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307 Got It out!

“Feng Kun, please be more polite to me!” Old Ghost, who was scolded, said in an unhappy tone, “Im paid to do this, and youre blaming me for the wrong information Im warning you, Im very clear about the mess that your Shao family is in! Also, Ive been keeping Leons matter a secret for the Shao family! Do you really think I didnt find out back then If it wasnt for the sake of our old friendship…”

“Leon You know about Leon” Feng Kun suddenly interrupted Old Ghosts words and asked in shock.

Old Ghosts expression suddenly changed.

He looked at Jiang Tong again.

He had succeeded in getting information from him! Feng Kuns reaction had already proved that Jiang Tong was telling the truth.

In fact, Feng Kun was a tight-lipped person, but now his mind was a mess, and he didnt care anymore.

This was because Feng Kun knew that the Old Ghost had almost hurt Zhou Jingyun, which would eventually lead to his death! If he was working for the other members of the Shao family, it would still be fine.

But he was working for Shao Ying.

He knew Shao Yings character and style all too well.

Now that such a thing had happened, they had to give the Zhou family an explanation.

Then, Shao Ying would definitely push all the responsibility onto him, Feng Kun, and kill him.

He would use his life to give the Zhou family an explanation! It was Feng Kun who didnt handle the matter well! Feng Kun was already thinking about running away, and he no longer subconsciously cared about the Shao family.

The phone was on speaker and Jiang Tong heard the conversation between the two.

When Old Ghost looked over, she raised her hand and gestured to him.

Old Ghost leaned over and handed the phone to Jiang Tong.

“You!” Feng Kun was about to say something.

“Feng Kun,” Jiang Tong said with a smile.

Feng Kun was stunned.

Why was there a change There was someone else with Old Ghost He immediately realized that he had heard this voice yesterday!

“Jiang Tong Why are you with Old Ghost…” Feng Kun shouted in surprise and then went silent.

He thought that Old Ghost had not run away, that Old Ghost had already cooperated with Jiang Tong, and that the Shao family had once hired Old Ghost to do those things.

If Jiang Tong knew everything, then the Shao family… Old Ghost would be very credible, so… Feng Kun was confused and he didnt have the time to think things through.

“Shao Ying isnt in Donghai, right Did she go back to her hometown to see Old Master Shao” Jiang Tong asked with a smile.

“You!” After Feng Kun said that, he closed his mouth again because Jiang Tong was right! Feng Kun had returned to Donghai last night.

At that time, Shao Ying wasnt there.

He heard from others that she had an urgent matter to attend to in her hometown to see the old master.

Feng Kun didnt know what the emergency was, but he guessed that it involved Jiang Tong, but it wasnt that big of a problem.

Now he understood that it wasnt just Jiang Tong who was almost in trouble yesterday, Zhou Jingyun was also in trouble! The meaning behind this was completely different! Jiang Tong was not a member of the Zhou family, and the Zhou family might even want her dead because she had affected the marriage between the Zhou family and the Shao family.

But if Zhou Jingyun was hurt, it would directly break the foundation of the marriage, and it might even cause the two families to turn against each other!

Jiang Tong deliberately reminded Feng Kun to let him overthink.

Feng Kuns body was already cold.

Everything was arranged by him, and he screwed it up.

He understood more and more that he would become the sacrifice to calm the Zhou familys anger.

He only had to wait for Shao Ying to return to Donghai before she could personally end him!

“I wish you good luck.” Jiang Tong hung up the phone after saying that.

Feng Kun wouldnt call her back, and he wouldnt report to the Shao family.

He wouldnt tell anyone about the content of the phone call today, because he had realized that he had to take the blame and be pushed out as a scapegoat! No matter how loyal Feng Kun was to the Shao family, he would not be loyal to them anymore.

He did not want to die! He still had a large sum of money in his overseas account that he had not spent.

His wife and children were also overseas! Feng Kun had followed Shao Ying for ten years, and because he understood her, he was sure that he would be killed!

Therefore, Feng Kuns only thought now was to avoid everyone in the Shao family! What buddies What subordinates He had thrown them all away! He wanted to run! Immediately run! He would want to run as fast as he could! Leave the country immediately!

After hanging up the phone, Jiang Tong took out her phone and opened the text message interface.

She entered some messages, but they were not sent.

She then handed the phone back to Old Ghost.

She said, “The address is written here.

Feng Kuns fake passport and ID card are in the drawer of the apartment at this address,” Jiang Tong looked at Old Ghost and smiled.

She continued, “If Feng Kun wants to escape from the country, he will definitely go to this address as soon as possible, and he will go and get the things alone.

You can arrange for your people in Donghai to ambush him first, and then you can catch Feng Kun.”

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