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Chapter 286: The Focus Is On You

Wu Rong squinted her eyes and stayed silent for a while.

Then, she said with a sweet smile, “Wow, it seems that you know a lot, Miss Jiang.

Are you threatening me”

“I just want you to understand one thing,” Jiang Tong maintained her smile.

She said, “I knew that you would find out that I was in contact with your son, so the focus is not on your son, but on you, Director Wu.”

The office fell silent.

More than ten seconds later, Wu Rong smiled and squinted at Jiang Rong.

Jiang Tongs words had obviously offended her, but Jiang Tong didnt have the same expression as her.

Jiang Tong just looked at her and didnt give in.

“Young people nowadays are really bold,” Wu Rong smiled and sighed.

She raised her hand and gently tucked her hair behind her ear.

She then looked at Jiang Tong and said, “I wonder what you want to do to me, Miss Jiang”

“The things I want to do are very complicated,” Jiang Tong maintained her smile and looked at Wu Rong.

She said, “Although its a little presumptuous, you are a very vigilant person, Director Wu, so I have no choice but to use this method to make you take the initiative to meet me.”

“The things you want to do are very complicated” Wu Rongs smile was still sweet.

Wu Rong asked, “Does Zhou Jingyun know about what you did, Miss Jiang Does he know that his girlfriend… wants to do something to me”

“Of course,” Jiang Tong nodded with a smile.

“Zhou Jingyun knows” Wu Rong wanted to confirm.

“Yes, Zhou Jingyun knows,” Jiang Tong nodded.

The smile on Wu Rongs face became a lot more subtle.

When Jiang Tong saidthe focus is on you, Wu Rong felt that Jiang Tong was very bold and that Jiang Tong might be a capable and bold young woman.

Later, Wu Rong realized that Jiang Tong had said some ambiguous words to her on purpose and offended her.

If she made things difficult for Jiang Tong because of this, Jiang Tong would definitely be able to turn it against her.

In that case, Wu Rong would be the one who would suffer in the end.

When a woman told another woman thatthe things I want to do to you are very complicated andthe focus was on her, Wu Rong had to seriously consider Jiang Tongs sexual orientation.

She squinted her eyes and sized up Jiang Tong for a while.

Then, she suddenly asked, “Is your relationship with Zhou Jingyun fake”

“How can it be fake” Jiang Tong pretended to be surprised and then paused for a moment before saying, “Although I havent slept with Zhou Jingyun yet, Ive already met Zhou Anguo.”

Wu Rongs smile was a little subtle.

She was considering whether Jiang Tong was telling the truth or not.

In fact, she didnt know much about Jiang Tong.

Before today, all she knew about Jiang Tong was the rumors in City Zs business circle.

Yesterday, she received a report from her subordinate that her son, Song Chengjun, met a senior who offered 100,000 dollars to sell her song, but her son didnt accept it.

This was just a small interlude in her sons daily life, so Wu Rong didnt think much about it.

This afternoon, Wang Xiaoling, the spy beside Song Chengjun, suddenly reported that Song Chengjun was not in a good mood, as if he had been provoked by something.

His attitude towards a popular song on the internet was very strange.

She did not know if he was affected by it or what, but she was worried that something would happen to Song Chengjun.

From then on, Wu Rong noticed the songMedicine that had become popular on the internet.

She also knew that the song that Jiang Tong wanted to sell to her son, Song Chengjun, was the same song calledMedicine.

The bodyguard who had been monitoring them in the cafe yesterday had mentioned that.

Wu Rong also asked someone to check the IP address of the one that uploaded and released the songMedicine.

After confirming that Song Chengjuns senior, Jiang Tong, was Zhou Jingyuns girlfriend, Wu Rong asked someone to investigate and collect information.

However, they didnt find much private information about Jiang Tong.

The only thing Wu Rong could be sure of now was that Jiang Tong was deliberately approaching her son! She had deliberately tricked her innocent son.

Her intentions were unknown, but she definitely had bad intentions! But now… Wu Rong was certain that Jiang Tong was after her!

“Didnt Zhou Anguo warn you to stay away from Zhou Jingyun” Wu Rong finally asked Jiang Tong with a smile.

“No, I had a great time chatting with Zhou Anguo,” Jiang Tong also smiled.

“Youre not bad, young lady,” said Wu Rong.

From her tone, she didnt seem to really want to praise Jiang Tong.

Because she couldnt tell whether Jiang Tong was telling the truth or not, she didnt continue to ask.

“Lets talk about me,” Wu Rong smiled and asked Jiang Tong, “What exactly do you think of me Since weve already met, are you still not going to tell me”

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