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Song Chengjun looked down at the notebook in his hand.

He flipped it open and looked at the song written by Jiang Tong once again.

This song was really well written.

It was the same as the songs he had received before.

It had its merits, but that was all.

No one could accurately control the tastes of the masses.

The most important thing for a song to succeed was whether the masses liked it.

Whether the song was good or not was secondary.

Or rather, it was just a basis for success.

Therefore, although Song Chengjun thought that the song written by Jiang Tong was okay, he did not think that the song would be popular, or that the probability of it being popular was very low.

He had been disappointed too many times and did not dare to hope for it anymore! He would not accept the asking price of 100,000 dollars no matter what.

Of course, he would not plagiarize it.

He would just leave it in the notebook to read.

However, what Song Chengjun did not know was that the song “Medicine” written by Jiang Tong would definitely become famous.

Moreover, it would become famous overnight! It would definitely go viral! Because Jiang Tong had tested it before! In the 500 years cycle, she had done everything.

Naturally, she also wanted to become a star even if it was just for a day since time would be reset.

After all, she only had one day at most.

For this, Jiang Tong learned music and learned how to sing pop songs.

Then, she began to crazily write songs on the Internet.

They were all written by herself in the cycle.

Being trapped on the same day was really too boring.

In order to pass the time, Jiang Tong began to experiment.

An interesting experiment was to wake up every morning after the reset and quickly write all the songs that she had planned the day before.

Then, she would find a professional recording studio to record the songs immediately and release them on the major music platforms at noon.

After that, she would wait for the results and look at the data on the major music platforms.

As one day was too short for much feedback from the public, Jiang Tong took the initiative to speed up the feedback.

The method was simple.

She would find music bloggers, music connoisseurs on the internet, and relevant music accounts and give them money to share her song.

This was also a very normal method of promotion.

When a celebrity released an album, they also had to promote it.

During that period, Jiang Tong released a huge amount of songs.

Writing songs was very good for killing time.

She also wrote a lot of songs.

Sometimes, when she was bursting with inspiration, she could write more than ten songs a day.

Sometimes, her train of thought was not right so she could not even write the lyrics to a song in a day.

In the cycle of time, Jiang Tong created more than three thousand songs.

Of these three thousand songs, the vast majority of them did not even cause a splash after they were released.

The main reason was that the time was too short.

After recording the song, the time left for the songs to get feedback was less than a day.

Some songs might become popular after a little longer, but Jiang Tong, who was in the cycle, had no future.

She couldnt see it.

Therefore, the vast majority of the songs were not popular.

But there were also popular songs! There were a total of 67 songs! The result of the experiment was that out of the 3,000 songs that Jiang Tong had written, a total of 67 songs were able to become popular on the internet in less than a day.

This ratio could be said to be very high because what was needed was not to just become popular, but to become popular in a day! These were two different things! Whether one could create a song that became popular in a day depended not only on ones ability but also on ones fate.

The probability of becoming popular in a day was even lower than the probability of winning the lottery! Therefore, the probability of Jiang Tong becoming popular in a day was not only high, but it was also terrifyingly high! The reason was not that Jiang Tongs creative level was much higher than others, but because during the day of the cycle, as she continued to experiment, she became more and more aware of what songs the public liked to listen to on that day! She had grasped the publics love for music back then! And she had a very deep understanding of it!

Exploding in popularity in one day was still too demanding.

Therefore, even though Jiang Tongs success rate was much higher in the later stages of the experiment, she could not guarantee that she would attain every hit because there were too many factors that affected it.

There were a total of 67 songs that exploded in popularity in a day, andMedicine was one of them.

Song Chengjun did not know what he had missed out on at all!

After leaving the cafe, Jiang Tong went straight to the underground garage of Jingyun Fashion and drove away in her Lamborghini.

After Jiang Tong drove the car out of the underground garage, she made a call with one hand.

The party on the other side of the phone quickly picked up.

“Hello, Glimmer Music.” A very polite male voice came from the phone.

Glimmer Music was a studio that specialized in recording music.

They had a complete set of imported equipment and it was very professional.

However, the price was obviously also very expensive! This studio was in City Z, and it was the recording studio that Jiang Tong often used in the loop.

Jiang Tong was going to record the song! She was going to upload the song anonymously! Today, right now! She wanted to let Song Chengjun understand what he had missed! She wanted him to take the initiative to look for her and beg her!

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