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“Did you bring a knife” After Feng Kun asked, Old Ghost answered, “I brought a knife, but I didnt take the gun.

Ill get someone to send it over later.”

“Kill that woman Jiang Tong immediately.

I dont care how you do it.

Do it as cleanly as possible.

After youre done, leave.” Feng Kun quickly said, “Try not to use a gun.

We cant have a shooting case.” If a gun case happened, and the body that was found was confirmed to have been shot to death, it would become a big case that would attract the attention of the higher-ups! Feng Kun would definitely not use guns in the territory of City Z.

He was also afraid that Old Ghost and the other fugitives would act recklessly for money.

If something happened, they would run away.

However, the trouble would all fall on the Shao family!

“I definitely dont need guns.

I understand.” Old Ghosts tone was hesitant as he asked, “But Master Kun… are you sure you want to do it directly”

“Dont worry.

After the matter is done, Ill immediately arrange for you to go to the south and let you leave the country.

After that, this matter will have nothing to do with you.

Well handle the follow-up trouble.

Any questions” Feng Kun said.

“There arent any questions.” Hearing Feng Kuns question, Old Ghost smiled and said, “Im just confirming with you.

If youre not afraid of trouble, there wont be any problems on my side.”

“Okay, go ahead with the plan,” Feng Kun said.

At the cinema on the fifth floor of the shopping mall.

Not long after Jiang Tong bought a cup of coffee and sat down in the cinema hall, a man wearing a mask and a black coat took the elevator to the fifth floor and entered the hall of this special cinema.

After he entered the door, he first looked around, then went to buy a cup of coffee.

He then went to a seat that was neither too far nor too close to Jiang Tong.

Without drinking coffee, he took out his cell phone and looked through it, typing something from time to time, it was as if he was texting someone.

Jiang Tong, who was drinking coffee, glanced at the man.

She didnt need to look at him to know that he was following her.

She only changed her route after she entered the traffic light intersection.

Except for a few cars that she had already confirmed the license plate numbers, there must have been other cars that were following her.

After she changed her route, she didnt drive too far before she entered the shopping mall, so the other party followed her very easily.

Jiang Tong sat in the lobby of the movie theater for nearly an hour.

When it was almost 9:30 in the morning, Jiang Tongs phone suddenly rang.

It was Zhou Mingfei calling.

Jiang Tong picked it up and answered.

Then, she said, “I got it.” After that, she hung up the phone.

Zhou Mingfei called to tell her that all four cars had been stopped, and all the people in the cars had been arrested.

A few minutes later, Jiang Tongs cell phone rang again.

This time, the caller was Zhou Jingyun! Obviously, Jiang Tong knew that it was Zhou Mingfei who had called him after he finished the call with her.

Because he had already taken care of everything, he called Zhou Jingyun again to explain the situation.

Jiang Tong picked up the phone.

“Where are you” Zhou Jingyun asked in a cold tone.

“The shopping mall near your company.

Im drinking coffee at the movie theater.

Whats wrong” Jiang Tong said with a smile.

“Are there a lot of people nearby” Zhou Jingyun asked again.

“Its fine.

There are just some shop assistants,” Jiang Tong answered.


Stay there and dont move.

Ill be there right away.” After Zhou Jingyun said that, he hung up the phone without waiting for Jiang Tongs reply.

Jiang Tong looked at her phone and smiled again.

Zhou Jingyun had brought people to protect her.

Although she didnt need to be protected, Jiang Tong was still very gratified that he thought about doing all this.

Less than ten minutes later, Zhou Jingyun should be arriving soon.

Jiang Tong took into account the time Zhou Jingyun took to go downstairs.

When it was about time, she took another sip of coffee, put down her cup, and stood up.

She casually put away her coat and then walked out.

She was about to leave and Zhou Jingyun was about to arrive.

He had a large number of bodyguards with him, so Jiang Tong didnt need to stay there anymore.

Anyway, when Zhou Jingyun came up, she was going to leave with him.

Although it was a pity that she couldnt wait for Shao Yings next move, it didnt matter.

Just as Jiang Tong walked out of the theater to press the elevator button, the man wearing a mask in the theaters lobby picked up his phone and quickly typed.

After sending a message, he stood up and followed Jiang Tong a few meters behind.

Jiang Tong stood in front of the elevator door and the man stood behind her.

The elevator stopped on the third floor.

Jiang Tong was about to reach out and press the elevator button, but the elevator showed that the arrow was pointing downward.

Someone pressed the elevator button.

Jiang Tong pressed the button and continued to wait at the elevator door.

Soon, the elevator reached the first floor.

Someone must have entered the elevator.

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