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308 Someone Is Here

Old Ghosts men were all in Yun Tong province, but there were also some in Donghai.

Old Ghost was a person who often changed mobile phone numbers.

It was impossible to find him directly without contact for a long time, but people could contact him indirectly through his men.

In addition to some business arrangements, he had arranged some people in Donghai, all of whom were cruel and ruthless fugitives!

Old Ghost took the phone and looked at the address of the text message that had not been sent.

He thought for a moment and was about to enter the phone number.

“Quick, its here, the fifth floor! Be ready and be careful!” Intense footsteps could be heard coming from the corridor outside the door.

It seemed like a group of people was running up the stairs.

They could also vaguely hear the sound of people talking.

From what they were saying, they were coming for unit number 501! Old Ghost looked at Jiang Tong with a strange expression.

Old Ghosts expression did not look right, but Jiang Tongs expression was calm.

She was not surprised that someone had come.

It had been more than ten minutes since she called Zhou Mingfei.

Zhou Mingfei and the ambulance must still be on the way, but before that, Zhou Mingfei had already ordered everyone on the streets of City Z to look for Old Ghost! Therefore, when Jiang Tong called Zhou Mingfei to tell him the address, there must have been people who were closer to this place.

They must have rushed over to help Jiang Tong first.

The corridor outside the door suddenly fell silent again, but it could be judged that this group of people should have already reached the door.

All of a sudden, they were silent.

There was a knock on the door.

Jiang Tong stood up and opened the door.

A fat middle-aged man was standing outside the door.

His hands were in his arms, which meant that he had a gun.

When Jiang Tong opened the door, he was alert for a moment, but when he saw that it was Jiang Tong, he visibly relaxed.

The middle-aged fatty was followed by a large group of men.

There were more than ten of them, and some of them were already standing on the stairs.

“Miss Jiang,” the fat middle-aged man said in a low voice.

He even looked at the apartment behind Jiang Tong.

He knew Jiang Tong because she was now very famous in City Z! Some of the hooligans might not know what Jiang Tong looked like, but a big hooligan like the fat middle-aged man would definitely know.

At least, he had seen her photo! The fat middle-aged mans name was Dai Fei, and he was one of Liu Das trusted followers.

“You guys go downstairs and wait.

When the rest of your buddies are here, tell them not to come up.

Theres no need for so many people.

Disperse when you need to.

Be careful not to disturb the people,” Jiang Tong said to Dai Fei after opening the door.

“Eh Alright,” Dai Fei agreed, not daring to ask any more questions.

Jiang Tong closed the door, and then she could hear the chaotic footsteps going downstairs.

Jiang Tong returned to the sofa and sat down in her original position.

She looked at Old Ghost again.

Old Ghost knew that it was nothing and that it was Jiang Tongspeople who had come.

He put his mind back on his phone.

He looked at the text message again, then entered another phone number and sent it.

After that, he called this number.

“Big Brother.” A mans low voice came from the phone.

“Are you in Donghai” Old Ghost asked.

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“Yes,” the man replied.

“How many of our brothers are there” Old Ghost asked again.

“There are six or seven of them at the moment.

Whats the matter, Big Brother ” This man was Old Ghosts man in City Z.

He obviously didnt know that something had happened to Old Ghost.

He wouldnt find out so quickly, and the Shao family wouldnt have informed them.

“I just sent you an address.

Bring some people over now! Feng Kun will go over there.

You guys catch him!” Old Ghost ordered.

“Catch Feng Kun Big Brother, are you trying to…” that person didnt even finish his sentence before he was interrupted by Old Ghost.

“Stop f*cking asking! Feng Kun almost got me killed! Remember to do it cleanly, and make sure hes alive! Dont hurt him yet.”

“Alright, dont worry, Big Brother,” the man immediately agreed.

Old Ghost finished his arrangements, hung up the phone, and looked at Jiang Tong.

In fact, he wasnt following Jiang Tongs orders.

He wasnt Jiang Tongs man yet and was even considered an enemy.

The reason why he would do whatever Jiang Tong said was that Feng Kun had already admitted that Shao Ying was the one who killed Leon! Feng Kun was an insider! So from Old Ghosts point of view, he would know the truth if he caught Feng Kun! He wanted to know what exactly had happened!

Seeing Old Ghost look over, Jiang Tong said directly, “Five years ago, Leon brought some men and crossed the border to China to discuss business.” She wanted to tell Old Ghost why Shao Ying wanted to kill Leon! There was one thing worth mentioning, and that was that the Poppy Group had nothing to do withdrugs! Yesterday afternoon, Jiang Tong mentioned it to Zhou Mingfei, and Zhou Mingfei immediately misunderstood, thinking that Shao Yings cooperation with the Poppy Group involveddrugs!


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