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314 Can You Cook

“If I say that I know everything about you, would you believe me” Jiang Tong laughed.

“I… can somewhat believe it,” Zhou Jingyun smiled.

In his mind, Jiang Tong was a mysterious person who seemed to know everything.

Jiang Tong looked at Zhou Jingyun with a smile.

The two of them quickly got together and kissed.

The kiss was not intense but it was slow, they seemed to be immersed in the moment.

After a while, the two separated.

Zhou Jingyun pursed his lips and said, “Zhou Mingfei will come over at night.”

“Im really not angry,” Jiang Tong smiled again.

She knew very well why Zhou Jingyun had suddenly come to her door.

It was because of what had happened this afternoon.

Naturally, Zhou Mingfei had already confessed everything to Zhou Jingyun.

He confessed that he was the one who caused Old Ghost to run away at the expense of life.

Although Jiang Tong had taken care of everything, Zhou Mingfei had indeed caused trouble.

It was the kind of trouble that might have caused Jiang Tong to misunderstand that he did not trust Jiang Tong as his sister-in-law!

Zhou Jingyun did not want Jiang Tong to misunderstand Zhou Mingfei.

Even if Jiang Tong repeatedly said that she was not angry, Zhou Jingyun still felt that he had to do what he had to do.

“Ding dong.” the doorbell rang.

Jiang Tong let go of Zhou Jingyun.

Zhou Jingyun also sat up at the same time and said, “It should be bodyguards.” After he finished speaking, he walked out.

Jiang Tong, who was wearing pajamas, also sat up, put on her slippers, and slowly followed Zhou Jingyun downstairs.

Zhou Jingyun went downstairs first and opened the door located in the living room.

Standing outside the door were his two bodyguards.

They were carrying all kinds of ingredients in their hands, which looked like they had just bought from the market.

“Wheres the kitchen” Zhou Jingyun let his bodyguards in and turned to ask Jiang Tong, who was coming down the stairs.

He really didnt know much about this villa.

This was his second time here, and yesterday was his first time.

After all, Zhou Mingfei had bought and furnished this villa, but he had never lived in it before.

Zhou Jingyun was even more clueless about the interior structure.

“That way.” Jiang Tong raised her hand and gestured.

The two bodyguards quickly walked into the kitchen with the food in their hands, and Zhou Jingyun followed them.

Soon, the two bodyguards left after putting down the food.

Jiang Tong walked to the kitchen door and leaned against the door with her arms crossed.

She tilted her head and looked at Zhou Jingyun, who was cleaning up.

The kitchen only had a complete set of kitchenware, but no cooking was ever done in this place, there was not even any seasoning.

However, Zhou Jingyun had asked the bodyguards to buy some food, and he was taking them out of the bag one by one.

“Are you cooking” Jiang Tong asked with a smile.

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“Yeah, Ill let you taste my cooking.” Zhou Jingyun glanced at Jiang Tong.

Jiang Tongs expression turned strange.

Zhou Jingyun knew how to cook.

Because he had studied abroad, he knew how to cook both Chinese and Western food.

But as far as Jiang Tong knew, at least in recent years, or rather, after Zhou Jingyun had officially started working, he had not been cooking much.

Zhou Jingyuns cooking skills were average, not even as good as Xie Wenkais.

Besides, he hadnt cooked for so many years, so Jiang Tong didnt have any expectations for how Zhou Jingyuns food would turn out, but it was definitely edible.

“Whats with that expression” Zhou Jingyun glanced at Jiang Tong again.

He asked, “You dont seem to believe me”

“I know you can cook,” Jiang Tong laughed.

“Is that so” Zhou Jingyun was a little suspicious.

He felt that Jiang Tong did not trust him.

Her eyes had already betrayed her.

“Although I havent been in the kitchen for a few years, I wont forget about cooking as long as I know how to cook,” Zhou Jingyun said as he put the fish in the bag into the basin.

He continued, “I cant say that Im better than Xie Wenkai, but Im definitely better than the average person.

By the way, do you know how to cook” After saying that, Zhou Jingyun moved the basin with the fish to the side.

With a loud clang, the basin flipped over and fell to the ground with a loud crash.

The basin was made of stainless steel.

It wasnt broken, but the fish had also fallen out.

The atmosphere instantly turned silent and awkward.

Zhou Jingyuns mental strength was very strong, and he didnt show any embarrassment on his face.

He went over to pick up the fish.

Although the fish was killed, it could still move.

Because its nerves were not dead, he picked up the crucian carp, and the fish twisted again.

It flew out of Zhou Jingyuns hand, bounced onto him, and fell to the ground again.

Zhou Jingyuns shirt was instantly dirtied, and he wasnt wearing an apron or anything…

Zhou Jingyun, who had always been capable and calm, was a little clumsy in the face of a slaughtered fish.

He did not even dare to look at Jiang Tong, for he was worried that Jiang Tong would look at him with a mocking gaze, and he would get very angry!

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