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Secondly, there must be a human shield.

First, she must cripple one of the opponents people and drag them in front of her to cover most of her body.

Then, she must stand firmly.

Otherwise, if the opponent kicks the human shield, she might be kicked down together with the human shield.

If they fell, she would die! Also, her weapon was not just a knife, it could also be a human shield.

Because the elevator was too narrow, when the human shield was pushed out, it could knock down a group of people.

Before pushing the human shield out, she had to lock down the next human shield.

She had to make sure that after she pushed away the human shield in her arms, she could immediately catch another one.

There were many other important points.

These were all things that Jiang Tong had trained using her life countless times.

She wanted to practice, not only to improve her fighting ability but also to find excitement.

Jiang Tong dared to say that she was the best person in the world who knew how to fight in an elevator! No matter how talented the others were, they didnt have the training conditions that she had.

With a clang, Jiang Tong threw the knife down and habitually tidied her coat before walking out of the elevator.

She looked at Zhou Jingyun, who was two meters away with a pistol in his hand.

Then, she said with a smile, “Youre here” After saying that, she took out a handkerchief and slowly wiped the blood on her hand.

Zhou Jingyun and his bodyguards didnt make a sound.

They just stared at Jiang Tong.

At this moment, Jiang Tong looked very terrifying.

She literally looked very terrifying! Because her entire body was covered in blood, especially her upper body, t-shirt, face, chin, and even her hair!

The blood was sprayed because Jiang Tongs tactical fighting style required a human shield.

After she disabled the person, she would pull the person into her arms, and the blood sprayed by the human shield acquired would all be on her body.

“You…” after about five seconds of silence, Zhou Jingyun suddenly spoke.

He suddenly took a step forward and asked, “Are you injured anywhere”

“No,” Jiang Tong smiled and said in a relaxed tone.

Zhou Jingyun widened his eyes and calmed down.

He had too many questions to ask but did not ask them immediately.

Instead, he took out a tissue to help Jiang Tong wipe the blood on her face.

“Send someone to the property monitoring room.” Jiang Tong suddenly looked at Wang Yi at this time.

She did not specifically tell him what to do, she merely said those words to remind Wang Yi not to be in a daze and that he should be doing something.

Wang Yi immediately came to his senses and quickly ordered on his cell phone, “Send two people to the monitoring room, one to check on the shop assistants, and cut off all the power to the elevator…” Then, he turned around and said to the bodyguard beside him, “The two of you go and drive the car over.

Block the surroundings and prepare to load the people.

Then, send two people to destroy the surveillance cameras in the car park.”

After saying this, Wang Yi quickly walked to the side and took out his phone to call a number.

This call was to Zhou Mingfei.

He said, “Second Young Master, something has happened to Miss Jiang Tong.

She may need you to contact the owner of this shopping mall…”

Jiang Tong smiled at Zhou Jingyun.

He had almost wiped off the blood on her face, but the rest was not easy to wipe off.

“Alright, Ill go back and take a shower.

These cant be cleaned off just by wiping,” Jiang Tong said.

Then, she turned around and walked back to the elevator.

She directly took out the phone from the seriously injured Old Ghost who was still passed out.

She knew Old Ghost while she was living in the time loop.

She took out Old Ghosts phone and unlocked it with his fingerprint.

Jiang Tong took a step back, then raised the phone and took a photo of the elevator.

She directly entered a phone number and sent the picture to a person via text message.

Then, she dialed the phone number and put the phone to her ear.

In the living room of the villa, Feng Kun was still waiting for the call.

He frowned slightly and sat on the sofa.

He was not too anxious.

He did not think that a professional like Old Ghost would fail.

What he was thinking about now was where to send Old Ghost and the others, how to send them, and how to avoid having this incident traced back to the Shao family during the official investigation.

There would definitely be trouble, but as long as Old Ghost and the others were not caught, it would be impossible to trace it back to Feng Kun, let alone implicate the Shao family.

In fact, the biggest problem was not the follow-up procedures, but the old master of the Shao family.

If the old master knew that Miss Shao Ying had done such a thing again, she would definitely not be spared from punishment, and Shao Ying would definitely not be the only one who would suffer in the end.

Ding dong! Feng Kuns cell phone suddenly rang.

It was the sound of a text message.

He picked up his cell phone and was about to read the text message when his cell phone rang again.

The cell phone number that called was Old Ghosts temporary cell phone number!

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