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300 Waiting

Because if it was really taken by an outsider, would it be more important if it had a password The outsider would just directly smash the lock open with a brick!

Jiang Tong rolled the dial lock.

The password was 3233.

Then, she turned the switch, and with a click, the box opened.

Jiang Tong opened the box completely and checked the contents.

There were all kinds of medicine for emergency injuries, gauze, sewing needles, disinfectants, and other things.

These things were not important.

What was important was the documents.

Fake ID, drivers license, fake passport, the photos on these documents were all Old Ghosts! There were also 50,000 dollars in cash, three bank cards, a telephone card, a mobile phone, and other things needed for escape and communication.

In addition, there were two pistols and a box of bullets in the box.

Old Ghost would definitely come here! Jiang Tong checked everything and closed the box.

She got up and left the house.

When she was outside, she put the key back in the original position of the electric meter box.

Then she went back into the house and closed the door.

She pulled a chair and sat on the balcony with her legs crossed.

She took out her phone and looked out of the window.

The house was not connected to the north and south.

The window faced west, and she could see the alley outside from the side.

The reason why Jiang Tong didnt wear a coat and wore a cap was that she might arrive at the same time as the Old Ghost.

If they met in the alley, Old Ghost could still run away if he saw her from a distance.

Wearing the cap would cover her face, and it would be impossible to recognize her from a distance.

More than ten minutes later, Jiang Tong, who was looking at her phone, suddenly turned her head and looked out of the window at the entrance of the alley, which she could barely see.

She saw a taxi parked on the main road outside the alley.

A man got out of the car and took out a hundred dollars in cash from his pink wallet to pay.

This person was wearing a baseball cap, a mask, and a black trench coat.

He looked a little bloated, but he gave off a different feeling.

It was Old Ghost!

Although she could not see the face, Jiang Tong was sure that it was Old Ghost! His height and habitual walking would not lie.

Old Ghosts characteristics were very obvious.

His face was not visible, and his body was bloated.

Perhaps he had worn too many clothes, and his wound might have already burst open.

He was afraid that his blood would be seen, so he wore a coat he got from somewhere and a striking pink wallet.

When Old Ghost escaped from the hospital, he should have been wearing a patients garb and nothing else.

The wallet was stolen!

The taxi driver might have noticed that something was wrong with Old Ghost.

A man using a ladys wallet, but he would not be nosy.

Old Ghost took a few steps into the alley and suddenly stumbled.

He pressed his hand on his chest and clutched it.

He forced himself to walk a few steps and then stood up straight again.

His steps became normal.

After that, Jiang Tong couldnt see it anymore as her view was blocked.

Jiang Tong stood up and quickly dialed a number.

“Hello, Sister-in-law Did you find him” Zhou Mingfei immediately picked up the phone.

Not long after he spoke to Zhou Jingyun, the latter called him again and told him that Jiang Tong knew where Old Ghost was and had already gone to look for him.

Zhou Mingfei was both shocked and excited at that time.

He even told Zhou Jingyun that he was going to call his sister-in-law immediately to ask about the situation, but he was scolded by Zhou Jingyun.

Zhou Jingyun told him to wait for Jiang Tongs call and not cause any trouble! So Zhou Mingfei had been waiting for Jiang Tong to call him.

“Ask the hospital to send an ambulance to the west of the city…” Jiang Tong told Zhou Mingfei the address and hung up.

The ambulance was, of course, for Old Ghost.

It would take about thirty minutes, which was more than enough time for Jiang Tong to settle everything! She had originally agreed to let Zhou Mingfei listen, but Zhou Mingfei had acted without her permission, so he had missed the opportunity.

A few minutes later, there was a click.

Someone opened the door with the key for unit number 501.

The door opened, and a man wearing a mask and a cap staggered in.

He then slammed the door shut and took off his mask.

He gasped and cursed, “F*ck!” It was painful, and he didnt dare to make a sound along the way.

He took a few steps into the living room and suddenly felt that something was wrong.

Feng Kun had told him before that the box was on the sofa, but at this moment, the box was on the coffee table and there was a chair on the balcony.

It conflicted with the clean and tidy feeling of the entire living room.

It seemed that someone had been here recently and sat on the balcony, but had not put the chair back.

“Why do you have to do this” A womans voice suddenly came from behind him.

Old Ghost turned around suddenly.

The moment he turned around, he took out a sharp knife from his arms.

It looked like a kitchen knife that could be bought anywhere.


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