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Chapter 287: Are You Trying to Mess With Me

“Director Wu, do you know Shao Ying” Jiang Tong asked.

“Would I not know If you have something to say, just say it.” Wu Rong and Jiang Tong looked at each other.

“Shao Ying wants to kill me,” Jiang Tong said.

“This…” Wu Rongs expression turned strange for a moment, but she quickly smiled sweetly.

She asked, “Miss Jiang, what youre talking about, does it have anything to do with me”

“So I will kill Shao Ying first,” Jiang Tong said with a smile.

“Wow, then you have to work hard.” Wu Rong encouraged her with a smile on her face.

Her tone was nonchalant.

She didnt care about the matter between Jiang Tong and Shao Ying.

Of course, she didnt believe that Jiang Tong had the ability to kill Shao Ying.

However, she wouldnt say that she didnt believe it.

This matter had nothing to do with her.

“So, I want to remind you, Director Wu, that you should withdraw funds from the Dongfeng Fund in advance to avoid being affected by it.

Director Wu, youre so beautiful and youre at the prime of your life.

Isnt It a pity if you have to go to jail” Jiang Tong smiled at Wu Rong.

Wu Rongs brows furrowed slightly.

She looked at Jiang Tong, who continued, “Of course, if youre willing to pay a price, Director Wu.

After all, youre so beautiful.

As long as youre willing, I think there should be someone willing to save you.”

“What are you talking about” Wu Rong opened her mouth and laughed.

She used a tone that was both puzzled and amused.

She said, “Miss Jiang, dont you think youre a little strange So what if it was the Dongfeng Fund Does the matter between you, the Zhou family, and Shao Ying have anything to do with this”

“Its not just the Dongfeng fund, but also Tongyuan Trade that youve invested in.

I think something will happen,” Jiang Tong said.

The smile on Wu Rongs face remained unchanged.

She tilted her head slightly and blinked at Jiang Tong as if she didnt understand what Jiang Tong was talking about or what she wanted to say.

Of course, she knew about the Dongfeng Fund and the Tongyuan Trade.

These were the businesses she had invested in in the past five years and were independent of the Wu Group.

The Dongfeng Fund was an investment and was founded by several partners.

Wu Rong was one of the partners.

Tongyuan Trade was an import and export trade and was jointly funded by Wu Rong and another giant merchant.

Although it was Wu Rongs personal business, it had business dealings with the Wu Group.

In the aspect of clothing export, it was worth mentioning that the Dongfeng Fund had once made a venture investment in Tongyuan Trade under the leadership of Wu Rong.

This was what a big business was like.

There were always various connections between them.

Normally, not to mention a small shareholder of a large company like Wu Rong, she would also be the shareholder, director, legal person, and actual controller of dozens of other large and small companies.

Some businesses were related to the main business, while some were not.

Wu Rong was even more special.

She was a woman with a lot of connections.

Over the years, she had made full use of her advantages and used very strong balancing means.

She also had excellent business talent.

To develop the company, one could also develop their own network.

Many big bosses became Wu Rongs connections and also her lackeys.

They had improper thoughts about her and became her business partners.

“So” Wu Rong asked again.

She could not find the logic behind Jiang Tongs words.

She said, “You said that the Dongfeng Fund, Tongyuan Trade, and even me are all going to be in trouble.

I dont know why you are suddenly telling me this.

But I want to ask, does this have anything to do with you”

It was really inexplicable.

Wu Rong did not believe Jiang Tongs words.

She felt that Jiang Tongs words were just trying to alarm her without any context.

She also felt that Jiang Tong was very strange.

These things had nothing to do with Jiang Tong, right Why did Jiang Tong come over to say these things to her

“Its related,” Jiang Tong said with a smile.

“How is it related” Wu Rong asked with a smile.

“Because something is going to happen to the Dongfeng Fund and Tongyuan Trade…” Jiang Tong paused for a moment, then continued, “And its all my doing.”

Wu Rong suddenly squinted her eyes and the smile on her face slowly disappeared.

She then squinted her eyes and asked Jiang Tong, “Miss Jiang, are you trying to mess with me” A dangerous glint flashed in her eyes, even though she was still smiling.

Wu Rong was the kind of woman who could hide her thoughts in her heart.

She was so shrewd that she could hide her feelings well, whether she was happy or unhappy.

For example, Jiang Tong offended her many times with her words, but Wu Rong didnt show it.

When faced with a direct threat, Wu Rong didnt need to hide her emotions.

Even if she didnt hide her emotions, the other party had already threatened her.

So Jiang Tong must know what she was thinking! Wu Rong could clearly feel that Jiang Tong was threatening her! Jiang Tong wanted to mess with her businesses! Jiang Tong even said that she would put Wu Rong in jail!

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