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302 Ill Give You a Chance

nly were his parents still alive, but his two sisters were also alive! His two older sisters had long since married and had children.

His parents, too, were living in the Pu Men, a place that produced a lot of black tea.

They were living the most ordinary life.

For Old Ghost, who was cruel and merciless and had countless enemies, the problem he was most worried about was having his family known!

“Its been 20 years and you havent dared to contact your family.

I heard that your mother visits your grave every year.” As Jiang Tong spoke, she opened the box on the coffee table and picked up the pistol inside.

Old Ghost held a knife in one hand and the other hand pressed on the sofas armrest.

He would jump up and dodge or pounce at Jiang Tong at any time.

“Actually, I think youre right,” Jiang Tong continued.

She picked up the gun and took out the magazine to take a look.

There were bullets in it, but it was actually for Old Ghost to see.

She put the magazine back in, pulled the holster back, and loaded the gun.

“Protecting your family from harm is what everyone should do.” After Jiang Tong finished speaking, she smacked the gun on the coffee table and slid it in the direction of Old Ghost.

The force was just right.

The gun slid to the coffee table and stopped.

Old Ghost could reach out and grab it.

Old Ghosts pupils shrank.

Jiang Tong had actually given him a gun!

“Ill give you a chance.

You can pick up your gun now and shoot me,” Jiang Tong said with a relaxed smile, “Or we can have a good talk.” She smiled at Old Ghost and said, “I believe that you are a smart person.

You will make the best choice for yourself.”

Jiang Tong had given Old Ghost a chance, a chance to not be blackmailed by Jiang Tong using his family.

But in reality, Jiang Tong had not given him a chance.

At such a close distance, the Old Ghost had no chance at all! For top-tier experts, at close range, a gun was not as good as a knife! This was because the gun had to be aimed at the target to cause damage, while the knife attacked from all angles.

However, Old Ghost did not know that Jiang Tong did not give him a chance.

Jiang Tongs ability was beyond imagination.

Even Zhou Jingyuns current understanding of Jiang Tong was only the tip of the iceberg.

Old Ghost would think that this was really an opportunity!

“You think I dont dare to kill you” Old Ghosts expression was somewhat uncertain.

He was testing the waters with his words.

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