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“Is Jiang Tong beside you” Shao Ying immediately asked.

At this time, it was almost impossible to hear her breathing over the phone because she was controlling it.

“Yes,” Zhou Jingyun replied in a cold nasal voice.

“Can you get Jiang Tong to answer the phone” Shao Ying spoke again.

She clearly didnt know that Zhou Jingyuns phone was on speaker.

“Is there a need to” Zhou Jingyun sneered, “Do you think a sc*mbag like you is worthy of talking to my babe” After Zhou Jingyun finished speaking, he gave Jiang Tong a look.

Jiang Tong understood what Zhou Jingyun meant and patted his arm.

She said, “Let me get up.

Your thigh is so hard.

Its making my butt hurt.”

“You think Im hard Why dont you mind it when Im hard in bed” Zhou Jingyun put the phone away, then looked at Jiang Tong.

Shao Ying had also heard this conversation.

She knew that Jiang Tong had been sitting in Zhou Jingyuns arms all this time! No wonder their voices sounded so close! And the most important thing was, from Zhou Jingyuns words, he had slept with Jiang Tong! Theyve made love! Although Shao Ying had this guess before, guessing and hearing it with her own ears were different!

“Pa!” A short and crisp explosion suddenly came from the phone that was in speaker mode! Then, there was no more sound.

Zhou Jingyun quickly took the phone back and looked at it.

Then, he revealed a satisfied smile and hung up the call.

Shao Ying must have lost control and smashed the phone!

“Do you think its possible to directly anger Shao Ying to death” Zhou Jingyun looked at Jiang Tong with a smile.

“Wouldnt it be too good for Shao Ying if she died of anger” Jiang Tong replied with a smile.

Zhou Jingyun thought for a moment and nodded.

He agreed with Jiang Tongs words.

Then, his eyes flashed and he asked Jiang Tong, “You just said that you gave Shao Ying the chance to make a move Is it true that she wont have a chance otherwise”

“Do you really hope its true” Jiang Tong asked Zhou Jingyun in return.

“Yes,” Zhou Jingyun nodded.

Of course, he hoped that it was true! If it was true, it meant that the so-calledsudden accident was not an accident to Jiang Tong! If there were no accidents, it was impossible for someone like Jiang Tong to get into trouble!

“Then its true,” Jiang Tong laughed.

Zhou Jingyun followed suit.

He put down his phone, wrapped his arm around Jiang Tongs waist, and lowered his head to kiss her.

They only separated after a long time.


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