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304 Aiming the Gun at Jiang Tong

“You dont need to tell me those things, I know them all,” Jiang Tong smiled at Old Ghost.

“You know” Old Ghost asked.

“Yes, I know.

I know it very well.

For example, you were the one who arranged for Wang Da to be killed, and it was Shao Yings idea,” Jiang Tong said with a smile.

Wang Das death was another fatal blackmail material on Shao Ying! No one had ever thought that Wang Das death was actually arranged by Shao Ying, because in the period before Wang Das death, not to mention having a conflict with Shao Ying, he had never even met her, nor had there been any conflict in business.

Hearing Jiang Tongs words, Old Ghosts pupils rapidly contracted.

There should only be three people in the entire world who knew who the mastermind was.

Shao Ying herself, Old Ghost, and the boss of the Poppy Group! Shao Ying did not arrange for Feng Kun to find someone to do this.

Instead, Shao Ying called Old Ghost directly!

“Oh right,” Jiang Tong did not wait for Old Ghost to speak and continued with a smile, “I took a photo of the elevator earlier.

Just after we finished fighting, I sent the photo to Feng Kun and asked him to forward it to Shao Ying.

So now, Shao Ying should think that all of you are dead.

Even the overseas Poppy Group will think that you are dead.”

Old Ghosts expression suddenly became very subtle.

If everyone thought that he was dead, then he would once again have the chance tofake his death and escape! However, this thought only lasted for a moment before he gave up.

He had already fallen too deep and was swallowed by the darkness.

He only had two paths left in the future.

Either he died, or he fought until he died! There was no third possibility!

“And…” Jiang Tong smiled at Old Ghost.

At this moment, her smile was also a little subtle.

She said, “I also know that Leon was killed by Shao Ying.”

Old Ghosts expression changed! This was what Old Ghost could prove, Shao Yings second blackmail material! In reality, Old Ghost didnt even know who thisLeon was, and he didnt have any evidence to prove who killed Leon.

But the strange thing was that as long as Old Ghost believed Jiang Tongs words and told another person, he could become a witness to Shao Ying killing Leon!

Old Ghosts eyes widened, unable to believe what Jiang Tong had said.

He could have investigated Leons death for a very long time back then, but he didnt find any clues at all.

How could it be that Shao Ying killed him He didnt believe it and couldnt figure it out!

The flesh on Old Ghosts face trembled as he thought about it.

“I know, you might be afraid.” Jiang Tong was about to say something, but suddenly, Old Ghost quickly picked up the pistol on the coffee table and aimed it at Jiang Tong!

Old Ghosts timing was very precise.

Just as Jiang Tong had said, he was distracting Jiang Tong with words.

So, before he decided whether to touch the gun or not, he began to talk to Jiang Tong.

What he needed was a split second of distraction.

Old Ghost was a knife user, but his marksmanship was also first-class! It was only because his close combat skills with weapons were too strong and belonged to the top level that no one mentioned how good his marksmanship was.

However, he had received formal training in Myanmar and the Poppy Group was a small warlord organization on the border of Myanmar! Old Ghosts marksmanship was definitely at the level of a first-class gunner! It was just that he was not the best of the best!

Jiang Tong stopped talking, a faint smile still on her face.

She looked at Old Ghost who was pointing a gun at her.

She was very calm and did not panic at all!

Jiang Tong didnt stop Old Ghost when he tried to touch the gun.

It wasnt that she couldnt react in time, but that she didnt need to! Jiang Tong knew that Old Ghost would not shoot! If it was in the past, Jiang Tong would have snatched the gun away immediately if Old Ghost had touched it.

However, now that Jiang Tong had told him about Leon, there was no need to snatch the gun.

To Old Ghost, it was very important who killed Leon! It was not only because he was Leons buddy and had a good personal relationship with him! It was also because Leon was one of the core members of the Poppy Group.

He was a Myanmese, understood the Chinese language, and was the nephew of the head of the Poppy Group, GeneralKun Tong! He could be called the Poppy Groups left and right arms!

As both of General Kun Tongs sons had died in a conflict in the early years, leaving only his daughter behind… in fact, before Leon died, he was one of the strong contenders for the position of the head of the Poppy Group!

General Kun Tong really valued Leon! Five years ago, Leon went missing in Yun Tong.

He was nowhere to be found, dead or alive.

At that time, Old Ghost was one of the people in charge of the Poppy Groups domestic affairs.

It was Old Ghost who led his men to investigate this matter.

He had found some clues, but could only confirm that Leon had been killed.

He could not find out who did it.

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