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Song Chengjun would come here whenever he recorded songs in the past two years.

Even if he didnt record songs, he would come here to discuss music with his friends.

“This is impossible, how is this possible!” Song Chengjun stared at the computer screen and repeated it several times.

His eyes widened and his voice became louder and louder.

Wang Xiaoling, an employee of the studio, came over with a cup of coffee.

She sat down beside Song Chengjun and asked him., “Song Chengjun, what are you saying What is impossible” Song Chengjun did not seem to hear what Wang Xiaoling said.

He just stared at the screen.

Wang Xiaoling also looked at the screen.

The website showed the various charts of a music platform.

Wang Xiaoling knew that Song Chengjun had also released songs some time ago.

These days, he had been looking at the charts every day to see if his songs were on the charts.

It was fine even if they were at the bottom of the charts, but they had never made it onto the charts!

Wang Xiaoling thought that Song Chengjun had suffered another blow, so she comforted him, “Alright, alright.

Its okay.

Youre still a university student.

Dont worry.

Youll definitely become famous in the future.”

Wang Xiaolings comforting words had no effect on Song Chengjun.

Song Chengjun was still staring at the computer as if he had been possessed.

His eyes never moved away from the screen!

“Dont think about it anymore, Song Chengjun,” Wang Xiaoling comforted him again.

Then, she changed the topic and said, “By the way, did you listen to the song that ranked first on the music chart This song suddenly became popular.

I noticed it before I went to bed yesterday.

Its very nice to listen to, especially the climax in the middle.

It has a special feeling.

You can listen to it.

Maybe you can get some inspiration.”

Song Chengjun suddenly turned to look at Wang Xiaoling, because the song that Wang Xiaoling mentioned wasMedicine!

Song Chengjun had a very strange glint in his eyes.

Wang Xiaoling was scared.

She didnt know why the usually gentle Song Chengjun would have such a look.

Not only was there a crazed look in his eyes, but there was also extreme regret! Extreme disbelief and frustration!

“Whats wrong, Song Chengjun” Wang Xiaoling asked in a low voice.

“Nothing.” Song Chengjun seemed to have come back to his senses.

He slowly turned his head to look at the computer screen.

Then, he asked, “Wang Xiaoling, when did you discover the songMedicine yesterday When and how exactly did you discover it” His tone was very restrained, it was as if he was suppressing something.

“Before I went to bed.” Wang Xiaoling thought for a moment and said, “I found it at about 10 oclock at night on the chart.

There was theHot red label behind the title of the song, so I clicked on it to listen to it.”

Song Chengjun looked at the charts of the major music platforms on the web and did not say anything.

He could not calm down.

“Arent you going to listen to it” Wang Xiaoling asked Song Chengjun again.

“Ive already listened to it,” replied Song Chengjun.

He had listened to it just now because he suspected that it was a song of the same name.

It was just that he had not noticed it before.

If it was really Senior Jiang TongsMedicine… it was impossible! Song Chengjun thought that it was absolutely impossible! But after listening to it, it was really the sameMedicine written by Jiang Tong! The lyrics and melody were all correct.

It was just that some adjustments had been made to the singing tone to make this song more suitable for a girl to sing.

Song Chengjun could even hear that the person who sang this song was Jiang Tong!

Song Chengjun also looked up the specific time when the song was released.

It was six oclock in the evening yesterday, just a few hours after he and Jiang Tong separated! From the time the song was released until now, it had not even been a day, and this song had already reached the top of the new song chart! Although the data could not be compared to other songs that had been released for a few weeks or months, it could be predicted that as long as this song was given a certain amount of time, its data would continue to explode and reach the monthly chart! It might even reach the annual chart! It might even become one of the phenomenal and legendary songs!

“Ive also seen many musicians pushing this song.

They say that this song is very sophisticated and not just any ordinary pop song,” Wang Xiaoling said from the side.

Song Chengjun clicked open the song comments forMedicine.

The number of comments had already exceeded 4,000, all of which were good reviews.

A few who questioned the songs statistics were scolded by other netizens.

There were also some musicians accounts that appeared in the comments section.

They talked about the techniques used in this song.

Although it was suspected that they were leeching off the popularity, it also proved that this song was really popular! In a day or two, the songMedicine would be popular all over the internet.


Song Chengjun suddenly closed his laptop and shut his eyes.

He took a deep breath.

He needed to calm himself down.

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