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“Brother, let me tell you.

This woman is a liar.

She must have other motives.

You cant trust her!” Zhou Mingfei pointed at Jiang Tong and shouted.

“Calm down and let Jiang Tong finish speaking.” Zhou Jingyun stopped him.

“Brother, I dont care how she lied to you.

I wont believe her anyway!” Zhou Mingfei said angrily, “She cant even tell you where this piece of news came from.

Maybe someone sent her to get close to you! And now she even wants to play tricks on me!”

The reason why Zhou Mingfei had such a big reaction was not only because Jiang Tong refused to tell him the source of the news, but also because he had a prejudice against Jiang Tong.

He was sure that Jiang Tong was a liar who was trying to take advantage of Zhou Jingyun and climb up the social ladder.

He was hostile toward Jiang Tong, so he treated everything that Jiang Tong said as words with malicious intent.

“You should fix this hot temper of yours,” Zhou Jingyun said in a deep voice.

“Dont lecture me!” Zhou Mingfei shouted.

He bent down to take his coat on the side and took out a gun from his coat pocket.

He was about to point the gun at Jiang Tong, but then…


A loud slap directly knocked Zhou Mingfei out of his wits.

“So youre not even listening to me now Give me the gun!” Zhou Jingyun raised his hand and snatched the gun from Zhou Mingfeis hand.

Zhou Mingfei covered his face and looked at him aggrievedly.

“Brother, you hit me because of a woman”

“Beating you to death is better than watching you go to jail,” Zhou Jingyun sneered and threw the gun to the side.

He ordered, “Sit down!”

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Zhou Mingfeis face was dark, but he still sat down.

He stubbornly refused to look at Zhou Jingyun.

His eyes stared at Jiang Tong like they were spitting fire.

It was as though he wanted to peel Jiang Tongs skin and pull out her tendons.

Zhou Jingyun returned to Jiang Tongs side and sat down.

He massaged his temple with one hand and looked like he was having a headache.

“Hes just a child.

Hell be obedient after you educate him a little more.” After Jiang Tong said that, she smiled and handed Zhou Jingyun a glass of water.

“Who the f*ck are you calling a child!” Zhou Mingfei slammed the table and was about to get up again, but he was scared by Zhou Jingyuns glare.

He looked at Zhou Jingyun with his mouth closed.

He said, “Brother, do you really believe this womans words so much She didnt even tell us where this piece of news came from!”

Zhou Jingyun looked at Zhou Mingfei expressionlessly.

Trust Jiang Tong Actually, he didnt have much trust in her.

However, Jiang Tong said that she was an intelligence dealer, and he had personally verified it.

Jiang Tong had accurately identified the traitor by his side.

It wasnt a question of whether Jiang Tong was reliable or not, but from an intelligence point of view, Zhou Jingyun trusted Jiang Tong.

He did not know what tricks Jiang Tong would play with him in the future.

However, if Jiang Tong really was conspiring behind his back, Jiang Tong still needed to gain his trust at this point.

The information she gave him was also valuable.

Therefore, Zhou Jingyun believed what she said about Zhou Mingfei getting into trouble soon.

However, Zhou Jingyun could not explain these words to Zhou Mingfei.

He did not answer Zhou Mingfeis question of whether he believed her or not.

Instead, he signaled Jiang Tong to continue.

Jiang Tong was not a very obedient person.

She rested her hands behind her head and raised her eyebrows at the angry Zhou Mingfei opposite her.

She asked, “You dont believe me Then how about a bet” Zhou Mingfeis action of pulling out his gun earlier made her very unhappy.

She had to get back at him in some way, right

“Heh,” Zhou Mingfei sneered and turned his head away from her.

“I can guarantee the accuracy of my information.” Jiang Tongs gaze swept across the room.

Then, she stood up and went to the drawer to take out a pen and paper.

She bit open the pen cap and quickly wrote something on the paper with her right hand.

As she wrote, she said, “Currently, in the entire City Zs government system, only a handful of people know that the higher-ups are going to attack Lihao Ballroom.

Four months ago, the chief of the police department, Chen Bo, was specifically here to handle the Lihao Ballroom case.

The Secretary of the Municipal Party Committee knows about this matter.

Although he has some ties with the Zhou family, this matter is too big.

He does not dare to interfere and can only stay out of it.

At present, they are still collecting evidence for investigation.

Some investigators disguised as guests and came in undercover.

There are also some who sneaked into the Ballroom and collected a large amount of evidence.”

As she finished speaking, Jiang Tong stopped writing.

She tore off a piece of paper that was filled to the brim and slapped it in front of Zhou Mingfeis table.

“If you dont believe me, go and investigate it.”

Zhou Mingfei picked up the piece of paper doubtfully.

There were many peoples names written on the paper, as well as their positions in Lihao Ballroom.

There were adapters, cleaners, chefs, bartenders, and so on.

Their identities here were all varied, but there was one similarity.

They had only recently joined the Lihao Ballroom.

Zhou Mingfei was very strict with the internal personnel of the Lihao Ballroom, so these people could not get to his side.

They could only touch the periphery.

This also caused their collection of evidence to be very slow.

Otherwise, the higher-ups in the government would have already made a move.


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