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Wang Xiaoling, who was holding a cup of coffee, looked at Song Chengjun with a worried face.

She said carefully, “Song Chengjun, dont be like this.

You are so scary.

Arent you the Young Master Song who never gives up You said that no matter how many difficulties you have experienced, you will persevere and let everyone like your music.”

“Wang Xiaoling, let me ask you a question,” Song Chengjun suddenly said.

“What” Wang Xiaoling answered.

“Do you think if I singMedicine, will it be popular” Song Chengjun asked.

“Of course!” Wang Xiaoling said.

She thought for a while and said, “And I think this song is more suitable for male singers, especially the climax part in the middle.

If it is sung by a male voice, it will definitely be more emotional and more majestic…”

Song Chengjun took a deep breath again.

His expression and gaze were not the same as before.

Wang Xiaoling turned her head and looked as if she suddenly understood something.

She quickly said, “Song Chengjun, are you jealous Dont be.

Youre a young master who has so much money that you cant spend it all.

Dont compete with an online singer.

Many people are envious of you! We sing, do live streams, and open studios to make money.

We do it to earn a living.

But for you, its just a simple hobby…” Wang Xiaolings words were very direct.

However, Wang Xiaoling said it out of goodwill.

She really envied Song Chengjun.

If it werent for Song Chengjuns love of music, a person like her would never be able to form a relationship with him, let alone talk to him.

However, Wang Xiaoling did not know what Song Chengjun was thinking! Jealousy That was not it.

He was regretting it now! He was feeling very regretful!

“Im going out to make a call,” Song Chengjun said.

Then, he got up and walked out.

He came to the corridor of the studio, took out his phone, and looked through the phone records of yesterday.

He found Jiang Tongs phone number.

He did not save Jiang Tongs phone number yesterday.

Now that he had found it, he immediately saved it and then dialed the number.

“Ahem.” Song Chengjun cleared his throat, took his cell phone, and paced back and forth.

He took another deep breath.

“Beep beep beep…” for more than ten seconds, no one picked up.

South Washington.

In the hall on the first floor of the villa, a group of men in suits was still carefully inspecting.

Zhou Mingfei was sitting on the sofa with an expressionless face.

His mood was very abnormal! At this moment, he was very angry! Although Jiang Tong did not suffer any harm from todays incident, he could see Zhou Jingyuns condition and his expression on the way back! Zhou Mingfei felt that he had been ruthlessly slapped in the face! He had been slapped in the face by Shao Ying! City Z was his territory! Not only did Shao Ying encroach on his territory, she even dared to disregard the consequences and directly try to kill Jiang Tong! At this moment, Zhou Mingfei felt that this woman, Shao Ying, really deserved to die!

On the second floor of the villa, in the master bedroom, Zhou Jingyun stood by the window.

He had an icy expression on his face and did not move for a long time.

The door of the master bedrooms bathroom was closed, and the sound of running water could be heard from inside.

Jiang Tong taking a bath inside.

“Ring, ring, ring.” Suddenly, the ringtone of her cell phone rang.

It was not Zhou Jingyuns cell phone, but Jiang Tongs.

Zhou Jingyun had gotten someone to take away all of the clothes that Jiang Tong had previously worn and dispose of them.

However, things like belts, wallets, cell phone, and keys were taken out of the clothes first.

These items were wiped clean and put aside.

They were placed on the bed, and next to them were the clothes that Jiang Tong would wear after taking a shower.

Zhou Jingyun, who was standing by the window, looked at the end of the bed.

Jiang Tongs phone was ringing.

Zhou Jingyun glanced at the bathroom door again, but he didnt move.

He didnt have the habit of touching Jiang Tongs phone, nor did he have the habit of randomly taking other peoples phones.

The ringtone of the phone rang for a long time before it finally stopped.

However, in a few seconds, the phone rang again.

He didnt know who it was but they called again even though Jiang Tong didnt pick up the phone!

Zhou Jingyun had no choice but to walk to the end of the bed.

He picked up Jiang Tongs phone and glanced at it.

It was an unfamiliar number.

He held the phone and walked to the bathroom door.

He wanted to tell Jiang Tong, but when he walked to the bathroom door and was about to tell her, he suddenly stopped.

He looked at the phone number on the phone screen which was not a saved contact.

He suddenly felt that it was somewhat familiar.

Zhou Jingyuns memory was very good.

He felt that he had seen this phone number before.

He couldnt remember every number.

However, this string of numbers looked very familiar.

Zhou Jingyun thought carefully again and remembered it immediately! It was yesterday afternoon! When he was talking to Jiang Tong, Jiang Tong entered this phone number.

However, she did not dial it immediately.

Instead, she was holding her phone and talking to him.

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