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Chapter 277: I Want to See You Sooner

Although Zhou Jingyun had only made two phone calls, it was definitely enough to make Shao Yingbleed a lot! Not only would Shao Ying receive extremely severe punishment from her family, but the power of the family that she could mobilize might also be limited for a while.

More importantly, Shao Yings most capable right-hand man, Feng Kun, would definitely die! Someone had to step forward and bear the responsibility for this matter.

At around 1 in the afternoon, Jiang Tong, who had eaten her take-out, drove out of South Washington to meet Song Chengjun! The meeting place was a cafe in the middle of the city.

Half an hour later, Jiang Tong drove into the parking space outside the café.

At this time, there was already a black MPV car parked in the parking space next to the cafe, looking very low profile.

Jiang Tong subconsciously smiled when she saw the car.

As expected, he came! Jiang Tong recognized the car and the owner of the car.

It was the car belonging to Wu Rongs bodyguard.

For many years, Wu Rong had been sending people to protect and monitor Song Chengjun secretly.

She had even bribed some of Song Chengjuns good friends, but Song Chengjun knew nothing about it!

Jiang Tong parked the car in front of the cafe.

When she got out of the car, she subconsciously glanced at the MPV car parked a few meters away.

Then, with a smile on her face, she walked toward the cafe.

In the MPV, just as Jiang Tong entered the cafe, the masked man sitting in the passenger seat quickly took out his camera and took a picture of Jiang Tongs back.

Jiang Tong and Song Chengjun were supposed to meet at two in the afternoon, but Song Chengjun had arrived half an hour earlier.

He was sitting in a corner of the cafe by the window, looking absent-minded.

No one knew what he was thinking.

Jiang Tong looked around the cafe as soon as she entered.

She seemed to be looking around casually, but in fact, she was looking for someone.

There were not many customers in the cafe, so she found him quickly.

Song Chengjun was seated by the window at the northern corner of the cafe.

The person that Jiang Tong was looking for was seated in front of Song Chengjun, about four to five meters away from him, separated by an aisle.

He was a 24 to 25 years old man with an ordinary appearance.

He was the kind of man whose appearance couldnt be more ordinary and wouldnt attract anyones attention.

However, Jiang Tong knew that this mans name was Bai Mu, and he was a very professional bodyguard who was very good at fighting! He was Wu Rongs man! He was one of the bodyguards that Wu Rong had secretly assigned to protect Song Chengjun in the past year.

Song Chengjun did not know that the other male bodyguards had taken turns protecting him in the dark.

Song Chengjun didnt like bodyguards following him.

He said that he wouldnt have any friends with his bodyguards.

Wu Rong respected Song Chengjuns opinion, but still secretly sent people to follow and protect her son.

In order to prevent Song Chengjun from finding out, she would often change his bodyguards.

Any male bodyguard who could appear close to Song Chengjun would not be noticed by him, and he would not find them familiar! And Bai Mu fit the bill!

“Senior!” Song Chengjun noticed Jiang Tong at the door and waved at her.

He was wearing his mask and cap as usual, and his voice sounded muffled.

Jiang Tong raised her hand and gestured to Song Chengjun, then walked over with a smile and sat down.

“Its not time yet, is it Why are you here so early” Jiang Tong sat down and tidied her clothes.

She then looked up at Song Chengjun and said, “There are still more than ten minutes before two oclock.”

“I want to see Senior earlier, okay” Song Chengjun removed his mask and laughed.

His words were very ambiguous.

Jiang Tong also laughed and said, “Why are you so anxious”

Song Chengjuns smile was very dazzling.

He was the kind of boy who would give people warmth.

He was the ideal first love in a girls heart.

He would make people go into a state of madness and want to fall in love with him.

This state was very subtle.

When a man was good-looking to a certain extent, he would be incredibly attractive to a girl.

Jiang Tong was admiring Song Chengjun, and Song Chengjun was also looking at Jiang Tong, his expression a little off.

“Senior, youve changed your shirt” Song Chengjun asked.

“What” Jiang Tong lowered her head to look at the clothes, then looked up at Song Chengjun.”Isnt it normal to change clothes”

“No, I wanted to say…” Song Chengjuns expression became even weirder.

“Senior, isnt your shirt expensive I know this brand.

Although its not a big brand, its purely handmade.

Its more expensive than the average high-end custom-made clothes…”

It was strange for Song Chengjun to say that.

With his family background, why would he care about what brand of clothes other people wore No matter how expensive other peoples clothes were, could they be more expensive than his However, Jiang Tong knew what Song Chengjun was thinking.

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