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Zhou Jingyuns expression finally returned to normal.

He thought for a moment and asked Jiang Tong, “What exactly is Shao Yings weakness”

Jiang Tong briefly explained the matter.

In fact, in Jiang Tongs opinion, there was nothing wrong with telling Zhou Jingyun about it.

Zhou Jingyun rarely participated in the internal affairs of the Zhou family.

He was not like Zhou Mingfei.

Zhou Mingfei really dared to do anything.

He had done a lot of things first and reported later.

Zhou Mingfei could do things, but there were also times when he made mistakes and caused trouble.

Zhou Mingfei was not as calm as Zhou Anguo.

Zhou Mingfei was still growing.

Jiang Tong was very clear that Zhou Anguo would definitely not tell Zhou Mingfei about the things she said as he was mainly afraid that Zhou Mingfei would alert the enemy.

However, Zhou Jingyun did not have such a problem.

However, Jiang Tong did not tell Zhou Jingyun about everything she talked with Zhou Anguo for more than two hours.

Most of the time, she talked about the Wei family.

Jiang Tong gave Zhou Anguo evidence against the Wei family.

Moreover, there was more than one piece of evidence.

It involved many core members of the Wei family, it also involved many large families.

Jiang Tong wanted to use the Zhou familys hand to destroy the Wei family! In reality, Jiang Tong did not have any enmity with the Wei family, but the Wei family… was the main factor that facilitated Zhou Jingyun and Shao Yings marriage.

The Shao family had enmity with the Wei family! The Zhou family and the Wei family were about to start a fight.

Currently, the Wei family was also behind Zhou Mingfeis big crisis! The enemy of an enemy was a friend! Therefore, the Zhou family and the Shao family got along very smoothly.

Jiang Tongs goal was to separate the Zhou family from Shao Ying.

Over the past few years, the two families had worked together in various fields.

They needed a certain amount of time to set up a plan before they could cut off the Shao family at once.

This way, the losses would be minimal.

Jiang Tong had also arranged for the Shao family to be dealt with by the Dong family.

If the bomb between the Dong family and the Shao family exploded, there would definitely be an all-out war.

Then, the Zhou family would have to join hands with the Dong family… In other words, not only would the Zhou family want to separate from the Shao family, they would even turn against each other! As the Zhou familys number one enemy, it was hard to say whether the Wei family would sit back and watch the two families fight, or temporarily put aside their minor enmity with the Shao family and attack the Zhou family together.

After all, there were no eternal enemies, there were only their interests that were important.

The market was only that big.

When it involved the turmoil of large families and it involved interests of the families, no family would be able to stay out of it.

If the Zhou family wanted to survive, they had to plan ahead!

After spending more than ten minutes, Jiang Tong told Zhou Jingyun about Shao Yings matter.

After Zhou Jingyun heard it, he nodded.

“So its this…” But then he looked at Jiang Tong and asked, “Thats all you said For more than two hours Thats impossible.”

“What happens next has nothing to do with you.

Dont be so curious,” Jiang Tong smiled and patted Zhou Jingyuns butt.

Zhou Jingyun clicked his tongue, lowered his head, and looked at Jiang Tong.

He asked, “Whats the matter Are you bored after just becoming official with me Do you have someone outside”

“Someone… if you really want me to find someone, I can really find someone.

Someone younger and more handsome than you,” Jiang Tong said with a smile.

Zhou Jingyun turned around and sat beside Jiang Tong.

He looked at her sideways and asked, “Who are you looking for Xie Wenkai”

Jiang Tong shook her head and took out her phone to key a string of numbers.

She paused for a moment and asked Zhou Jingyun, “Its not Xie Wenkai.

Who do you think is younger and more handsome than you in City Z”

“Richer than me” Zhou Jingyun was a little interested and asked Jiang Tong.

Jiang Tong shook her head and said, “Not as rich as you, but his family is richer than you.”

“Then…” Zhou Jingyun was really trying to guess.

He was very confident in his looks.

Jiang Tong said that the man was more handsome than him and could almost reach Xie Wenkais level.

There were too few people like Xie Wenkai, there was not even one man in a million, so… the scope of his guess was very small.

However, Zhou Jingyun thought about it and could not even guess a name.

He did not expect that among the young men he knew in City Z alone, he did not know a second man who was more handsome than him! Zhou Jingyun had also met many good-looking men in City Z.

For example, his company had many handsome men and beautiful women.

Jingyun Fashion was a very young and energetic company.

Zhou Jingyun was not really one who loved beautiful people.

However, because his company was a fashion company, looks were a big plus for him when he was recruiting people for the company.

However, having seen so many handsome men and beautiful women, Xie Wenkai was the only one who could make Zhou Jingyun admit defeat in his heart!

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