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Chapter 283 Shes Here

Jiang Tong entered the Wu Groups building.

Several bodyguards followed her all the time.

They looked like Jiang Tongs bodyguards, but in fact, they were not.

These bodyguards were watching Jiang Tong in case she suddenly ran away.

The people of the Wu Group, of course, knew that the bodyguards behind Jiang Tong were the vice-chairmans men, so they naturally didnt stop any of them.

After entering the elevator, Jiang Tong didnt move.

The bodyguard swiped his card and pressed the button for the 16th floor.

The other floors of this building didnt require a card, as this wasnt an office building.

The people in this building were all from the same company.

Only the 16th and 17th floors required a card to go up because these two floors were special.

Soon, they reached the 16th floor.

As soon as he stepped out of the elevator, he could feel that this floor was very special.

The decoration style was completely different from the first floor.

Logically speaking, the decoration style of the headquarters of a large corporation should be the same, but this was not the case.

The 16th-floor corridor was artistically decorated, so Jiang Tong didnt need anyone to lead the way.

The bodyguards following her all looked at Jiang Tong with strange expressions.

When they were about to reach the vice-chairmans office, the bodyguards behind her suddenly quickened their pace and blocked Jiang Tongs way.

One of the bodyguards knocked on the door and said, “Boss, shes here.”

“Come in.” A womans gentle voice came from the office.

The bodyguard pushed the door open and turned to Jiang Tong.

He said, “Miss Jiang, please.”

Jiang Tong walked into the office, and the bodyguard closed the door behind her.

Jiang Tong stood at the door for a while, sizing up the huge office.

The office was at least 100 square meters in size, and the decoration was very stylish.

The owner of the office was a woman with very good taste, and she was a fashion designer with an unorthodox background but an outstanding talent!

The office was divided into two parts.

The right side near the door had the style of the entire office, and it was all white.

On the left side, there were many fashionably dressed models by the wall.

In the middle, there was a large work desk with scissors, rulers, and other tools.

It was an open work area that was integrated with the office.

There were already two women in the office when Jiang Tong entered.

One of them was wearing a black suit with a single ponytail.

She was very tall and thin.

She wasnt very beautiful, but she had a valiant air around her.

One could tell at a glance that she was very tall, more than 1.75 meters tall.

For a woman, this height was already very tall! Her name was Chu Xun and she was 28 years old this year.

She was a retired special forces female soldier and was currently Wu Rongs bodyguard.

The other one in the office was Wu Rong.

She was sitting behind a large office desk, wearing a business suit and a diamond ring on her pinky.

She was reading a fashion magazine, which covered half of her face.

She only put down the magazine slowly five seconds after Jiang Tong entered the room.

She raised her head slightly and smiled at Jiang Tong.

“Miss Jiang, Ive heard a lot about you.” She gave people the impression that she was only 28 or 29 years old, and her skin was especially fair.

However, her real age was already 42 years old.

Time seemed to have treated her especially well.

If she didnt say anything, she could even give people the feeling of a young woman.

And her voice was very gentle! It was the kind of sweet and magnetic voice, especially the way she enunciated her words, which would make people feel especially comfortable and enjoy listening to her.

It was the kind of voice that gave people the feeling that they were listening to a gentle big sister!

Wu Rong was indeed the most beautiful woman in City Z!

“Director Wu, isnt it a little rude to invite me over like this” Jiang Tong looked at Wu Rong with a faint smile and asked.

“Miss Jiang, although I dont know what your purpose is…” Wu Rong also smiled and raised her glasses out of habit.

She said, “Youre the one whos impolite, arent you”

“Oh, really What impolite thing have I done” Jiang Tong smiled as if she was pretending to be stupid.

Wu Rong also kept smiling.

She leaned back in her chair and looked at Jiang Tong with a very feminine and gentle look.

Jiang Tong was a woman, but any man would be melted by Wu Rongs eyes.

She raised her hand to signal to the female bodyguard, Chu Xun, and said, “You may leave first.”

Chu Xun stood up without a word and walked out.

After Chu Xun left, Wu Rong gestured to Jiang Tong and said softly, “Miss Jiang, please have a seat.”

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