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This was also the reason why Wu Rong and Song Mu did not encounter any obstacles in their separation.

The marriage that Wu Rong was forced to accept only lasted for seven years because the Wu family and the Song family fell out and became enemies! The reason for the fallout was very complicated, and it was difficult for outsiders to know clearly.

They only knew that the Song family was the first one who gave up the clothing brand that they had co-founded after the marriage alliance with the Wu family.

Then, they independently founded a womens clothing brand and entered the field where the Wu family was located and became competitors with the Wu family.

Wu Rong was originally forced to get married.

After the two families fell out, she naturally got a smooth divorce.

However, she fought a lawsuit over the custody of her son.

Wu Rong won and returned to City Z with her son, Song Chengjun, who was only six years old.

In the following years, the Wu family and the Song family went into an all-out war.

They entered each others territory one after the other.

They had the same classification, the same price position, and the same target market.

The two families were scheming against each other and they engaged in a very cruel business competition.

At one point, it even escalated to the point where it became aYou die or I die kind of situation.

This kind of business war lasted for a full five years before it ended!

And the person who ended this business war was Wu Rong! After she brought Song Chengjun back to City Z, the first thing she did was work in the family business.

She exploded with great power and founded the current highest revenue ratio womens clothing brand, Lan Ya! Perhaps Wu Rong was a business genius, but she didnt realize it before.

Four years after Wu Rong founded the Lan Ya brand, the Song familys Elfy Apparel suddenly collapsed and went bankrupt! The Wu family won! Or rather, Wu Rong won! She single-handedly destroyed her former husbands family, and even forced her ex-husband to die!

Just a few months before Elfy went bankrupt, because of its market share being compressed, the cash-strapped Elfy Apparel had reached the edge of the cliff.

In order to save the family company, Song Mu came to City Z on behalf of the Song family.

He begged Wu Rong to show mercy and begged Wu Rong to give money to save Elfy Apparel.

He even repeatedly used the excuse that it was for the sake of their child… in the end, Song Mu knelt down in public and begged Wu Rong.

However, Wu Rong did not even frown.

She directly ordered people to kick Song Mu out.

Three months later, Elfy Apparel went bankrupt and was liquidated.

Countless people came to collect debts.

On the same day, Song Mu committed suicide by jumping off a building.

During that time, almost everyone in City Zs business circle was talking about this matter.

They all thought that Wu Rong had forced her ex-husband to death.

As a result, Wu Rong also had a very special status in City Z, and no one dared to provoke her.

As long as it was not necessary to do so, dont provoke Wu Rong, because she was too ruthless! It was not just because of these things.

The methods that Wu Rong had used in recent years were all ruthless! Especially the methods that were used in business competitions to force competitors into a desperate situation.

They could even be used as case studies in universities! She was truly ruthless! This was also what Zhou Jingyun admired most about Wu Rong!

Although Zhou Jingyun and Wu Rongs gender were different, his current situation was very similar to Wu Rongs situation back then.

He had also been forced to get married and made an agreement with his family.

Although it wasnt the same, Zhou Jingyun had made a bet to determine the winner.

However, if Zhou Jingyun lost, the result would be the same.

He would have to be with someone he did not like.

In the same situation, Wu Rong achieved independence! She had complete control over her own life!

Zhou Jingyun valued personal ability and respected people with ability.

Therefore, Wu Rong could be said to be someone that Zhou Jingyun admired very much.

Of course, the reason why Wu Rong was known as a legend was that she had another very special feature, which was her beauty! She was once the number one beauty in City Z! This was also one of the reasons why Zhou Jingyun was able to associate Wu Rong with the surname Song because Song Chengjun was also very good-looking!

“Jiang Tong, you have to think carefully.

You cant act recklessly.” Zhou Jingyuns tone could already be considered a warning.

Actually, Zhou Jingyuns emotions were more conflicted.

He really respected Wu Rong very much.

Although the number of times he met Wu Rong could be counted on one hand and it was usually at some banquets.

Seeing Wu Rong at the banquets was very rare, after seeing her, he would take the initiative to approach her.

What Zhou Jingyun was most worried about was not how Wu Rong would treat Jiang Tong.

He no longer doubted Jiang Tongs ability, just like how he did not doubt whether Jiang Tong could take down Song Chengjun.

For Zhou Jingyun, the real problem was, if Jiang Tong had reached that stage, what would he do Everyone knew that Jiang Tong was his girlfriend.

It was fake before, but now it was real! What would he do Should he tell Wu Rong that he allowed his girlfriend to have other men Or should he team up with Jiang Tong and trick Wu Rong

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