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The numbers were staggeringly high!

Jiang Tong did not fail.

After all, it was a song that had been tested on the public for a long time.

Everything was within Jiang Tongs expectations.

The songMedicine had only been released less than four hours ago, but it had already attracted a lot of attention on major music platforms.

The initial attention was brought by the music accounts.

They were the ones who had given the song the initial exposure.

However, the trend of the later stages of the data had nothing to do with them.

It depended on the quality of the song and whether the public liked it.

And the trend of the data ofMedicine could be said to have completely exceeded the expectations of all the music accounts! They were just accepting business deals, receiving the money to repost the song, and casually praising the song.

Whether the song would become popular or not did not have much to do with them.

They did not care, but the songMedicine could really be said to have surprised them.

The reason why they were surprised was that the number of likes and comments on the songs they shared was very high! The numbers were abnormally high in all aspects! And some of them, after completing their business cooperation with Jiang Tong, even spontaneously reposted and recommended the songMedicine many times in order to maintain their accounts popularity.

They even posted long comments and their own feelings about the song and they interacted with the netizens.

There were even some music accounts that Jiang Tong had not approached and had a smaller base of fans.

At this time, as if they were freeloading on the popularity, they also began to recommend the songMedicine one after another.

The popularity of the songMedicine rose too quickly! Jiang Tong could see through the backstage information of the major music platform accounts thatMedicine had entered the top 100 of the major music charts around 8 pm.

The speed of its rise in the charts was very frightening! In just four hours, more than 50,000 people listened to the songMedicine.

In fact, the number of times the song was played did not mean much in the beginning.

After all, some music accounts with many fans had recommended it, there would always be people who were curious enough to open it and listen to it.

After listening to it once, they would not listen to it anymore.

Therefore, the number of listeners was obviously meaningless.

What was meaningful was the number of reposts and comments.

There were more than 1,000 reposts and more than 400 comments.

The content of the comments was the highest!

Even if it was a new song released by a superstar, and the song became even more popular and eventually turned into a legendary song, it would not be easy to accumulate more than 100,000 comments during the hottest period of the song.

Although some old songs became popular due to special events and could even accumulate hundreds of thousands of comments, it would take at least a few years to accumulate comments.

But Jiang Tongs song had only been uploaded for four hours! The number of comments would increase exponentially! In other words, even thoughMedicine only had 400 comments now, it would probably have thousands of comments tomorrow!

Jiang Tong looked at the data for a while, then turned off the computer and went to sleep.

She wanted to see how much the numbers would explode tomorrow!

The next day, at seven oclock sharp, Jiang Tong opened her eyes punctually.

Then, she looked at the ceiling and slowly smiled.

As long as time could pass normally, she was happy.

She woke up, washed up, and put on her clothes.

Just as she was about to go out for breakfast, Jiang Tong subconsciously stopped when she walked into the living room.

After scanning the surroundings of the living room, she frowned.

Something was wrong, someone had entered the living room! And it was after she had slept last night.

In the five hundred years time loop, Jiang Tongs memory would get better and better as the number of reset times increased.

Eventually, it would reach a terrifying level.

She did not have a photographic memory, but it was nearly the level of a person who had a photographic memory.

Before she went to sleep yesterday, she clearly remembered the situation in the living room.

All the details were imprinted in her brain like a photo, so she noticed that something was wrong.

First of all, the decorative vase next to the sofa had been moved.

Although the position had not changed, the direction of the pattern had changed.

It was as if it had been slightly twisted by someone.

It could also be that someone had moved the vase and placed it back.

Although the position was right, it had not been placed properly.

There was also a cushion on the sofa.

The position was not right, it had also been moved.

It was as if someone had casually picked it up and placed it on the side.

Although there were no other marks on the sofa, Jiang Tong was certain that someone had definitely sat on the sofa!

Someone had sneaked in here yesterday… Jiang Tong scanned the living room.

She had a strange expression for a short while before it immediately became natural again.

It looked like she was looking for something.

Then, she walked into the living room and picked up the remote control of the television on the small cabinet next to the wine cabinet.

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