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299 No One

At the moment, the only person in City Z who knew about this place other than Feng Kun, who had already left, was Old Ghost.

Those who worked with Old Ghost were all small fries.

If something really happened, they would be separated and would not come here.

The consequences of them being caught would be much smaller! And all of this was Jiang Tongs deduction, which still needed to be verified.

Jiang Tong entered the unit and went upstairs.

The corridor was very dark and dirty.

There were all kinds of small advertisements on the walls and cigarette butts on the ground.

Jiang Tongs footsteps were very light and almost silent.

Soon, she reached the fifth floor and stopped in front of unit number 501.

Its this one.

The owner of this house was a City Z local, but in reality, the person behind it is Shao Ying! It was Shao Ying who instructed Feng Kun to arrange for someone to buy it.

Jiang Tong stopped for a moment and turned to look at the electric meter box on the wall.

She raised her hand and touched the gap between the box and the wall.

She frowned because the key was still there.

It was the key to unit number 501! If someone had really come here, then the key would definitely not be here.

Did Old Ghost not come here

Jiang Tong furrowed her brows and thought about it.

She immediately thought of another possibility.

It wasnt that Old Ghost wasnt here, but that he hadnt arrived yet.

He was still on his way.

Old Ghost was so seriously injured and was wearing a patients garb.

He definitely had to find a way to change his clothes on the way.

He also had to hide from Zhou Mingfeis men.

Thus, he might have arrived quickly, but he might not have.

Jiang Tong took out the key as she thought about it.

Whether Old Ghost was here or not, she could verify it once she entered the house.

She would know if he had prepared anything in advance.

Jiang Tong took out the key and was about to open the door when very heavy footsteps came from downstairs.

There was also a sense of disorder as if someone was walking unsteadily and hurriedly.

Someone had come upstairs.

Jiang Tong stopped opening the door with the key and turned around to look down the stairs with an indifferent expression.

She was not sure who was going upstairs.

If it was Old Ghost, he could not beat her and could not escape at such a close distance.

Jiang Tong looked down.

Soon, heavy and messy footsteps approached.

A burly, bald, middle-aged man staggered to the fourth floor.

He was dressed in ordinary clothes, which were a little greasy.

His hair was messy, and he was a little fat.

It was obvious that he had drunk too much.

He held onto the stairway pole and staggered up the stairs.

Jiang Tong retracted her gaze and turned around to open the door with the key.

Of course, the man was not Old Ghost, but a drunkard who had rented a house in this building.

Jiang Tong opened the door and entered unit number 501.

The place wasnt big.

It was a standard two-bedroom and one living room, about 60 to 70 square meters.

It was fully equipped with all kinds of family furnishings and was very clean.

It even had a warm feeling.

This house was regularly cleaned, and the owner would even come back to occasionally stay for a few days.

Although this house had never been used by the people Shao Ying had arranged for it to be used, it was exactly because it wasnt used that this house looked full of life.

Otherwise, it would have been a house that had been vacant for many years.

It would be very suspicious if someone suddenly came back to stay one day.

Jiang Tong closed the door and walked in.

She looked around the living room and for the next few minutes, she walked back and forth in the house.

She looked at all the rooms and even opened the wardrobe in the bedroom.

She was looking for something! Because this place had never been used before, Jiang Tong naturally would not know where the various things in the house were placed.

However, Jiang Tong, who had gone through a time loop of five hundred years, had learned almost everything.

As long as there was something, she could find it in a very short time.

After walking around, Jiang Tong returned to the living room.

She sat on the sofa, thought for a moment, stood up, and walked around to the back of the sofa.

It was a cloth sofa, and the skin of the sofa could be taken off to wash.

There was a zipper at the back of the sofa.

Jiang Tong looked at the zipper and stopped for a moment.

Then, she raised her hand and unzipped it.

It was first pulled horizontally and then vertically, forming a triangular mouth.

Jiang Tong looked into the triangular opening and smiled.

She saw something.

The back of the sofa had been hollowed out, and there was a silver-gray metal box inside.

There was something in there, so Old Ghost would definitely come!

Jiang Tong took out the box, walked to the sofa, and sat down.

She put the box on the coffee table.

The box was heavy and had a password.

Jiang Tong thought about it again.

Everything was planned by Feng Kun.

This box might have been placed there in advance by Feng Kun.

In that case… people had a habit of using the same password, especially for unimportant things! The box itself was very important, but the password wasnt.

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