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291 Playing With Peoples Hearts

After hearing what Zhou Jingyun said, Wu Rongs expression changed completely.

Jiang Tong bypassed Zhou Jingyun and directly joined forces with the Zhou family… Why What right did she have What ability did she have Werent the Zhou family and the Shao family working together In fact, Zhou Jingyun was not very clear about what he said, but Wu Rong could feel that Zhou Jingyun not only could not control Jiang Tong, but he also had limited knowledge of what Jiang Tong was doing! Jiang Tong had already reached the point where she could have a secret conversation with Zhou Jingyuns father, Zhou Anguo!

“I see… Ill continue talking to Jiang Tong.

Sorry for disturbing you, Director Zhou.” Although Wu Rongs expression changed, her tone did not change at all.

After hanging up the phone, Wu Rong looked at Jiang Tong with a smile on her face.

“Miss Jiang, do you want to have something to drink” Wu Rong stood up and asked as she walked to the wine cabinet in the corner of the office.

She was going to trick Jiang Tong! Jiang Tong knew that as long as Wu Rong took the wine when she was entertaining the guests, it would be the beginning of her trickery!

Wu Rong, who was dressed professionally, walked to the wine cabinet.

She wore a loose and crumpled white shirt, a tight black skirt, and black high heels.

Overall, she looked simple and solemn, elegant and generous.

Wu Rong didnt wear stockings because she didnt need them.

Her legs were perfect and her skin was very fair.

In terms of dressing, Wu Rong was wearing very ordinary clothes, which were common for office ladies.

However, there was a saying that it was not the clothes that were ugly, but the person! A beauty wearing a broken gunny sack could also be devastatingly beautiful.

Visually, Wu Rong looked like a model standing in front of the wine cabinet.

She was very tall, but in fact, she was 1.68 meters tall, which was not short for a woman either.

However, when she stood up, the visual effect was different.

It was just so magical! Wu Rong had a small frame, narrow shoulders, a swan-like neck, a small face, and a perfectly proportioned body.

This was how she looked.

Of course, Wu Rongs careful dressing also played a part.

“Miss Jiang, would you like red wine or champagne” Wu Rong opened the wine cabinet and asked Jiang Tong.

“Red wine, please.

Thank you.” Jiang Tong looked at Wu Rongs side profile and replied with a smile.

Wu Rong took a bottle of red wine and opened it in front of the wine cabinet.

She took two wine glasses with one hand and walked to the coffee table.

She put the wine glasses down and poured two glasses of red wine.

“Miss Jiang, please.” Wu Rongs face was as beautiful as a painting.

She smiled gently at Jiang Tong and moved the glass of wine in her direction.

It was just right where Jiang Tong could reach it with her hand.

Jiang Tong picked up the wine glass and gently shook her wrist.

She looked at the blood-like color in the glass and then smiled at Wu Rong.

Wu Rong took the wine glass and clinked it with Jiang Tongs glass.

Then she walked to the opposite side of Jiang Tong and sat down.

She put her legs together and tilted to one side.

Her left hand held the wine glass and turned her wrist.

She tilted her body slightly and raised her head.

Her posture was elegant and she took a light sip of the red wine.

Her fair neck was very charming.

Jiang Tong smiled and took a sip of red wine.

Wu Rong turned her wrist slightly and put down the red wine glass.

From Jiang Tongs angle, she could clearly see the two red marks left by Wu Rongs lipstick on one side of the red wine glass.

When a womans beauty reached a certain level, her every move would exude infinite beauty, which would produce magical effects.

It would lower the hostility of enemies, intoxicate strangers, and make business partners more tolerant and they would make concessions.

Wu Rong was one such woman! This was her tactic that had always worked! This was her plan! She was a woman who could make peoples hearts soften! She was a woman who was very destructive to both men and women!

Wu Rongs alcohol tolerance was average, so she never drank too much.

She only drank a little every day.

She liked the feeling of being tipsy.

She thought that she was the most charming in that state.

She would also be very relaxed and would not lose her composure.

Anyone who could make her personally pour wine for them was someone she wanted to control and bewitch.

If a person was slightly drunk, it was easier for them to be intoxicated by her gentle voice and sweet smile.

She had already practiced it.

She understood peoples hearts the most, and she firmly believed that being unobtainable was the most charming.

So, too many people had become her secret admirers, admirers, and pursuers.

They were willing to be her bootlickers, but they couldnt get her.

She had a very good grasp of her limits!

Jiang Tong believed that a woman like Wu Rong would have been a peerless beauty in ancient times.

From the day she turneddark, she had been practicing this for twenty years! Her technique of playing with peoples hearts had long reached the peak of perfection!

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