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“Is it done” Shao Ying asked in a hoarse voice.

“They were all captured by Zhou Mingfei,” Feng Kun said after a moment of silence.

There was no sound on the other end of the phone, followed by heavy breathing.

About a few seconds later, Shao Ying gritted her teeth and said, “Say that again!”

“They were all captured by Zhou Mingfei,” Feng Kun repeated word for word.

He had no choice.

He had to make this call because he knew that once the news of Jiang Tong being attacked was leaked, there would be no chance after that.

Zhou Jingyun would definitely arrange a large group of bodyguards to protect Jiang Tong.

Jiang Tong would also temporarily stay out of the limelight.

And some decisions were not something Feng Kun could make.

On the other end of the phone, there was only the sound of heavy breathing.

There was anotherPa sound.

No one knew what Shao Ying had thrown.

Then, there was only the sound of her heavy breathing again.

After a long while, Shao Yings voice which sounded like she was suppressing her anger, came out of the phone.

“Who leaked the news Meng Junjie”

“No, thats impossible.

Meng Junjie doesnt know who we have sent,” Feng Kun said.

“F*ck! How did the news leak out Tell me! Ah!” Shao Ying, who was in a state of anger, had gone crazy.

She screamed for a while before she calmed down a little.

However, her voice contained an even more terrifying madness, “Kill her! Kill her now! Send someone to kill Jiang Tong! Now! Immediately!”

“Miss, if its a murder case, there might be some trouble,” Feng Kun reminded her.

“I will solve the trouble.

Just listen to me.

Jiang Tong must die today!” Shao Ying screamed.

She seemed to be crazy, but in fact, she was also rational.

The best way to kill someone was to create accidents, suicides, and car accidents.

As long as the layout was perfect, no one would be able to find out.

In the case of a car accident, after the driver escaped, the news would be spread.

If the hit-and-run driver couldnt be found, it would become too difficult to investigate, so there would not be any trouble with masking it as an accident.

Feng Kun came to City Z to settle this matter.

He wanted to avoid trouble.

If he could do something clean, then he would not do something dirty and cause trouble for himself! But now, Shao Ying directly asked Feng Kun to arrange for someone to kill Jiang Tong.

This would become a murder case!

City Z was not within the Shao familys sphere of influence.

If this matter were to blow up, many people could be investigated and implicated.

Although Shao Ying would definitely not be traced back, only Shao Ying would be fine.

What about the others …Unless all the people who took action ran away and left the country quickly, someone would definitely have to take the blame.

However, Shao Ying wanted Feng Kun to do so.

In fact, Shao Ying was being rational.

This rationality was based on the thought that she must let Jiang Tong die.

The premise that Jiang Tong must die was clear to Shao Ying.

After todays incident, the Zhou brothers would definitely not let her have a second chance to take action against Jiang Tong.

After all, City Z was Zhou Mingfeis territory!

Therefore, she had to kill Jiang Tong immediately! She had to take advantage of the fact that Zhou Jingyun and Zhou Mingfei had not made any arrangements and had not fully protected Jiang Tong! There was definitely a price to pay for doing so, but Shao Ying felt that she could bear it, and it was also worth it!

“Okay, Miss, I will make the arrangements…” Feng Kun promised.

After ending the call with Shao Ying, Feng Kun quickly walked out of the villas living room, closed the balconys glass door, and called again.

His next arrangements were very important, and the fewer people who knew, the better.

The call was quickly picked up.

Feng Kun spoke first, “Hello, Old Ghost.”

“Master Kun.” The other partys voice was very heavy.

He greeted Feng Kun first.

“The people who took action were all captured by Zhou Mingfei,” Feng Kun spoke again.

“What” Old Ghost was shocked.

Then, he hesitated and said, “Then I… F*ck…” he did not know what to say either, so he could only curse.

In fact, there was nothing much to say.

Everyone did what they had to do to live, and this kind of ending would happen to them sooner or later.

Strictly speaking, the person who was caught was not Feng Kuns men, but Old Ghosts men.

Feng Kun asked an outsider to handle this matter as the risk of coming to City Z was very high.

Old Ghosts group was invited from the Yun Tong border area.

They had a very deep relationship with the illegal organizations in the border area of Myanmar.

Both sides had cooperated before.

“Ill give you double the commission,” Feng Kun said, then changed the topic and asked, “Where are you now”

“The parking lot of the shopping mall.

Im still in the car.

Ive sent people to keep an eye on that woman,” replied Old Ghost.

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