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Feng Kun sat on the sofa.

On his left and right were two middle-aged men.

On his left was Meng Junjie, and on his right was another person Shao Ying had left behind in City Z.

His name was Cao Jiang! He was the boss of a medium-sized real estate company in City Z.

The living room of the villa was very quiet.

Meng Junjie was a little uneasy.

He kept drinking water, and after drinking water, he went to the toilet several times.

Feng Kun noticed that Meng Junjie ate a lot.

He looked at him a few more times but did not say anything.

This was because he knew that Meng Junjie had been caught by Zhou Mingfei.

Then, he lied to Zhou Mingfei and said that he would be a spy for Zhou Mingfei, but he turned around and told Shao Ying about the matter.

Therefore, Feng Kun could understand why Meng Junjie was nervous.

If anything happened to Jiang Tong today, Zhou Mingfei would definitely blame Meng Junjie for not informing him in advance! In fact, Feng Kun was also wary of Meng Junjie in this aspect.

He was worried that Meng Junjie would not be able to withstand the pressure and inform Zhou Mingfei.

Therefore, Feng Kun did not let Meng Junjie see the operation personnel he brought over.

He only let Meng Junjie hear him call and arrange the operation.

Meng Junjie also had no way of knowing who else came to City Z, so he could not even inform Zhou Mingfei! This arrangement could also be considered a test of Meng Junjies loyalty! If he had informed Zhou Mingfei and said that he did not know who exactly was going to make a move, Zhou Mingfei would not be able to catch the person immediately.

If he could not deal with it immediately, he would call Zhou Jingyun and tell him.

Then, Zhou Jingyun would definitely call Shao Ying directly! He would curse and swear at Shao Ying! Zhou Jingyun had done this kind of thing before.

Every time something happened…

In other words, from Feng Kuns point of view, as long as Shao Ying suddenly called him and told him that the news was leaked, he would be able to confirm that there was a traitor among them.

There was no need to think too much about who the traitor was.

On the other hand, as long as this did not happen, Meng Junjie would be deemed to be loyal.

Time passed.

Feng Kun, who was flipping through his phone, looked at the time and frowned slightly.

It had been a long time.

He had received a call earlier from the operations personnel who had told him that Jiang Tong had suddenly changed her route and gone to the shopping mall.

The operations personnel did not know if she was going to the supermarket to buy things or what she was doing.

Regarding this, Feng Kun suspected that the news had been leaked.

However, after thinking about it, he felt that it was not right.

If Jiang Tong had suddenly received the news that she was going to be assassinated, then she must have run as far away as possible.

It was normal for her to go directly to find Zhou Mingfei instead of going to the shopping mall.

Just now on the phone, Feng Kun had already ordered their people to withdraw and wait for orders, he also asked them to arrange for other people to follow Jiang Tong into the shopping mall.

Therefore, Feng Kun was still waiting for a call.

He wanted to see if he still had a chance today! Even if he didnt have a chance, he had to create one! Because Shao Ying had given him three days.

Today was the third day! Feng Kun frowned as he looked at his phone.

He felt that it was about time and wanted to take the initiative to call and ask about the situation.

At this moment, Feng Kuns phone rang.

He looked at the call interface that popped up on his phone.

Then, he pressed the answer button.

“Have you guys gone back” He asked directly.

“Brother Feng Kun, Im being followed.

I… F*ck!” The other party spoke very quickly and anxiously.

Before he could finish his sentence, he suddenly exclaimed.

Immediately after, he could hear a rumbling sound coming from the other end of the phone, then, there was a burst of noise.

It sounded like the phone had fallen off.

Feng Kun suddenly stood up.

He could hear that it was a car crash! A car crash! Being followed A car crash This was obviously intentional! Before the call ended, Feng Kun vaguely heard the shouts of “F*ck you, get down here”, “Do you believe Im going to kill you”, and the sounds of smashing glass.

Feng Kun felt that the car had been blocked in a remote area.

There were no other cars or pedestrians nearby, which was why the other party was so unscrupulous.

After a burst of noise, the call was hung up.

After that, Feng Kun tried to call again but could not get through.

His face instantly darkened.

He immediately called a few other people, but the result was the same.

All the calls could not get through! Something happened! All the operations personnel were in trouble! This group of operations personnel had not been moved before.

They had just moved today! Moreover, this operation had only been decided two hours ago.

Now, they were all annihilated.

Who in City Z had such an ability to see through their plans so quickly Zhou Mingfei

But Feng Kun could not understand.

How could Zhou Mingfei capture people so accurately After all, the operation had been canceled at the last minute and nothing had been done.

However, he had no time to think about it.

He immediately made another call to Shao Ying! The call was quickly connected.

Feng Kun shouted in a deep voice, “Miss.”

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