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297 Cant Lose Him

“No, Sister-in-law, I actually… I was just…” Zhou Mingfei couldnt explain it at all, and he was a little confused because Jiang Tong knew what he had done.

“Alright, I got it.

Ill find him.” Jiang Tong hung up after saying that.

Without Zhou Mingfeis explanation, Jiang Tong had already figured out what was going on.

Before Jiang Tong met Old Ghost, the only person who could put pressure on Old Ghost was Zhou Mingfei.

Of course, his men would not make their own decisions.

Besides, Zhou Mingfei had spoken in a tone as if he had done something wrong.

The answer was obvious.

Zhou Mingfei had talked to awake Old Ghost in advance!

Zhou Mingfeis temper was a little short.

What Shao Ying had done this time had really infuriated him, so he wanted to understand it first.

He must have threatened Old Ghost and said some harsh words.

Zhou Mingfei was very tough to begin with and would do what he said.

Old Ghost must have understood Zhou Mingfei before coming to City Z, so he had to run away immediately.

Old Ghost knew that if he still didnt cooperate the next time he spoke to Zhou Mingfei, Zhou Mingfei might very likely kill him directly! If he didnt run immediately, he would die.

Only by running would he have a chance of survival.

Zhou Mingfei clearly realized that he had made a mistake after Old Ghost ran away.

It might not have been a mistake, but not keeping a close eye on Old Ghost was a mistake.

That was why he found it a little hard to tell Jiang Tong.

In the corridor of the hospital, Zhou Mingfeis expression changed again after Jiang Tong hung up the phone.

He felt that his sister-in-law was angry.

In fact, Jiang Tong did not say anything harsh.

It was just that her tone was a little calmer.

However, he could feel that Jiang Tong was angry! Zhou Mingfei was not afraid of Jiang Tong at all.

He acknowledged this sister-in-law of his more and more, and he was really afraid of his big brother, Zhou Jingyun! Zhou Mingfei thought about it and immediately dialed another number.

The call was connected very quickly.

“Zhou Mingfei.” Zhou Jingyuns voice came from the phone.

“Big Brother, that…” Zhou Mingfei opened his mouth and stopped.

“What” Zhou Jingyuns tone changed immediately.

He knew his brother too well, and he understood the meaning of Zhou Mingfeis words.

Zhou Jingyun asked coldly, “What trouble did you get into again Speak!”

Zhou Mingfei braced himself and explained the situation.

In fact, the biggest problem with this matter was that it would affect Zhou Jingyuns future! Old Ghost was very important! Jiang Tong wanted to talk to Old Ghost to deal with Shao Ying! Zhou Mingfei had spoken to Old Ghost in advance and forced Old Ghost to run away.

He did not keep a close eye on Old Ghost, and it was not only Jiang Tongs matter that was ruined but Zhou Jingyuns as well! Zhou Mingfei was very afraid that Zhou Jingyun would slap him! He was very remorseful.

Zhou Jingyun listened to Zhou Mingfeis words without a word.

He was silent for a moment, and this moment of silence made Zhou Mingfei very flustered.

He blurted, “Big Brother, I know I did something wrong.

I will definitely find the person.

Big Brother, believe me.” Zhou Mingfei spoke first, not giving Zhou Jingyun a chance to speak.

He said, “By the way, Big Brother, I just told Sister-in-law about this.

She seems angry.”

“Jiang Tong is angry Did she scold you” Zhou Jingyun asked immediately, raising his voice a lot.

His heart skipped a beat because Jiang Tong had never been angry.

If she was, Zhou Jingyuns scalp would go numb.

“She didnt scold me.

I just feel like shes angry,” Zhou Mingfei said.

“You, you, what do you want me to say to you!” Zhou Jingyuns breathing became heavy.

He wanted to curse, but he was not in the mood to do so.

“Hurry up and find the person, bring him back immediately! Ill talk to your sister-in-law and put in a good word for you.”

Zhou Jingyuns heart ached for his younger brother, Zhou Mingfei, after all.

He even felt that if Jiang Tong was really angry, it would be more serious than Old Ghost running away! In Jingyun Fashions office, after Zhou Jingyun hung up on Zhou Mingfei, he immediately called Jiang Tong, and the call went through.

“My dear, Zhou Mingfei told me everything.

Hes just too impatient,” Zhou Jingyun explained on Zhou Mingfeis behalf and even called Jiang Tongmy dear.

“Im not angry.

We wont lose him.

Im driving to see Old Ghost,” Jiang Tong said directly.

“What” Zhou Jingyun took a moment to react before he blurted out, “Do you know where Old Ghost went”

On Hengjiang Road, Jiang Tongs Lamborghini was speeding.

“Old Ghost is at…” Jiang Tong paused for a moment and then smiled, “Im not sure either.”

“Youre not sure” Zhou Jingyun did not know if Jiang Tong was really uncertain or was deliberately keeping him in suspense.

She was always mysterious and did not like to reveal things.


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