the card.

She first twisted and straightened the card and then turned it to face her.

Then, she slowly lifted a corner of the card and looked at it.

Then, the second card was handed over.

Jiang Tong also straightened the card up first.

When she looked at the card, it was a seven of spades.


They were playing stud poker.

The first two cards were dealt.

The first card was placed face down.

The second card needed to face upwards.

The lowest stake was 500,000 dollars.

The player opposite her had a five of hearts.

Jiang Tongs card was bigger than that.

She placed the chips in first and said, “500,000.”

“Call.” The refined middle-aged man adjusted his glasses and looked at Jiang Tong with a smile.

His name was Pang Jia, and he was one of the top gambling experts in Las Vegas.

A true expert would not underestimate any opponent.

The psychological warfare of gambling was extremely important, and underestimating him was equivalent to giving money to the opponent.

But Jiang Tong… really did not think much of Pang Jia.

She had known that Pang Jia was in Las Vegas 500 years ago, so Jiang Tong knew very well what level Pang Jias gambling skills were.

Therefore, Jiang Tong could boast shamelessly and assume that she could win in all the casinos around the world.


In the eyes of others, Jiang Tong, a beautiful woman, came to the gambling table to give money to others.

However, they didnt know that Jiang Tong was a god who had lived for 500 years!


“I fold.” When the fourth card was dealt, Pang Jia suddenly chose to fold because two eights appeared in Jiang Tongs cards.

Pang Jia was a very steady person.

He did not let down his guard just because Jiang Tong was a woman and felt that he could easily win all the chips in her hand in one go.

He was not in a hurry to win the chips.

He wanted to observe Jiang Tongs habits on the gambling table first and observe her mind when she looked at the cards.


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