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Chapter 278: Sugar Baby

“Is it expensive Tens of thousands of dollars” Jiang Tong lowered her head and looked at the white shirt that she had casually worn this afternoon.

She then looked at Song Chengjun and said with an uncertain tone, “Maybe… Im not sure.

I didnt buy it.”

“Your boyfriend bought it” Song Chengjun asked in a low voice.

Jiang Tong nodded her head.

Song Chengjun then asked, “What about Seniors watch Patek Phillipe… Although it is just an ordinary model and not a limited edition, it should still cost more than 200,000 dollars, right” He didnt notice what watch Jiang Tong was wearing yesterday, but he did today because Jiang Tong had just pulled up her sleeves to check the time.

“Oh, really Its possible.” Jiang Tong looked at her watch again, and her answer was still uncertain.

Song Chengjun then asked, “Your boyfriend bought it too”

“Yup!” Jiang Tong nodded again.

“That car…” Song Chengjun noticed the car keys that Jiang Tong had placed on the table.

He then looked out of the window at the parking lot.

Of course, he recognized the car keys of the Lamborghini.

He immediately saw the Lamborghini parked outside.

He quickly turned around and asked Jiang Tong in a low voice, “Senior, did your boyfriend give you the Lamborghini too”


The car isnt mine.

Its not under my name.

Im just driving it,” Jiang Tong replied with a smile.

Song Chengjuns expression became even more unsightly.

Although Jiang Tong had denied that the car was a gift from Zhou Jingyun, she did not specify whose name was it under.

This made Song Chengjun feel that the car also belonged to Jiang Tongs boyfriend.

If he gave it to Jiang Tong but did not place it under her name, it was very much in line with Song Chengjuns guess!

“Senior, you…” Song Chengjun looked at Jiang Tong as if he wanted to say something.

His eyes were filled with complicated emotions.

There was sympathy, pity, and a trace of disappointment!

“Whats wrong” Jiang Tong asked with a smile as if she had not noticed Song Chengjuns expression.

“Senior… your family runs a small restaurant, right” Song Chengjun asked again.

As if he was afraid that Jiang Tong would misunderstand, he immediately added, “I asked my classmates, and they were the ones who said that…”

Until this morning, Song Chengjun still had no idea what Jiang Tongs family did for a living.

He only knew that Jiang Tongs family was very ordinary.

After he had a call with Zhou Jingyun this afternoon, he arranged a time and place with Jiang Tong and then asked his classmates to find out more about Jiang Tong.

“Yeah, they opened a ramen restaurant in a small county.” Jiang Tong had a calm expression on her face as if she did not understand what Song Chengjun was trying to say.

“Then…” Song Chengjun hesitated for a while before asking Jiang Tong, “Senior, how old is your boyfriend”

“What do you think” Jiang Tong smiled and asked Song Chengjun, “Didnt you talk to him on the phone Cant you tell”

“I feel that …” Song Chengjun had a hesitant expression on his face.

He said, “At first, I thought he was quite young, but his tone was too strong, cold, and very mature.” He paused for a moment, then looked at Jiang Tong and made a bold guess.

He guessed, “Forty years old”

“My boyfriends voice sounds like hes in his forties” Jiang Tong laughed.

“No, no,” Song Chengjun quickly explained, “The voice sounds young, but not all middle-aged people have a bad voice.

My mother is middle-aged too.

However, her voice is very nice.

I just feel that when I was talking to your boyfriend, the more I spoke to him, the more scared I get.

It feels like Im talking to my mother.” After Song Chengjun finished speaking, he looked at Jiang Tong with a very strange expression.

“What do you want to say Just say it,” Jiang Tong smiled.

“Then Ill say it Senior, dont be angry.” Song Chengjuns tone was careful.

After receiving Jiang Tongs nod, he gathered his courage and mulled over his words for a while before speaking in a low but fast voice, “Senior, are you a sugar baby”

Jiang Tongs smile turned strange, but she was not surprised by Song Chengjuns words.

“Senior, youre still laughing!” Song Chengjun saw that Jiang Tong did not respond immediately and was still smiling, so he said in a tone of disappointment, “Look at you.

Youre so young, so good-looking, and so talented.

Why would you get together with an old man for money” He finally said what he wanted to say!

“Senior, tell me, is your boyfriend controlling you Was he supposed to speak in such a cold tone He was so overbearing and domineering, so scary! Senior, arent you afraid Senior, you dont have to be afraid.

Youre so talented, and your song is popular.

You can leave him and have your own life.

Believe me, you dont have to suffer.

He even made you take a bath in broad daylight.

Hes really shameless!” Song Chengjuns tone was filled with righteous indignation

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