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290 Please Go Ahead

However, in todays society, there was a limit to how powerful a person could be.

This was an era where relationships, connections, and background mattered! So, Jiang Tong wanted to mess with the Shao family Wu Rong felt as if Jiang Tong was boasting.

Where did she get her confidence from This could no longer be described as self-confidence, conceit, or even arrogance.

It could be considered crazy talk.

“Zhou Jingyun admires you very much, Director Wu,” Jiang Tong looked at Wu Rong with a smile.

She said, “He respects you very much.

He also likes your style.

To Zhou Jingyun, youre a senior worthy of learning from.” Jiang Tong suddenly mentioned Zhou Jingyun and changed her tone, “Thats why I thought it was necessary for me to give you a tip-off so that Zhou Jingyun wouldnt feel sorry for you.”

It was a very farfetched reason because the reason was not important.

What was important was that Jiang Tong mentioned Zhou Jingyun.

Wu Rong did not want to continue the conversation with Jiang Tong, because what she said was too ridiculous! However, Jiang Tongs words reminded her of something.

Jiang Tong had said it before that Zhou Jingyun knew about this.

Although Wu Rong did not believe Jiang Tongs nonsense, Jiang Tongs logic was very clear.

If something really happened to the Shao family, Wu Rong would be implicated because of Huo Lixin, a key figure!

“Miss Jiang, can you please wait for a moment” Wu Rong said with a sweet smile.

“Director Wu, please go ahead,” said Jiang Tong as she raised her hand.

Wu Rong sat down, picked up her phone, and looked through her contacts to find Zhou Jingyuns phone number.

She had known Zhou Jingyun for a long time when he had just returned to the country.

However, they did not have any special relationship or contact.

It was the kind of friendship that they had when they handed each other their business cards at banquets.

What was worth mentioning was that Wu Rong and Zhou Mingfei had a similar relationship.

Zhou Mingfei could not make friends with Wu Rong, but in City Z, Wu Rong had a deep relationship with the local tycoons such as Qian Mang and Xie Guofu.

Wu Rong dialed Zhou Jingyuns phone number, and the call was picked up quickly.

“Hello, Director Wu.” Zhou Jingyuns voice came out of the phone.

“Director Zhou, hope your business is booming,” Wu Rong greeted him with a smile, and Zhou Jingyun also replied, “Hope business is booming for you too.” His tone was not as cold as usual, but just normal.

“Director Zhou, your girlfriend Jiang Tong is at my place right now.

Im sorry to have suddenly invited her over,” Wu Rong said.

“I know,” However, Zhou Jingyun said, “Jiang Tong told me that she has been in contact with your son recently.

Im sorry.

Jiang Tong has her own habits.

Its not my place to interfere.”

Wu Rongs eyebrows raised when she heard that.

Zhou Jingyun couldnt control Jiang Tong.

Was he acting Wu Rong had already guessed that Jiang Tongs bluff was to set her up.

Now, she felt that Zhou Jingyun and Jiang Tong were working together to set her up.

However, on second thought, she felt that it was not right.

Wu Rong admired Zhou Jingyun and his character.

She felt that he lived a free and easy life.

Although they had limited contact, they mutually appreciated each other.

Wu Rong did not think that Zhou Jingyun would suddenly set her up.

It did not make sense.

“Hmm,” Wu Rong muttered to herself.

She glanced at Jiang Tong and then said to the phone, “Director Zhou, your girlfriend just told me that something bad would happen to the Shao family, and she wants to mess with them.

Do you know about this, Director Zhou”

“I know,” Zhou Jingyun replied.

Wu Rongs expression changed subtly.

Zhou Jingyun really knew! Moreover, Zhou Jingyuns attitude was very strange.

He was not surprised but he did not explain and did not say much about it.

There was no fluctuation in his tone.

“Director Zhou, you know about it Then your Zhou family… or are you saying that…” Wu Rong didnt know how to ask.

It was too strange!

“You can discuss the details with Jiang Tong.” Zhou Jingyun interrupted Wu Rong, He said, “Director Wu, Im not sure what Jiang Tong has arranged.

She and my father talked about some things in private.

She didnt tell me the details, and my father didnt tell me either.” Zhou Jingyuns words at the moment were not what Jiang Tong had told him to say.

In fact, Jiang Tong had only told him some key points, and then let him do as he pleased.

There was no need for him to lie, as long as he spoke the truth.

Zhou Jingyun cooperated because Jiang Tong had told him the ultimate goal of getting in touch with Wu Rong was to make Wu Rong become an important force to deal with Shao Ying and the Shao family! This was what Zhou Jingyun wanted to see.

Of course, he hoped that someone powerful would come to help Jiang Tong because that would also be helping himself!

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