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301 Dont Want to Kill You

Old Ghosts movements were fast and fierce.

Even though he was severely injured, he did not stop.

He turned around, took a step forward, and swung his knife toward Jiang Tongs neck.

Then, he suddenly stopped.

Old Ghost seemed to have an immediate reaction to any possible dangers.

When he heard the sound, he wanted to turn around and kill.

He was very professional and his movements were extremely fast, but he suddenly stopped!

Jiang Tong didnt do anything, she just looked at Old Ghost indifferently.

She leaned against the wall with her hands in her pockets, her body slightly leaning back, the back of her head against the wall, and the brim of her cap was raised.

She stood against the wall in a very relaxed and casual posture.

With a smile on her face, she calmly looked at Old Ghost, who had suddenly become violent.

Old Ghosts blade-wielding arm was raised high, but he stopped.

There was no other reason for him to stop, but he stopped because he saw that the person who had spoken was Jiang Tong! Yesterday, in the narrow space of the elevator, seven people attacked Jiang Tong, but they were killed by Jiang Tong! All of them were cut down by Jiang Tong! This kind of combat power could no longer be described as terrifying.

Old Ghost himself was a knife user.

He had been through life and death for so many years, but he had never seen such a strong person! She was so strong that it made ones hair stand on end! Old Ghost knew that he couldnt beat Jiang Tong.

Even if he wasnt injured, he wouldnt be able to beat her, let alone when hes seriously injured! Moreover, he knew that Jiang Tong had intentionally spared his life.

The wound was very close to his heart, and he had almost died!

Under such circumstances, Jiang Tong was still able to execute such fine control and not kill him by striking a few centimeters away from his vital points.

Old Ghost could not imagine what kind of terrifying and harsh training Jiang Tong had undergone.

When he was lying on the bed, he thought about it and even laughed at himself.

The information that the Shao family had about Jiang Tong was definitely not accurate, and he was trying to play with a knife in front of Jiang Tong.

He was simply trying to humiliate himself by showing off his skills in front of an expert.

Old Ghost maintained his posture of raising his knife and looked at Jiang Tong in shock.

Why was Jiang Tong here After a short pause, Old Ghost suddenly took two steps back.

He turned his wrist and retracted his arm, making a defensive posture of holding a knife backward.

He even glanced at the door from the corner of his eye.

He could still run away if the door was open, but if the door was closed, he would need to open it.

He knew very well that he could not run away.

But he wanted to run away…

“The gun is in the box.” Jiang Tong looked at Old Ghost with a smile and tilted her head to signal the Old Ghost.

Old Ghost glanced at the box on the coffee table, but still looked at Jiang Tong with vigilance.

The coffee table was also a few steps away, and the box needed to be opened for him to get the gun.

Moreover, Jiang Tong had come first, so Old Ghost didnt know if the gun was loaded.

He also didnt know if Jiang Tong had a gun on her.

If he moved now, he would be courting death!


If I wanted to kill you, you would have died in the elevator yesterday.” Jiang Tong smiled at Old Ghost.

After she said that, she stood up straight.

Old Ghost immediately took a step back carefully.

Old Ghost knew that Jiang Tong would not kill him easily, but he also knew that if he did not cooperate and say something, he would still be killed! Moreover, he was the kind of person who wouldnt reveal anything, so…

“Ive already called an ambulance for you,” Jiang Tong spoke again, smiling as she walked towards the coffee table.

She said, “With your wound, you wont be able to hold on for long.

Even if the wound is stitched up, theres no need to go through so much trouble.” Jiang Tong said with a faint smile.

As she walked to the sofa, she even exposed her back to Old Ghost.

However, Old Ghost did not attack Jiang Tong, because he wanted to run, not fight! He had seen how fast Jiang Tongs reaction was.

Jiang Tong walked to the sofa and turned around to sit down.

Just as she was about to sit down, Old Ghost suddenly moved.

He was about to rush to the door, but Jiang Tong said at the same time, “Ma Chong.

Ive heard that Pu Mens black tea is pretty good.

Arent you going to let me give it a taste” After saying that, Jiang Tong sat down and turned to look at the frozen Old Ghost with a smile.

Old Ghost had already turned around and taken his first step.

However, when he heard the nameMa Chong, he immediately stopped.

When Jiang Tong mentionedPu Men, his body turned cold.

He slowly turned around and stared at Jiang Tong with bloodshot eyes.

This was a gaze filled with killing intent.

His hand that was holding the knife tightened, and his knuckles turned white.

“How did you know” Old Ghost coldly asked.

“Dont you want to have a talk” Jiang Tong smiled and raised her eyebrows at the Old Ghost.

She used her eyes to signal to the sofa on the side, “Have a seat.”

Old Ghost stared at Jiang Tong.

After a moment of silence, he walked to the coffee table and sat on the sofa on the side.

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